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A list of all minor character variations that don't have a more exact category.

Image Description Appearances
Sponsored by Dolly Madison! Snowman Pom Pom is a snowman made in Pom Pom's likeness. It has appeared in the loading screens for some early Decemberween toons. A Holiday Greeting, The Best Decemberween Ever
Egg-style Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Marzipan, and Strong Bad as Easter eggs. They rock back and forth. The Strong Bad eggs stops rocking, bounces up and down, and breaks in half. Eggs
"Coach Z's hair is funny looking." Afro Coach Z is how Coach Z looked when Strong Bad was a youngster. He had a photo taken in these times in 1974, which he uses as the picture on a Decemberween ornament, as it was "in the prime of [his] dating year". He had another picture taken for a record book after he broke the record for "Longest Showerless Streak". Afro Coach Z's moustache moved whenever he talked, much in the same manner that his head does now. Lil' Strong Bad comments that he has "big hair" and it's funny looking. stand-up, record book, what i want (photo ornament), Decemberween Short Shorts (photo ornament, also see below)
"What do you say there, Buckethand?" Buckethand Strong Bad is Strong Bad if he got his hands cut off at the wrists and replaced with a bucket and bullhorn. He would use the bucket to dump oatmeal on stuff, wash The Cheat, "drop the occasional beat", and sit on it when he gets tired. Strong Bad would yell through the bullhorn, so everyone would hear what he has to say. He later regrets not choosing things like guitars and lazor guns. In an Easter egg, you can see Strong Bad with other items on his hands, including an electric guitar, a wooden plank, a bottle of hot sauce, Homestar's head, a roll of toilet paper, an oversized boxing glove, an ABA basketball, a laser gun, a lightning bolt, a cloud, a paper airplane, and a spinning saw blade. Despite having only one appearance, this variation of Strong Bad appeared in the second set of Homestar Runner Figurines. new hands
A 43-year-old Scandinavian miner. Ilko Skevüld is a version of The Cheat on his fake ID. He is a 43-year-old Scandinavian miner, born on April 18th, 1961. The Cheat's birthday, or "Cheatday", is celebrated on this day because it's the only day Strong Bad knows it isn't. It is celebrated by mining games, such as "Mining" and "Coal", in honor of Ilko's heritage. His height is 6-9 and his weight is 293. He resembles a human version of The Cheat, with yellow spotted hair that sticks out in the back, a pointy nose, a prominent chin with a swirly dimple, and black oval eyes. Only his head is seen. In an Easter egg, Ilko's head can be seen sliding along the bottom of the screen, opening and closing his mouth to train bell noises. cheatday
"Look at how much we've grown!" Teeny Tiny Girl Squad are the preschool versions of Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, and The Ugly One (and Tompkins, who was introduced in this variation). Cheerleader is more overweight ("fattycakes", according to her description) with freckles. She has her very own chocolate bar, which she dipped in salt, and she claims her house has a hundred bafrooms. She is squished by King Kong Bundy. So and So has short hair with a bow, a dress that sometimes has a flower on it, and is "polite and boring". What's Her Face apparently has "lice and more", despite the fact that she doesn't have much hair. She also has only one tooth. The Ugly One has bigger, rounder glasses, more hair, and buckteeth, and her description points out her resemblance to a boy. She can only count to three or four, while What's Her Face claims she can count to G, and Cheerleader says she can count to purple backwards. Tompkins is shorter than the rest, but he claims to be taller, then he dies somehow and his torso takes silver. The girls claim he crinkled when he walked and didn't make it out of training pants. Thomas is has bigger eyes and a hat. They're taught by Mrs. Commanderson, some kind of bird-reptile who teaches Pre-K. Teen Girl Squad Issue 7
"Canned or dry, we neva die." Dogfood Gangsta is a version of Strong Bad from an Easter egg in pizzaz. He was created after Strong Bad read "peace out dawg foo gangsta yo" in an email. He has a bulldog face and wears a helmet and baggy jeans, holding a microphone, drawn in Powered by The Cheat style. pizzaz
"Chauncey! Give us a three-armed hug!" Mustachioed Homestar Runner appeared alongside Homestar Runner throwing confetti to promote Bubs's "Bubsotathon" on Senorial Day. He was obscured by the edge of the screen, and his mustache could only be seen by viewing the Flash file. It is not currently known whether he is a true separate character or simply a strange occurrence of the Homestar Runner universe. The email lady...ing points toward the latter, as it seems it is the real Homestar with a fake mustache. In sbemail 206, Homestar refers to this character as "Chauncey" as though he were Homestar's long-lost brother. Senorial Day (Easter egg behind the black), lady...ing (Easter egg), SBCG4AP Dev Blog, Coach Z's 110%, sbemail 206, Fan Costumes 2018, Action Cool News-oween Report
"Marzipan! There's only one of you!" Cyclops Homestar is one of Homestar's possible transformations in Halloween Potion-ma-jig. As implied by the name, he only has one eye. His eye is very similar to the fake one he wore in Malloween Commercial, only much larger. When he transforms, he is surprised to find that there is only one Marzipan. Halloween Potion-ma-jig, Mr. Poofers Must Die (fake thumbnail)
"Oh, gettin' lucky tonight..." French Homestar is another one of Homestar's possible transformations in Halloween Potion-ma-jig. He talks with a bad heavy French accent and acts very refined, although he is capable of acting like his normal self if necessary. Like a stereotypical Frenchman, French Homestar has a pencil thin mustache and also has a pompadour hairstyle. He claims to have a "romantic chateau in the Fantastic mountains". Halloween Potion-ma-jig
"I think we're gonna become fast friends!" Freaky Marzipan is another one of Homestar's possible transformations in Halloween Potion-ma-jig. Freaky Marzipan looks almost exactly like Marzipan, only with rotten teeth, a strange looking mouth, and a distorted masculine voice. This scares away Marzipan. Halloween Potion-ma-jig
"Apparently, I'm not the Poopsmith." Strong Bad/The Poopsmith is a hypothetical mix between Strong Bad and The Poopsmith. He has Strong Bad's head with The Poopsmith's lip, The Poopsmith's body and shovel, and Strong Bad's legs and glove shape. He was created after Strong Bad's failed attempt at convincing everyone The Poopsmith was really him, and that the steaming pile of whatsit was really a smoldering pile of money covered in whatsit. secret identity
Homestar's weight in free sign-up CDs. CD Homestar Runner is a variation of Homestar Runner made up of compact discs. It consists of enough Internet sign-up CD-ROMs to equal Homestar's weight. Homestar, as a tech support person, attempts to send these CDs to Strong Bad. isp
Limerick Swirl! Prancibald is a variation of Strong Sad on one of the cards from "The Beleaguered: Alliance" in trading cards. He looks like Strong Sad, but with purple diamond-shaped makeup around his eyes and a suit with purple and white diamonds on it. He can do a "Limerick Swirl", and his card reads "31/87". Tiny-Handed Strong Bad first called The Homestar Runner by this name in flashback. trading cards
Petey POOPsmithMarzi-PANCAKEThe STING of Town Petey POOPsmith, Marzi-PANCAKE, and The STING of Town are the variations of The Poopsmith, Marzipan, and The King of Town, respectively, in the "Whatsit Pile Tikes" series of trading cards. Petey POOPsmith has grossly exaggerated features which include a large eyeball, pink bumps on his skin, visible fingernails on his gloves, and a visible nose. Marzi-PANCAKE is being squashed flat by a truck, with her skin cracked and an expression of pain on her face. The STING of Town is eating a honeycomb and has pink bumps all over him, surrounded by bees. trading cards
Tree Country USA
"Happy Decemberween!"
Strong Sad, Bubs, Homestar, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, Coach Z, and The King of Town as ornaments on The Decemberween Tree and Strong Mad as a present below it. Homestar is a gingerbread cookie who feels delicious and wants to eat himself. Strong Bad is a sequin head-shaped tree ornament (called a "rhinestone cowboy" by Homestar), worth 4.5 cents. His mouth varies between 3, 4, and 6 sequins when talking. Strong Sad is a glass ornament, claiming to be the most expensive ornament on the tree by about $45. The King of Town is a stocking who wouldn't mind being stuffed full of coal, as Strong Bad threatens to do. Coach Z is a spherical "1974" ornament from what i want, and says the ornament represents the prime of his dating year. Bubs is a painted glass ornament, and Pom Pom is a spherical ornament. Decemberween Short Shorts
"Get the leotard!" 2046 Pom Pom and Strong Sad are how Pom Pom and Strong Sad appear in 2046. They try to stop the zombie uprising on March 31st by activating the doomsday device, apparently a leotard, after the zombies (aka Strong Bad with tattered jeans and a mouthful of grape jelly) break through their defenses. your funeral
"Sorry, everybody. Funeral's over!" Zombie Strong Bad is how Strong Bad appears after his death. He was preserved "fetal pig-style" in a large jar, but he later comes back to life at his funeral after Strong Sad, dressed in a leotard, does an interpretive dance in his memory. He has gray eyes and visibly rotting flesh. your funeral
"i work hard, and am not stuffed with cottage cheese." Cottage Cheese Strong Bad is a mock-up of Strong Bad stuffed with cottage cheese. It was presumably created by Strong Bad to avoid doing work at the office. It has Strong Bad's face crudely drawn on it, and it has a speech bubble over it reading, "hello, i work hard, and am not stuffed with cottage cheese." Its head eventually falls off, causing Homestar to say, "What the pfargtl?" Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene
"Hi, Gene!" Gene is the character Strong Bad plays in Embarrassing Educational Films. He has blonde hair, good hygiene, rich parents, and immense popularity but does not get good grades. He wears nice clothes which are bought by his mom. The radiant energy from his face can power a small lightbulb. Gene's mouth is a national park and his saliva is sold in South America as a wonder drug called "El Gene's Spit". Gene's room has a sixteen car pile-up of racecar beds and a family of ten maids and special effect artists (living in a nearby cave) keep it realistically smoldering and burning. hygiene
"Hi, John!" John is the character Homestar Runner plays in Embarrassing Educational Films. He is a sloppy 5th grader and a "latchkey champion" with poor hygiene and no friends, who sits in the front row. He wears shabby clothes that smell like chocolate milk with a stomach virus. His mouth is an ecological trainwreck with a nest of rare South American moths living inside it, including one named Chauncey. John leaves food out all over his room, and a family of squatters have taken up residence in a nearby laundry cave. John is what Strong Bad imagines John Katulla, the writer of hygiene, to be like. hygiene
"I can do it! I can do it twelve times!" Twelve-Times-a-Day Man is a "terrible new character" created by Strong Sad in his sbemail fanfic, "A Grade A Gray Day". Homestar apparently turns over Strong Bad's emails to him, so Strong Bad will never have to answer another email again. He looks like Strong Sad, but with a yellow superhero mask, cape, and "12x" symbol on his chest. He also has the ability to fly. His catch phrase is "I can do it! I can do it twelve times!". He appears to help people who can't do things twelve times, such as Marzipan, who can only successfully paddleball eleven times. Later, in Strong Bad's fan fiction, "Into the Moronosphere", Homestar calls Strong Sad "Twelve-Times-A-Day Man". fan club
"The Rub [Doctor] is here to help!" Doctor Marvin Rubdown, also known as the Rub Doctor, is a person played by Strong Bad who gives advice on writing love poems. He wears a brown wig with no hair on top, making him appear to be balding, and a black sweater. He suggest things such as swiping names of scented candles for inspiration, replacing random letters with apostrophes, talking in Elizabethan, Kimberlian, or Meredithian, and sweaty overweight R&B jams. Homestar (also wearing a black sweater) tries to replace him by reciting a lavishly produced grocery list. He appears on the back of strongbad_email.exe Disc Six. love poems
"Let's dip the main character in a vat of ink..." Shadow Homestar is Homestar Runner in silhouette, when he introduces himself in his Hremails. Homestar being Homestar, of course, he treats his silhouette as a separate entity, even going so far as challenging himself to a battle. However, his silhouette was seen as a completely different character in an Easter egg Hremail 2000, where the shadow fights (and severely pummels) Homestar. He is, according to Homestar, himself dipped in a vat of ink. Hremail 62 (Homestar's sillhouette), and 2000 (Homestar's silhouette and Easter egg as separate character)
My head as penguin Penguin Strong Bad is Strong Bad's head as a penguin. It is based on a dream he keeps having. There is also a vector variation of this penguin. He constantly throws fish and gets eaten by Strong Sad as an elephant seal. @StrongBadActual
"Hey, Regular Strong Bad."Early Homestar Runner and Early Strong Bad are very early designs of Homestar and Strong Bad drawn by Craig Zobel. Homestar has a more human appearance with arms and an overbite, and Strong Bad is a lizard-like creature with a piece of paper with a smiley face drawn on it over his face. They were later animated by Strong Bad's Twitter account, saying a quote from Fan Costumes 2015.@StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 2
"I'm glad that I'm flying!" Strong Glad was invented in the Museum sketchbook during the creation of Strong Sad. He looked the same as Strong Sad, but with long lady legs similar to the Yello Dello. Strong Glad reappeared in Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold for the 20th anniversary of the Homestar Runner body of work. In this toon, Strong Sad replaces Mr. Bland on The Homestar Runner's team, and he becomes Strong Glad after flying and winning the gold for Homestar. Sketchbook (museum), Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold
"MAKEROMANCE!" The Makeromancer is, according to Strong Bad, Free Country, USA's version of Cupid. He is Strong Sad in a black heart-embroidered cloak, similar to his Deathly Pallor costume. He wields a gray staff with a heart at the top. He can cause colored smoke to appear while saying "Makeromance!". He uses his abilities on Marzipan and The Cheat, Coach Z and a pile of towels, and Sharpdene and Homestar wearing a trench coat. He is unclear if his powers are supposed to be causing romance, or if he's just demanding it of people. Also, there appears to be a second Makeromancer who uses his powers to make the first Makeromancer vanish. @StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 2
"Oh yeah! This overhead bin is nice and cozy!" Strong Bag is Strong Bad as a red luggage bag on an airplane. He comments that the overhead bin is nice and cozy, but expresses disgust when he finds out that he is not in first class, but the 38th row. @StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 1
"Hey, my name's Couch Z, a-one, two, one, three!" Couch Z is Coach Z as a couch, similar to the couch in the Basement of the Brothers Strong. He is green instead of orange, and his couch patch is in a "Z" shape instead of an X. He appears to have the same voice and personality as Coach Z, including an affinity for rapping. Like Coach Z, however, his rapping is not exceptional, and he has, according to F-Sack, "the worst rhymes [F-Sack] has ever laid ears on". He was created when Senor Cardgage called Coach Z by this name in too cool, and can be seen in an Easter egg from the same email. too cool
"Two seeds... that's all that I needs..." Watermelon Homestar Runner is a slice of watermelon with a vaguely Homestar-like face in it, with an underbite and two seeds for eyes. The picture is from @GryphonAMX, who sent it to Strong Bad's Twitter account, where it was later animated. He doesn't seem to be concerned about being used to make melonade, and it is implied that this happens to him. @StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 1
"Oh hello there Strong Bad"Weird Naked Teapot Homestar is a strange looking ghost puppet thing that very vaguely looks like Homestar Runner. An image of it was sent by @_AlexHirsch, and was later animated by Strong Bad's Twitter account.@StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 2
"Hey, how come I'm so short?" Lego Homestar Runner and Lego Strong Bad are fan Legos by @NoJohnsGamer, who set it to Strong Bad's Twitter account, where it was later animated. Homestar mentions that the star on his shirt is either the "Chubstar" or bad graphics Pom Pom. @StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 2
" Augh... Happy Decemberween, Strong Bad!"Decemberween Cookie Homestar Runner and Decemberween Cookie Strong Bad are Decemberween cookies that look like Homestar and Strong Bad. A picture of them was sent to Strong Bad's Twitter account by @C4ptianmcd3rp, where it was later animated. Homestar and Strong Bad talk in bizarre and exaggerated voices, with Strong Bad having a proboscis.@StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 1
" I'm a girl, or maybe a Strong Bad, made out of pancaaakes!" Pancake Strong Bad is a pancake shaped like Strong Bad. The picture is from @fancybane, who sent it to Strong Bad's Twitter account, where it was later animated. He sings a variation of the love song from the email montage. A Pancake Homestar Runner also appears, quoting the same email.@StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 1
"Yeah, I hope you didn't have no Strong Bungus."Strong Big Toe is a picture of Strong Bad on a red toe cast, a picture sent by @AmyRobinsonVO where it was later animated on Strong Bad's Twitter account. Strong Bad asks if it was a Strong Bad fungus, or "Strong Bungus" that had to be removed. The other toes are then animated to be Homestar Runner Toes.@StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 2
Reverse Trophy Homestar Runner is a Reverse Cup trophy, which is unused in the files of a demo of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, made to look like Homestar Runner. It was animated on Strong Bad's Twitter account, where he sang the victory theme from Mario Kart 64.@StrongBadActual, Social Media Crap Compilation 1
"To Marzipan I bequeath all my rice and beans."Homestar Runner Burrito is a burrito that resembles Homestar. An image of it was sent to Strong Bad's Twitter account by @lives_bad, where it was later animated. He speaks in a very hoarse elderly voice.@StrongBadActual
"Today I am become a deck!"Homestar Runner Deck is a piece of wood that looks like Homestar. The image was sent to Strong Bad's Twitter account by @HomestarGamer, where it was later animated. He quotes the email too cool and shakes sawdust onto his face.@StrongBadActual
"Ahhhh, there's a heart-shaped hole in my tiny dog bed."Omsol is a character created when the name "homsar" on a fan's Homsar costume was slightly obscured. He is described by Strong Bad as a "charming Dutch cartoon character from the seventies", and is shown to be the main character of the book Omsol en de Rommelige Kamer.Fan 'Stumes 2022

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