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Video Type: Social Media Compilation
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"Try new Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch!"

A collection of random short videos originally posted on social media.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Nibbles, Marshie, Puppet Strong Bad, Puppet Marshie, Puppet Doreauxgard, The Exact Same, Puppet The Cheat, Puppet Homestar, Trogdor, Wormdingler, The S is for Sucks Dragon

Places: The Field

Date: Monday, May 4, 2020

Running Time: 4:58


[edit] Transcript

{The video opens on a blurred shot of The Field with yellow text that reads "Social Media Crap (in no particular order)" slowly approaching the screen as a jingle plays. Each video uses the same title sequence (aside from the first one, which has no title). The same title screen is shown at the end.}

[edit] Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch

Originally posted on 9 Aug 2017

{Cut to Strong Sad against a pink background}

ANNOUNCER: Running low on sugared excitement?

STRONG SAD: {sigh} Bloat...

{A box of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch flies in from the left side and knocks Strong Sad out of the screen, as a spiky red shape with the words "ALL-NEW!!" appears in the corner. Music begins playing.}

ANNOUNCER: Try new Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch! {A white patch with Nibbles on it and "FPm-NsN" at the bottom rises out of the box. The patch flies in front of the camera and onto Strong Sad's arm.} Simply apply, {the screen zooms out to show Strong Sad's body, silhouetted, with pink arrows throughout it, with lots of Nibbles coming out of the patch and going through the arrows, as the patch grows and shrinks} and enjoy a gradual drip of marshalade all day long!

STRONG SAD: {relieved sigh} Float!

{The patch flies in front of the camera}

NIBBLES: That's right! I'm a... mess you up!

{Marshie flies in wearing a hat, and knocks Nibbles out of the screen}

MARSHIE: Don't you talk that way to my constituents! {Marshie winces in pain as the noise of an electric shock plays. The commercial suddenly pauses, and PAUSE appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen.}

[edit] World Puppet Day?

Originally posted on 21 Mar 2017

{Puppet Strong Bad stands in front of the orange curtain.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: In honor of World Puppet Day, everyone's getting...

{Puppet Strong Bad quickly ducks; the scene jump-cuts to the same position as he lifts up his head again, now with a small, beige, limp balloon attached to the bottom of his silver crest.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: {shouting and shaking}...generic oblong puppet noseeees!

{The music from the Trogdor-drawing scene in dragon plays. Slide transition to the same curtain scene, with Puppet Marshie replacing Strong Bad. Marshie has a similar red balloon attached to his nose.}

PUPPET MARSHIE: I'm even more of an abomination!

{Slide transition again, with Puppet Doreauxgard instead. He has a green balloon attached to his nose.}

DOREAUXGARD: Nobody knows what I look like anyways!

{Another slide transition, back to Puppet Strong Bad.}

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Finally, a generic puppet nose to go with my generic grumpy puppet mouth! {shakes quickly}

{Slide transition to The Exact Same, who has a pink balloon attached slightly below the area between his eyes.}

THE EXACT SAME: Well, despite all of this, I am still The Exact Same!

{Slide transition to Puppet The Cheat, who has a purple balloon attached between his eyes; due to the size and placement of the balloon, they are mostly obscured.}

PUPPET THE CHEAT: {Loud The Cheat noises}

{Slide transition to Puppet Homestar Runner, who is oriented in profile as usual. Only one of his eyes is visible, and he has a blue balloon attached above his top lip. Homestar quickly turns and faces the camera head-on, revealing the other eye diametrically opposite of the first. The music stops.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: {nasal, shouting} This is great! I can really breathe through this thing!

{He inhales (making a strange buzzing sound) and exhales alternately, twice.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR RUNNER: Listen to those nasal passages! This is a new day for {even more nasal} Homestar Runner!

{He attempts to clear his throat twice, making a disgusting noise, then turns and confidently walks away stage left.}

[edit] Craze-O Facemake 1

Originally posted on 17 Jul 2017

{Puppet Strong Bad is in front of a Strong Badia sign. Below him is an interface with the Craze-O Facemake logo, and pictures of Dangeresque Too, Stinkoman, Crack Stuntman, Senor Cardgage, Rather Dashing on fire, Old-Timey Strong Bad and The Ugly One. Senor Cardgage is selected, and sunglasses, a combover and a beard are added to Strong Bad's face. The pictures move out of frame.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, check out the new Cardgage filter from Craze-O Facemake! {imitating Senor Cardgage} Oh, many probalos, beveled edge! Uh, so many slices of gum! {normal voice} This is amazing! It's like I'm the man himself! Edah—

{The glasses move onto Strong Bad's mouth and the beard duplicates and moves onto each eye}

STRONG BAD: Ooh? Aah! Beard-eye! Beard-eye! Aah! Get it off!

{The features move back to normal}

STRONG BAD: Whew. That was close. This is great! Livin' my dreams. Out. {pauses, then ducks out of frame}

[edit] Trog Girl Squad

Originally posted on 12 Jan 2016

{The Teen Girl Squad logo appears, with the title rewritten as "teen trog squad". The Teen Girl Squad music plays, amalgamated with Trogdor's theme.}

STRONG BAD: {falsetto} Teen Trog Squad!

{Trogdor appears as "trogleader", with less-developed wings and fast-motion lines. (All of the drawings come from the brainstorming sheet for Trogdor shown in the previous tweet.) The caption reads "burninate!".}

STRONG BAD: {falsetto} Trogleader!

{A new dragon, "such and such", appears. It resembles an alligator with stubby appendages, glasses, and a book. The caption reads "read-a-thon!"}

STRONG BAD: {falsetto} Such and Such!

{The Wormdingler appears diagonally. The caption reads "unconsummate!"}

STRONG BAD: {falsetto} Wormdingler!

{The "S is for Sucks" Dragon appears as "the suckly one", resting its head on its fist. The caption reads "creatine?".}

STRONG BAD: {falsetto} The Suckly One!

[edit] Craze-O Facemake 2

Originally posted on 20 Jul 2017

{Cut to a door, adorned by a framed picture of Homestar Runner from the cover of Everything Else, Volume 1. At the bottom of the screen is an interface with the Craze-O Facemake logo, and pictures of Dangeresque Too, Stinkoman, Crack Stuntman, Senor Cardgage, Rather Dashing on fire, Old-Timey Strong Bad and The Ugly One. Senor Cardgage is selected, and Puppet Homestar pops up with sunglasses, a combover and a beard digitally added to his face. The icons disappear.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whoa. This Strong Bad filter for Craze-O Facemake is not very accurate. Strong Bad only sometimes has a dead muskrat on his head! And crawling around his mouth. I'm gonna switch.

{Homestar ducks out of frame. The icons appear again, Old-Timey Strong Bad is selected, and Homestar pops back up with Old-Timey Strong Bad's hair and moustache.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh! Rapscabouts and fountainbleu! I'm old-timey! Um, rations! And... donate tin! Pretty good!

{Homestar ducks out of frame again, making a vocal sound effect. The hair and moustache are placed onto the framed picture of Homestar.}


Originally posted on 7 Aug 2017

{A photo of the overhead bin on an airplane appears. A red luggage bag in the bin is centered in the frame, while a floral duffel bag is partially visible to the left. The red bag's top compartment is unzipped. After a moment, the bag begins to talk with Strong Bad's voice. The unzipped compartment serves as its mouth, and the buttons holding the handle in place function as eyes.}

STRONG BAD: {long pause} Oh yeah! This overhead bin is nice and cozy! {"looks" to the left} Oh, hey there, first-class flower bag! How you doin tonight— {looks down, shocked} —wha—

{The shot zooms in on the aisle number below the overhead bin. The photo loses clarity at this magnification, so "38 is overlayed on top in white, flashing text. Black action lines appear around the text.}

STRONG BAD: {annoyed} Row 38? {cut back to the overhead bin} I thought I was flyin' first class! Not back here in steerage {looks forward} with the pleb-dregs.

{The floral duffel bag shakes twice. The red bag "looks" left}

STRONG BAD: Don't you talk to me no more, dress-for-less!

[edit] Fan-made Decemberween Cookies

Originally posted on 25 Dec 2018

{Two cookies, one iced to look like Homestar Runner and another iced to look like Strong Bad, are lying on a counter.}

COOKIE HOMESTAR: {exaggerated; in a breaking voice} Augh... Happy Decemberween, Strong Bad!

{The red frosting on Strong Bad extends to look like a long proboscis. It moves as Strong Bad talks.}

COOKIE STRONG BAD: {exaggerated; in a high-pitched voice} Same to you, Homestar. How 'bout we keep talking?

COOKIE HOMESTAR: {exaggerated; in a breaking voice} Eh... sounds great, Swon Baaugh!

{Strong Bad makes indistinct sounds. Homestar makes an indistinct wail. There is a short pause.}

COOKIE HOMESTAR: That's not really talking.

COOKIE STRONG BAD: No. N— no, it wasn't.

[edit] A Decemberween Snowment

Originally posted on 8 Dec 2017

{Open to the cross-stitched title "A Decemberween Snowment with Puppet Homestar" encircled by a wreath, with a sprig of holly below}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: {voiceover, singing to the opening strains of "Decemberween"} Ba da da da da...

{Cut to Puppet Homestar with a Santa hat and jingle bells, outside a house while snow falls}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: ...Boo doo doo! Decemberween, Decemberween...

{Cut to a snowy pumpkin on the ground; Homestar pops in from the right}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: ...You're fifty-five days after Halloweeeeen!

{Cut back to the first scene}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: Weeeeeeen! {looks at the camera; no longer singing} Winter's blush!

{Title screen appears again. After a few seconds, fade to Homestar and the pumpkin again.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: {talking to the pumpkin} What are you still doing here? Shouldn't Brainkrieg've gotten you already?

[edit] Fan Pamcakes

Originally posted on 7 Feb 2019

{A pancake shaped like Strong Bad's head sits on a griddle. Music begins to play.}

PANCAKE STRONG BAD: {singing} I'm a girl, or maybe a Strong Bad, made out of pancaaakes!

{Cut to a pancake shaped like Homestar's head. Music plays.}

PANCAKE HOMESTAR RUNNER: A Homestar made of pamcakes? In the champeenship? I'd like to see me try!

{Fade to black}

[edit] Reverse Cup Trophy

Originally posted on 20 Oct 2019

{Eyes have been added to an upside-down silver trophy, whose top stand moves like Homestar's mouth. Homestar scats the Mario Kart 64 winning results theme and dances.}

[edit] Watermelonade Homeslice

Originally posted on 18 Aug 2017

{A vaguely Homestar-ish slice of watermelon is shown in a person's hand, with an underbite and two seeds for eyes. It starts to talk in Homestar's voice.}

WATERMELON HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Two... seeds... that's all that I needs... I'm a slice of watermelon with only two seeeeeeds... {speaking} Hey, this is great! Somebody could use me to make a tall, cool glass of {switches to very early Homestar voice} a-Melonaaaa—

{The screen goes black suddenly, accompanied by mixer noises. A glass of Melonade is then shown dropping onto a table in Marshmallow's Last Stand.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] General

  • The YouTube description for this compilation is: "A buncha stuff previously posted on the social mediums that you mighta missed. Fluffy Puff Medicated Patch! Craze-O Facemake! Puppet noses! Teen Trog Squad and more! All in no particular order so you stay confused!"

[edit] Nibbles So Near Medicated Patch

[edit] World Puppet Day?

  • World Puppet Day (also called World Puppetry Day) is a holiday falling on March 21st every year.
  • The Trogdor-drawing music from dragon plays in World Puppet Day. A few months after the video was originally posted, the music would go on to be better known as the Skills of an Artist theme.
  • Marshie being an abomination is a reference to Gel-arshie's quote from winter pool.
  • The Exact Same's line echoes his line from Main Page 25.

[edit] Craze-O Facemake 1

  • Senor Cardgage offered Strong Bad a "slice of gum" in kind of cool.
  • Strong Bad's "beard-eye" scream is similar to his "rose-face" scream from rock opera.
  • Craze-O Facemake is a parody of various apps that can use filters to change your face, such as Snapchat or Instagram.
  • The word "probalo" comes from Senor Mortgage.

[edit] Trog Girl Squad

  • The bespectacled book-reading dragon "Such and Such" is based on one of the initial sketches done when planning the dragon email, as seen in a 2024 Trogday post.
  • Creatine is a supplement used for bodybuilding (a la Total Load).

[edit] Craze-O Facemake 2

[edit] A Decemberween Snowment

[edit] Fan Pamcakes

  • The dialogue is modified from montage.

[edit] Reverse Cup Trophy

  • Mario Kart: Double Dash was originally planned to feature a Reverse Cup, but the idea was ultimately scrapped. The trophy depicted in this short was actually the silver ranking trophy that was intended for this idea.

[edit] Watermelonade Homeslice

  • Homeslice is Homestar's nickname in Puppet Jam.
  • Watermelon Homestar reverts to his original voice to say "melonade" much like Homestar himself did for Marshmallows in No Hands on Deck.

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