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From the Decemberweenvent Calendar Day 12:

STRONG BAD: So, should we discuss the creepy illustration styles in this calendar?

The Decemberweenvent Calendar contains human-esque stylized Decemberween versions of numerous characters, most of which give them body parts that are not usually visible.

Image Description Appearance
Homestar Runner has a nose, rosy cheeks, a cleft chin, and a red-and-green-striped Santa hat. He also has discernible socks and shoes. Cover
Strong Bad has a nose and a green tongue, and is wearing bell bottoms and a sweater. He has more human-like eyes. Cover
The King of Town gains a nose, a tongue, ears, fingers, and arms. He has purplish skin and a distinct face and hair. Day 1
Pom Pom is less spherical and has a yellow head and a visible nose, mouth, fingers, and toes. His eyes have pupils and eyelids. Day 1
Image:homevengt.PNG Homestar Runner gains a nose and has discernible socks and shoes as with the aforementioned variation; additionally, his belly sticks out a little. Day 1
Image:marzivent.PNG Marzipan has a nose, a light blue dress, and purple skin. Day 1
Image:zubsvent.PNG Coach Z has a visible mouth and nose. His eyes have pupils and eyelids. He is wearing a discernible sweater and sneakers.

Bubs has a nose and visible fingers. His mouth is open with two discernible rows of teeth.

Day 1
Homsar has a nose, arms, teeth, and a tongue, and his name is not on his shirt. He also has discernible socks and shoes. Day 2
The Stave It Off Guy is wearing bell bottoms and a purple shirt. Day 2
Strong Bad is dressed as an artist with a smock and a beret. Day 3
The first appearance of Anew App has him perched on top of a television set, wearing a straw boater and holding a smartphone. Day 4
The Homestar Runner has teeth (with one missing), a nose, a bow tie, and more detailed shoes. His eyes have distinct sclerae and pupils. His shirt says "soup" on it. Day 5
Stinkoman has eyebrows, a nose, eyes with plus-sign-shaped pupils, no visible teeth, a blue waistband, and no separation of his pants and shoes. He lacks the "v" and diamond on his mask, as well as the cuffs on his hands. His feet are more square with bolts on the sides. He has a different hairstyle of lighter blue hair. Day 5
The Jolly Dumple has a blue nose in the shape of the normal version's saliva drop, reddish hair, orange arms, and red shoes along with visible eyes. Day 6
Anew App again wears a straw boater hat and is seen holding a smartphone. Day 6
The Videlectrix Guys are cartoon characters, as opposed to their normal live action versions. The Videlectrix Mascot is not pixelated. Day 7
The 3D Shield Guy is facing forward, and his hair spikes are arranged in a Mohawk. Day 7
Vector Strong Bad has luscious lips and a color scheme more resembling normal Strong Bad, though lacking the black part of his mask. Day 7
Peanut Strong Bad has radioactive goo, a nose, a green tongue, and a top hat. His arms end in actual boxing gloves. Day 8
Marshie has open eyes, rosy cheeks, a toothy smile, and a more pronounced nose. There are stars next to his head and a stack of marshmallows. Day 9
"Pinner" has eyes, a mouth, and stubble. Day 9
Senor Cardgage is wearing pants and discernible shoes, has a face-painted on mask and chest and arm hair. Also, his boxing gloves appear to be removable. Day 10
Credenza's ghost has eyes, purple eyebrows, purple eyelids, and a mouth. He has a dotted outline and is semi-transparent. Day 11
Reynold is portrayed as a cheetah, with a long snout, ears, longer arms, and hands. His eyes can be seen through his glasses. He is wearing a teal office shirt and a plain red tie. Day 12
Silent Rip is portrayed as a cheetah, with a long snout, ears, longer arms, and hands. He has a green and blue stripe on his helmet and his jacket lacks buttons. Day 12
Gunhaver is portrayed as a cheetah, with a long snout (though shorter than the others), ears, longer arms, and hands. His hat has an orange stripe on it and he has a badge on his shirt. Day 12
Blue Laser Commander is portrayed as a cheetah, with a long snout, ears, longer arms, and hands. His eye patch is on his other eye. Day 12
Cheerleader is in color and more detailed, with a visible nose. She is wearing a green shirt with a yellow collar and has green hair ties. Day 13
So and So is in color and more detailed, with a visible nose. She has cutesy eyes and rosy cheeks. She is wearing a red shirt or dress with a white collar. Day 13
The Ugly One is in color and more detailed, with a visible nose. She has thicker poofy hair, visible eyes behind her purple glasses, rosy cheeks, and buck teeth. She is wearing a blue shirt or dress with a white collar. Day 13
What's Her Face is in color and more detailed, with a visible nose. She has thicker brown hair, cutesy eyes, and rosy cheeks with freckles. She is wearing a light blue sweater with a green collar. Day 13
D n' D Greg is in color and more detailed, with a visible nose. He has brown hair with a red hair tie. He has cutesy eyes, rosy cheeks, and a longer beard. He is wearing a blue-gray shirt with a blue collar. Day 13
Sci-Fi Greg is in color and more detailed. He has blond hair, with more rounded bangs. He has a rounded nose, less mustache stubble, and rosy cheeks. He is wearing a black shirt. Day 13
Open Source Greg is in color and more detailed, with a more rounded nose. He has brown hair and rosy cheeks. He is wearing a pale green shirt. Day 13
Japanese Culture Greg is in color and more detailed, with a more rounded nose. He has a longer head and is slouched down. He has spiky blonde hair that is shaved on the side. His eyes are opened, though half-lidded with a furrowed brow. He has rosy cheeks. He is wearing a green shirt. Day 13
Strong Bad is driving a custom conversion van and grinning maniacally, while The Cheat sits terrified in the passenger seat. The Cheat has a tongue and no visible teeth, his arms clutching the dashboard seem to protrude through the van’s windshield. Strong Bad has a green tongue and a large bulbous nose. They both have large eyes with white sclerae and black pupils.

The van has an airbrushed mural depicting Trogdor in a thunderstorm. Anew App is barely hanging on to the van's rear bumper.

Day 14
The Strong Badia Flag has a more cartoony snake with large eyes that have yellow sclerae and black pupils. It has red tongue and the inside of its mouth is black. It has its tail wrapped around a spoon instead of a knife.

Poppy the Tire has visible eyebrows, nose, and tongue. He has yellow eyes, rosy cheeks, and a rounded mouth. He has nothing written on him. Homestar's legs are blue-grey and are only a single color.

Stoppy the Sign has visible eyelids, nose, tongue, and chin. He has rosy cheeks and only has "STOPPY" written on him. Coach Z's legs are blue-grey.

Day 15
Tony Stony as actual eyes and mouth, with visible sclerae and pupils, eyelids, a single eyebrow. He has ears, red curly hair in place of the red gift bow, and freckles on his cheeks. He is wearing brown shoes with yellow laces. Day 16
Homestar Runner is coming out of a Christmas present, with only his head being visible, with an open-mouthed smile and a manic expression on his face. He has a nose, large, wide open, slightly red eyes with ring shaped pupils, and visible eyebrows. The end of his mouth is curved upwards. Day 16
The banana with an arrow through it is now personified. It has gloves and a face with an arrow through its head and is sticking out its tongue. Day 16
Anew App, holding his smartphone, is featured on a sticker that Strong Bad uses to cover up the illustration of Homestar. Day 16
Homestar Runner has a nose and is sporting a full beard made of cinnamon from a cinnamon shaker. Day 17
The Cheat has large eyes, floating eyebrows, a visible nose, and teeth. He is carrying a large newspaper and is running around barefoot, but he has human feet. He has four toes on one foot and three on the other. Day 17
The Cow Lamp now resembles a Holstein cow with a face, ears, horns, and an udder. Day 17
The Cow Lamp inside Homestar Runner's House morphs into an animated, talking version resembling a mirrored version of the sheet music version above. Day 17
Larry Palaroncini is a cartoon character, as opposed to his normal live action version. He is depicted as only a disembodied head and arm. He has blue eyelids, an earring, and lightning bolts on his cheeks. He is holding a microphone that he is loudly singing into. His arm has a leopard print sleeve and a spiked armband. Day 18
An anthropomorphic representation of the lyrics of the chorus of Because, It's Midnite appears as a lion with a protruding heart and the wings of a bat. It is wearing a black sleeveless V-neck shirt and playing an electric guitar, its other fist raised in the air. Day 18
Rather Dashing is not pixelated. He is wearing a tattered brown robe, a rope for a belt, and sandals. He is holding up a sword and shield. The shield is blue with a red border and a yellow plus sign. Day 19
The Kerrek is not pixelated. He is drawn more human-like, with arm and chest hair, orange hair, and a cleft chin. He has a single downward pointing fang. He is holding up a Cold One. Day 19
The Baby is not pixelated. He has eyelashes, rosy cheeks, a prominent chin, and a single tooth. Day 19
Santaman is given a butcher's knife and a serrated knife, and has a wind-up key. Day 20
Stingy Relenque's shirt is rendered as a sweater, with the leaf design simplified. He has a nose, and is holding a cup of Hot Jones. In addition to his usual Christmas lights, he has Anew App in his hair, who himself is holding his smartphone. Day 20
Stinkoman has a magenta head/wrestling mask with cyan highlights. He has gained more human eyes, a visible nose, ear, and chin, while also having a green tongue. His eyes have simple black pupils and lack the anime-esque light reflections. He is wearing gray pants, a magenta belt, cowboy boots, and a pair of boxing gloves. He is standing in a fighting stance, shooting a beam. His color scheme seems to be based on the color palette of the CGA graphics card. Day 21
1-Up has a bulbous head with a large forehead, prominent cheeks and chin, and a nose and ears. He has large baby-like eyes with eyelashes. He has large knees, and his boots have red rings on them with spikes on the bottom. His skin is a yellowish flesh color rather than white. He is seen running. Day 21
This Chorch is gray with a purple diamond on its head. It has more normal eyes with visible sclerae and pupils, with a visible nose. It has human hands with yellow gloves and a tongue hanging from his teeth. Day 21
Brundo the Decemberween Yak has eyes with visible whites and red eyelids, a human-like nose, and a long extended tongue. He is wearing skates on all four feet. Day 22
The Thnikkaman, in the form of the Decemberween Thnikkaman, has red high-heeled shoes, a grey instead of green stripe on his waist, an overhanging belly, and a visible nose, chin, and hands. Day 22
Trogdor is drawn more like a normal cartoon dragon. He has eyes with pupils and sclerae on the top of his head, and two nostrils coming off the end of his snout. He has pale-yellow spikes going down the entirety of his body, each ending in a curved point. He has a yellow underbelly and wings, and a beefy arm that fades into the body. He has a longer tail and more detailed legs with 3 claws on the front and one on the back, also having a spike at the end of the leg, and two more spikes on the wings. Day 23
Anew App, holding his smartphone, is escaping from a burning barn. Day 23
Frank Bennedetto is dressed more like an actual soldier, with a beret and many badges. He has an eye and a tongue, he is also holding Homestar's wooden spoon (though still without arms). The black platform that the popcorn comes out of only goes in a circle around his "neck". He also has a yellow ring at the bottom of him. Day 24
The chicken bowling pin from Labor Dabor has wings and more detailed chicken legs. It has opened eyes with black pupils, yellow sclerae, and blue eyelids. It has two stripes around its neck instead of one. Day 24
Anew App appears as a gift given by Homestar Runner to Strong Bad as a "culmination" to the Decemberweenvent Calendar. He appears as a part of the "LATE ERA NEW-ish CHARACTERS UNION 208" alongside F-Sack and Humidibot. Day 24

[edit] Rejected Designs

Image Description Appearance
The Thnikkaman appears as he does in the final cartoon, but has freckles on his nose, more detailed shirt sleeves and collar, and lacks the Santa hat. Tweet
The Cheat has a nose and a Batman mask, and is holding the jumbles from the email caper. Tweet
Marzipan has slightly fuzzier hair than in the final incarnation as well as having eyelashes.
Strong Sad is wearing overalls, and has a visible nose and a hunched over appearance.
Strong Bad is running and has a visible nose and pronounced belly; seen near him is the looming figure of the Cow Lamp. Tweet
Stinkoman is eating a slice of bread and has a visible nose. Tweet
Anew App has no hat, as remarked by the Tweet text. Tweet
D n' D Greg has his eyes closed, has a visible nose, and has his index finger raised, as if stating a factoid. Tweet
Stinkoman is muscled up and has fingers and fire hair, along with a visible nose. Tweet
1-Up is wearing a jet-pack and looks less exaggerated than he does in the toon. Harvax XVII has a larger, more bulbous nose and hair under the hat. Tweet

[edit] Designs based on other Designs

Image Description Appearance
The Jolly Dumple, Anew App and a trumpet in the artstyle of The Far Side newspaper comic by Gary Larson. Homestar mentioned the strip when he mistaked the book for a page-a-day calendar, specifically one made by Larson. Day 6
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