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Showering is an activity that the characters of the Homestar Runner universe often do, or refrain from doing.

[edit] Showering

Not smelling like wet tech support with onions.

[edit] Not Showering

"I'm pretty sure he's surpassed that one by several fortnights at this point."
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 9The Ugly One says that she can stop showering after Cheerleader gets Driver's Ed'ed dead.
  • Email record bookCoach Z holds the record for longest showerless streak (65 days, 3 hours, and 42 minutes), but Strong Bad comments that the figure is outdated, and that Coach Z has probably surpassed that by several fortnights.
  • Biz Cas Fri 2Strong Bad says that Homestar Runner apparently didn't want to remember to take a shower, adding that he smells "like wet tech support with onions".
  • Commandos in the Classroom — Next week's lesson, #5, is "LISTEN YOU GUYS, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO START SHOWERING EVERYDAY".
  • Email hygieneCoach Z claims he thought the shower heads in the locker room where he lives were his "drippy, broken speakers".
  • TrudgemankPeacey P tells Taranchula, "Maybe some of y'all fellas can maybe think about taking a shower or somethin' next time before ya come up in here. Stank!"

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