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"And one time I made a whole set of coasters out of some old Sega tapes"
Canned delight
The company that makes it

Melonade is a preferred drink of Homestar Runner. It first appeared in "A Jumping Jack Contest", where The Cheat offered Homestar 147 glasses of it, and got refills from Strong Mad's melonade keg. Homestar Runner usually eats about 147 Fluffy Puff Marshmallows before drinking a tall glass of melonade. Melonade derives its name from the similarly formulated drink, lemonade, which is made from lemons rather than melons. In addition, the words "melon" and "lemon" are anagrams.

During melonade shortages, it can sell for as much as $2 per gallon.

According to the retro-themed Hremail 7, Homestar once had an endorsement deal with The Ethical Advancement of Melonade that made him "contractually unable to drink, talk about, or bathe in any other liquid". According to the hremail, said contract expired in March of 2003. During this email, several variants of Melonade were mentioned.

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