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He never made it out of training pants...
...or did he?
"I got Bowser on the ropes!"

Tompkins is a little boy that taunted the Teen Girl Squad in their preschool days. When the girls taunt him back, he runs off and "dies somehow", leaving his body cut into thirds. His toddler voice sounds quite similar to that of Lil' Strong Bad. He was also in rock opera, where he is shown laughing at and pointing to Anonymous Contributor.

He is seen as a teenager in Teen Girl Squad Issue 8, where he is called to Prinicpal [sic] Strong Bad's office. So and So thinks he's a renegade, and as "The Over-Achiever Bandit", she even finished the rest of his pre-algebra homework, earning him an A+++++. After So and So and Brett Bretterson become "splitsville", she attempted to get to first base with him in Teen Girl Squad Issue 10, but he rejected her whilst playing his Game Boy. He has red hair and at one point appeared to have braces. He took the Color Guard Maiden to the Junior Prom.

Tompkins lives in a house with his robotic mother, Momkins, and his baby brother, Timkins.

In the commentary for Teen Girl Squad Issue 7, The Brothers Chaps state that Tompkins is based on their young cousin. He has threatened to push them down into some "snakewater", as Tompkins does to the girls.

Tompkins also has a website for his Hot Lady Escort Service, but his site was hit with a denial of service attack by Open Source Greg. Later, a fan made an actual website for it (, which had several links. The first time you click on one, the words "HAXXORED!" appear just like in 4 Gregs, and if you click on any one a second time, it takes you straight to the toon, much like the website for

He appears to feel as if he is washed up, as in Teen Girl Squad Issue 15 he complained The Gregs stole his thunder, being killed off instead of him. His wish seemed to be slightly fulfilled when he was Tenerrow'd, as evidenced by him smiling as he died.

"Tompkins" is also one of the names Senor Cardgage sings while in Papa Cardgage's Puddin' Patch, heard in the Strong Bad Email licensed.

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