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"Dag, yo"
She can count to G.
Uh-oh. We got a spinner.

What's Her Face is the "pity friend" member of the Teen Girl Squad who is distinguished mainly by her common sense and, consequently, mistreatment from the other members of the squad.


[edit] Biography

What's Her Face is slightly dumpy-looking. She has a few strings of long, apparently brown hair, and dresses in a modest T-shirt and pants. She has held her driver's license for over a year, suggesting that she is at least sixteen or seventeen years old.

She is the least popular and most ignored member of the Teen Girl Squad; in Issue 3, Cheerleader excludes her specifically from a trip to the mall and sends her to a thrift store, and forgets to invite her to the beach in Issue 5. Despite her strained relationship with Cheerleader, What's Her Face seems to have a pretty strong relationship with The Ugly One, as evidenced by Issue 4.

What's Her Face could be described as deadpan; when "punted" by a dinosaur in Issue 1, her parting words were a simple, "dag, yo". Other issues support this attitude. She also is much wiser than the other members of the squad, as evidenced by her refusal to dive into the Gift Exchange Lion's mouth in Issue 6, and many of her deaths are apparently randomly induced by Strong Bad's overactive imagination, although her stroke of stupidity in eating "Staple Sauce" in Issue 9 is not consistent with this.

It appears as though What's Her Face has more of an interest in having a real boyfriend than the other members do, rather than picking up guys quickly as is Cheerleader's style. Apparently, as shown by Issues 9 and 12, her possible suitors are Science Fiction Greg, D n' D Greg, Thomas the alien, Paul from her dance hit (though much less evidence for it), and The Wireless Wizard, with whom we see What's Her Face on a date for the first time.

What's Her Face has apparently dabbled in music: she contributed a track to Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits, the dance hit "i think i have a chance with this guy", and played bass in Kissyboots in Issue 8 before her bass transformed into a shark and ate "[her] most of [her]". In Issue 12, she tells a couple of boys who are talking about band names that she likes music. In Fan Costumes 2017, in response to D n' D Greg's remarking that his Krokus and Slayer posters attracted her, she remarks, "I like pavement".

[edit] Trivia

  • She is also the only girl in the squad to wear pants.
  • She is the only girl whose legs are hidden (by her baggy pants). There is some inconsistency about her legs and feet, however; in Issue 3 her legs have width, but in Issues 7 and 11, she has stick legs and feet like the other Teen Girls.
  • According to Issue 5, she lives at 412 S. Figgis, Mundelow, 80808.
  • Her bass-playing stance suggests she is left-handed.
  • In Issue 9, it is revealed that she dates Science Fiction Greg. In this issue, it is also shown that she has a driver's license. This is further shown in Homestar Ruiner, when she receives a car as a gift.
  • She has a tendency to narrate her own life, as shown in Issue 3 ("I'm walking home from the thrift store"), Issue 5 ("I got a postcard"), and the song I Think I Have a Chance With This Guy ("I'll answer the phone").
  • In Issue 6, she reveals that she is vegan.
  • She has been "killed" fewer times than any other Teen Girl Squad character; however, she has been through a lot of emotional, physical, and fictional pain.
  • Her mailbox reads "W. Herface". "Her Face" may be her surname.
  • In most Teen Girl Squad issues, What's Her Face's name lacks an apostrophe in her intro frame. This doesn't apply to Issue 10.
  • Also, In Issue 10 she is revealed to wear a blue shirt and brown/khaki pants.
  • She has a stepfather. In the intro to Issue 6, her desire for Decemberween is "a new stepdad". In Homestar Ruiner Teen Girl Squad she claims that her "real dad" gifted her with a car he purchased at a government auction. In Teen Girl Squad Meets Limozeen from Baddest of the Bands, she remarks in disgust that Perry Palaroncini is older than both of her dads.
  • In Issue 11, Cheerleader states that What's Her Face suffers from night terrors.
  • In Issue 14, the Evil Cake that eats her says she "tastes like 9 minute miles".
  • In Issue 15, it is revealed that she doesn't know what a dress is.

[edit] Pre-K version

As a pre-K girl in Teeny Tiny Girl Squad she had "lice and more", as perhaps evidenced by her lack of hair on the top of her head. To her credit, she was able to count to g at a young age. She wore a frayed dress rather than her signature baggy pants, and only had one tooth.

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