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"In neighborhood news, residents are up in no-arms about some seasonal decorations."

Strong Badia Action Cool News 5 reports on some obscene Halloween decorations.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet The Cheat, Puppet Strong Bad, Puppet Rocoulm, Puppet Homestar, Mustachioed Homestar Runner

Places: Strong Badia, a porch

Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Running Time: 1:52

Page Title: Motion Activated! Lights and Sound! Colored Smoke!


[edit] Transcript

{Start out with The Cheat holding the "Strong Badia Action Cool News 5" sign and making the news station noises from local news. The background is dimmed, then fades in as he moves the sign away, and Strong Bad looks to the camera, holding some paper.}

STRONG BAD: Good evening, yes, thank you, and as always, tonight. In neighborhood news, {a picture of a porch with Halloween decorations zooms in on the right side of the screen with the caption "OBSCENE WEEN?"} residents are up in no arms about some seasonal decorations. While they were out looking at Halloween decor, {the picture of the porch zooms to cover the whole screen} they got more than they bargained for.

{The camera does a quick pan to reveal that there is an animatronic statue of the Rocoulm also on the porch, accompanied by green lights and fog. The background music from Jibblies 2 plays through a speaker.}

ROCOULM: Come on in he-e-ere!

{The music stops. Cut to angry Homestar Runner, labeled as "Concerned Citizen", in front of a front door.}

ANGRY HOMESTAR: That thing has no place in the neighborhood, and should be taken down at once! As someone who's dealt with the jibblies before, I can say that it's in very poor taste!

{Cut back to the news desk in Strong Badia. The picture on the right shows the statue.}

STRONG BAD: But the owner of the ungodly adornment insists it's all... just a lot of fun.

{Cut back to the porch, where a mustachioed Homestar Runner, labeled as "Unconcerned Citizen", has joined the statue.}

MUSTACHIOED HOMESTAR: It's just a lot of fun. I love Halloween! And I like to have a lot of fun as I've said! I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a little jibblie this time of year. Do you? 'Cause I don't, as I've said! Why I remember getting the jibblies myself each year when I was a kid. Let's get it right now! Hit me, creeptake! {knocks the statue, which lights up as the fog and music begins}

ROCOULM: Come on in he-e-ere!

MUSTACHIOED HOMESTAR: Wha-hoh! A-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie! Oh, what a thrill! Oh, as I've said! Oh-ho-ho!

{The music stops. Cut back to angry Homestar.}

ANGRY HOMESTAR: Kids?! He has the nerve to talk about kids? I wouldn't let my kids near that thing! Have you heard the kind of stuff that comes out of its mouth?

{Cut to The Cheat, who is wearing a witch's hat, carrying a trick-or-treat bag, and singing while walking up to the front porch. When he stops, he makes The Cheat noises to the cadence of "Trick or treat!" Pan over to the statue as the music resumes.}

ROCOULM: {subtitled} I totally just ate your cat.

{Cut back to The Cheat.}

THE CHEAT: {screams and makes jibblie-like The Cheat noises}

{Cut to a close-up of the statue.}

ROCOULM: {subtitled} I've been inside your house... What is with that wallpaper?

{Zoom in closer on the gargoyle's face.}

ROCOULM: {subtitled} Later on tonight I'm going to creep outside your window and slowly peel a single potato!

{Cut to an extreme close-up of The Cheat's face, then quick cut to a zoomed-out shot.}

THE CHEAT: {screams and makes jibblie-like The Cheat noises} {runs away}

{The music stops. Cut back to the news desk in Strong Badia.}

STRONG BAD: Ahh, such interesting human interest. Well, this is one reporter who's glad he didn't have to go out... and get the jibblies. Heh heh.

{Cut to a zoomed-out shot, revealing the statue right next to him. The music resumes.}

ROCOULM: Come... on... in he-e-ere!!

STRONG BAD: {overlapping} Aaaaahhhhh!! {while running offscreen} Jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie-jibblie...

ROCOULM: That's it for tonight's news.

{The Cheat holds the sign up, and Strong Bad comes back onscreen, still dealing with the jibblies.}

ROCOULM: "Action Cool News. We're investiga-awesome!"

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Fixed Glitches

  • On the Toons menu, the length was written as "01 hrs 52 min" instead of the actual length of 1 minute and 52 seconds. This has since been changed to its actual length.

[edit] Inside References

  • Action Cool News 5 first appeared in local news.
  • The background music comes from Jibblies 2.
    • Homestar previously called the Rocoulm "creeptake" in this toon.
  • Strong Bad notes that residents are "up in no arms".

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