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The Virus has distorted many characters.

Image Description Appearances
"Your super-box needs words." Virus Homestar Runner
He has the body of The Homestar Runner and the head of the current version. Instead of walking, he floats around and leaves blurred trails behind him, similar to the onion-skin effect in Flash. His head can change to the older fifth design, and can even fall off and still be entirely operational.
virus, Main Page 22
"With Marzipan's radish, we gonna win the competition!" Virus Strong Bad
His head is off-center, his mask sits partially off his head, and he has only one very large leg. His left arm teleports to random places throughout the scene. He quotes a line directly from The Reddest Radish in his old voice.
"Things were just about to start getting crazy-go-nuts!" Virus Strong Bad
This version of Strong Bad has a giant, upside-down, misaligned head, a tiny face, a dislocated mouth, and Marzipan's hair. He also has a giant right arm and glove. He quotes a line directly from The Luau in his old voice, and a duck from Duck Guardian appears and explodes in his mouth while he is talking.
Main Page 22
Take your pick Virus The Cheat
While floating through space, The Cheat rotates through several different variants: Awexome Cross The Cheat, his form in The Reddest Radish, a very pixellated version of him, a Cheat X-ing sign, a drawn version, and a Powered by The Cheat-style version with reversed colors. The sign and the drawn version would later be used in alternate angles in the DVD version of The Reddest Radish.
"I shoulda done this like a million years ago!" Virus Bubs
Complete with anaglyphic legs, a broken JPEG from Mozilla in place of his mouth, and an overly-large arm that flails around as in Dancin' Bubs. He uses one of Homestar's legs to shoot the Compy 386, thus defeating the virus. The broken JPEG's alternate text reads "TH", the same letters Bubs wears on his chest when disguised as The Thnikkaman.
"(It accentuates the accord, and the design...)" Virus Marzipan
Marzipan turns into an ASCII art rendering of herself, and her voice becomes badly distorted and unintelligible. The letters in the ASCII art correspond to the part of Marzipan's body (E for eye, H for hair, etc.)
"I CAN'T SPELL YOU!" Virus Strong Mad
Strong Mad turns into his picture from the Yearbook Character Page, and his description from that page appears overhead as well. As he wobbles away, he makes the same noise that Homsar makes when he walks.
Yearbook Character Page, virus
"Did you get 400,000 viruses?" Virus Strong Sad
Strong Sad's head is replaced with his emoticons from Strong Sad's Lament, and his body walks in place before he turns into his character card.
Strong Sad's Lament, Character Cards, virus
The virus's gone mad with power! Virus Coach Z
In an Easter egg, there is a picture of an upside-down Coach Z with his arms and legs wrapped around a white space in the shape of The King of Town's head. This image is from Where's The Cheat?, when Coach Z attacked the King over a misunderstanding involving The Cheat and a grill.
"I can do it! I can do it nine times!" Virus The Ugly One
The Ugly One appears out of thin air with a stretched mouth, slightly misquoting crazy cartoon/Crazy Cartoon before her arm extends across the screen to slap the King of Town nine times.
Rather Virus'd Virus Rather Dashing
A silhouette of Rather Dashing and a colon fly by in the foreground. It is a reference to a glitch in the Atari 2600 game Pitfall!, where Pitfall Harry will be silhouetted, and fly across the top of the screen.
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