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watch An Important Rap Song One Two, One Two
"What the pfargtl?"

DVD-style presentation of a scene deleted from the Strong Bad Email from work. Includes commentary from Coach Z and Strong Bad as well as a theatrical trailer, "storyboards", and three scenes deleted from the deleted scene.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Coach Z, Homestar Runner

Places: The Office

Date: Monday, April 30, 2007

Running Times: 1:15 (Scene and commentary), 0:40 (Theatrical Trailer), 0:04 (Deleted Scene #1), 0:04 (Deleted Scene #2), 0:06 (Deleted Scene #3), 3:24 (total)

Page Title: Deleted Scenes have Deleted Scenes?

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Six (Easter egg)


[edit] Transcripts

The DVD menu screen shows the wall of Strong Bad's cubicle. The title of the toon along with a doodle of Strong Bad and Coach Z are on a Post-it note at the center. The menu items are scraps of paper attached to the cubicle with thumbtacks. Clockwise from the top left they are "storyboards," "commentary," "deleted scenes #1 #2 #3," and "Theatrical Trailer." In the center is another scrap of paper labeled "Watch the scene!"

[edit] Watch The Scene!

{Open on Strong Bad typing on the Corpy NT6. The space whale chart from "from work" is on the screen}

STRONG BAD: All right, so where were we? Oh yeah. {typing} 2% Crudules, 2% {unintelligible} Whale milk... {unintelligible}...

{Vacuum cleaner noise drowns out Strong Bad. Cut to Coach Z vacuuming Strong Bad's cubicle. Strong Bad continues typing and mumbling unintelligibly under the vacuum}

COACH Z: {singing} Doe-da-doot doo. Doo. Da-doo-da-doooo.

{Strong Bad stops typing and Coach Z shuts off the vacuum.}

COACH Z: Hey dere, salaried employee.

STRONG BAD: {lowers his eyelids} Auuugh. 'Sup, hourly wage?

COACH Z: I couldn't help but notice you're checkin' one a yer emails dere. Boy, do I have some good ideas for words ta type in an email.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, sorry, I'm not really takin' suggestions right now.

COACH Z: Aww, dat's too bad. Sure would be unfarchunate if yer boss found out you was checkin' yer Sbemails at work!

STRONG BAD: {exasperated} All right, all right! What do you want me to type?

COACH Z: Ooh, great! {scratching his head} Okay, lessee...

{Coach Z spells out his word. As he says each letter, Strong Bad types it and it appears superimposed over the bottom of the frame.}

COACH Z: P... f... a... r... g... t... l? Is that a word?

STRONG BAD: {pronouncing each letter as he sounds it out} "Pfargtl?"

COACH Z: Yeah! Is that a word?

{Strong Bad hits his head on the keyboard, sending the superimposed letters flying.}

STRONG BAD: Does it sound like a word?

COACH Z: Well I dunno... I only know a few.

STRONG BAD: {looking up} Oh, dan... guh. Dang. Oh dang! I think some customer service rep just puked up her microwave lasagna! You'd better go sprinkle sawdust all over it.

COACH Z: This is what I live for!!

{Coach Z runs off, dragging the vacuum cleaner after him}

[edit] Commentary

{Toon starts}

COACH Z: Ya know I just gotta say that workin' with Strong Bad here was a real privilege. This guy's a true consommé professional.

STRONG BAD: Aww, thanks, Coach Z. Working with you was a complete nightmare, and I almost jumped out of several different windows during the making of this scene.

COACH Z: Yeah, that was classic. Those windows was strong! They were real consommé pr—

STRONG BAD: {interrupting} All right, shut up. What kind of vacuum was that you were using there?

COACH Z: Oh that was the "Sook-a-Doox Five-Trousand".

STRONG BAD: The "Suk-a-Dux Five-Thousand".

COACH Z: Yup. Hottest market on the money!

STRONG BAD: Can I get a translator in here?

COACH Z: This part's my favorite. I got ta improvise! They said I could spell out anything I wanted as long as it was my favorite animal!

STRONG BAD: But Coach Z, you spelled out "Pfargtl"!

COACH Z: {excited} That's right! That's my favorite!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, that's not— that's not an animal.

COACH Z: Ah, go on... You didn't have a p-family pfargtl growin' up? We kept ours out back by the hose!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, I betcha did. You know when I was a kid I always thought that the pile of puke covered in sawdust was way nastier than just the pile of puke.

COACH Z: Nat me. Sawdust makes everything delicious.

STRONG BAD: Auugh, that's it, I'm outta here!

[edit] Deleted Scenes

[edit] Deleted Scene #1

CAPTION: Deleted Scene #1: Originally Coach Z's "Doot-da-do-doo" line was all "Reet-da-dee-dee." Oops, I guess I ruined it for you. Oh, well. Watch it anyway.

{Cut to Strong Bad's cubicle. Coach Z, Strong Bad, and the vacuum cleaner are there.}

COACH Z: {singing} A-reet-da-deet-dee. A-da-da-da-deeee!

[edit] Deleted Scene #2

CAPTION: Deleted Scene #2: An early draft of the screenplay called for Strong Bad to say, "4% budules," instead of "2% crudules." Oh crap. I ruined it again. Watch it anyway.

{Cut to Strong Bad typing on the Corpy NT6. The Space Whale chart is on the screen.}

STRONG BAD: All right, so where were we? Oh yeah. {typing} 4% budules...

[edit] Deleted Scene #3

CAPTION: Deleted Scene #3: I'm not gonna say a thing this time.

{Cut to Strong Bad's cubicle. Homestar Runner is there with a poorly made mock-up of Strong Bad. The mock-up has a cardboard word balloon reading, "hello, i work hard, and am not stuffed with cottage cheese." The head of the mock-up slowly falls over.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey! What the pfargtl?!

[edit] Theatrical Trailer

{Open on a green screen that says the following:}




NARRATOR: A scene you were NEVER meant to see...

{While the narrator speaks, his words are displayed over the space whale with suspenseful type sounds in the background. The word "see" is then deleted from the words on the screen.}

{Cut to Strong Bad tapping on his keyboard in slow motion}

{Cut back to the space whale.}

NARRATOR: A meeting that should NEVER have taken place...

{Again, the words appear on the screen, and then "taken place" is deleted.}

COACH Z: Hey there, salaried employee.

{Screen pans right then left as characters talk}

STRONG BAD: Sup, hourly wage?

{Cut back to the space whale.}

NARRATOR: This Summer...

{The words appear again, and this time "his S" is deleted from the middle.}

{Coach Z and Strong Bad talk in the background, then Strong Bad mashes his head on his keyboard}

NARRATOR: the deleted scene that will have everyone asking...

{Cut back to the space whale.}


{The letters W, T, P and F fly in as the narrator says them, and are joined by a question mark.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What the pfargtl?

NARRATOR: Strong Bad Email 169:
the deleted scene

COACH Z: This is what I live for...

{Screen fades to black with "www.whatthepfargtl.egg" in white at the bottom}

[edit] Storyboards

"And I'm out!"
{Strong Bad is typing on his computer. "VROO" can be heard off-panel}
COACH Z: {in a janitorial outfit, leaning on his vacuum} CHECKIN ONE O' YER EMAILS DARE, EH? I GOT A GOOD IDEA FOR ONE!
{Coach Z turns away as if to leave}
COACH Z: P...F...A...R...G...T...L
{Strong Bad types it in}
COACH Z: {leaving} AND I'M OUT!
{Strong Bad slams his head on the keyboard}

[edit] Easter Eggs

"Hottest market on the money!" -by celebrity judge Coach Z
  • In the commentary, click on the vacuum cleaner's handle when Coach Z says "Suk-a-Dux 5000" to see an advertisement for the vacuum cleaner. (This egg disappears during the cut to Strong Bad, but then is once again clickable as Coach Z spells pfargtl.)



[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • Coach Z mispronounces the adjective "consummate," which means "having or revealing supreme mastery or skill." In cooking, consommé is a type of soup similar to a rich bouillon.
  • The intentionally-poor looping of the DVD menu music is a parody of actual DVD movie menus that feature a short clip of title music in the background. Since a DVD menu exists in the form of a looped video track on the disc, a gap is noticeable in the audio when the player reaches the end of the track and seeks back to its beginning.
  • Salaried employees are paid the same no matter how much they work. Employees with an hourly wage are paid based on how many hours they work.

[edit] Trivia

  • ".egg" was not a real top-level domain when this toon was released. The domain was registered by Harmless Junk, Inc. on the day this toon was released. However, no site was set up and the domain expired April 30, 2008.
  • This is the second time Strong Bad has used an expression lowering his upper eyelids in annoyance, the first time being in long pants.

[edit] Remarks

"I prefer these big ones because they hold more memory, although you have to fold them up to fit them into these new computers."
  • The little stitching on Strong Bad's shirt where a name tag would normally go is actually a 5-¼ inch floppy diskette.
  • Strong Bad uses the correct hand to type each letter in "pfargtl" (using the normal QWERTY keyboard layout) except for 'g', which should be typed with the left hand, not the right.
  • In the third deleted scene, Homestar's head is in front of the speech bubble when he says, "What the pfargtl?", but in the theatrical trailer, the speech bubble is nowhere to be seen.

[edit] Goofs

  • The tack holding the Dullard comic is slightly too high, and thus isn't connected to the comic.
  • Half of the "back" button overlaps the storyboard on the top left.

[edit] Fixed Goofs

  • When the trailer was first released, the synopsis on the "Shorts" Toons page was "A deleted scene with delted scenes?!". The Shorts menu description was later changed to match the New Stuff menu description.

[edit] Glitches

'Sup, straight cut?
  • In the trailer, as soon as the scene cuts to Strong Bad asking "'Sup, hourly wage?", for a split second at the far right of the area, the Corpy's monitor appears to be cut off in a straight edge.
    • Also, when Strong Bad turns his head left in the same scene, part of his outline disappears as he is talking.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Fast Forward

  • This deleted scene would be referred to in the big toon DNA Evidence.

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