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"Don't you touch that ZABITTABLOUGH!"

The Deathly Pallor is a nickname given to Strong Sad. The name refers to his big white face, additionally alluding to Strong Sad's general interest in the macabre.

Strong Sad was first called this nickname by Coach Z during the Strong Sad Lookalike Contest in the Strong Bad Email impression. More specifically, two very different variations of Strong Sad have been given this title.

[edit] Radio Host

"The Deathly Pallor" is the on-air name of Strong Sad on radio station WA3D 902 FM, "The Sturge". In the email radio, Strong Bad explains that radio personalities must look nothing like how they sound, showing his little brother with the aggressive, fast-talking voice of a radio shock jock.

[edit] Supernatural Figure

Lonely Lurker

"The Deathly Pallor" is alternatively portrayed as an arcane figure. Appearing like the Grim Reaper, in black robes and holding a scythe, this version of Strong Sad appeared in trading cards, as a card in The Beleaguered: Alliance capable of a "Lonely Lurker Attack".

Strong Sad later used the term to refer to himself in Mr. Poofers Must Die, when he invokes supernatural force against the gang's Halloween story about Mr. Poofers.

The Makeromancer is a similar figure, with a heart-patterned robe and heart staff rather than scythe.

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