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This article is about the hidden items in toons. For the Easter specials, see Holidays (Easter). For other uses of eggs, see Eggs (disambiguation).
Not those kinds of Easter eggs!

An Easter egg of a Homestar Runner cartoon is a feature that is hidden in some way. Often, it is only accessible by clicking on a hidden button, a keypress or by waiting a while after the toon is seemingly over.

Most of the recent Homestar Runner Flash animations feature Easter eggs. These are most prominent in Strong Bad Emails, but are also placed in other cartoons on the site. Most are activated by clicking a specific area of the animation.

Occasionally, Easter eggs are hidden in a way that cannot be revealed directly, and can only be seen if the Flash file is opened in a decompiler. At Georgia Tech, Matt Chapman explained that these were added because the normal Easter eggs were getting too easy to find.


[edit] Finding Easter Eggs

"Next, as I'm typing, you can usually click on certain words and make little pictures of dumb stuff pop up."

The majority of Easter eggs are activated by clicking a certain area of the cartoon. The easiest way to find these is by following a few simple steps:

  • Click on the Flash animation so keypresses are accepted.
  • Press the "Tab" key on the keyboard to cycle through all click zones.
  • When a border surrounds a part of the animation, it is probably a hot spot for a Easter egg. Either press the "Enter" (or "Return") key or click on the spot to activate the Easter egg.

In addition to clickable Easter eggs, there are a small number of Easter eggs found by pressing a key or digging through a decompiled Flash file.

Note that some Easter eggs do not do anything immediately. For example, in almost all the Halloween cartoons, Homsar appears in a later scene if an Easter egg is clicked (usually near The Poopsmith).

[edit] Keypress Easter Eggs

Occasionally, Easter eggs are activated by a specific keypress.

[edit] Keypress Easter Eggs in Toons

[edit] Fluffy Puff Commercial

Homestar likes Marshmallows... in Abe Lincoln's Head
  • Pressing L causes the screen to become Abraham Lincoln's profile silhouette.

[edit] Meet Marshie

  • At the end of the toon, press R on the keyboard and Homestar Runner will say something.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: I hate that freakin' robot.
  • Press F after the previous Easter egg to hear a disclaimer from Fluffy Puff Marshmallows.
{The yellow screen from earlier is seen with the Fluffy Puff Marshmallows logo, a bag of marshmallows, and a jar of mayo.}
VOICEOVER: Fluffy Puff Marshmallows and Marshmallow Mayonnaise. Each sold separately. Comes with everything you see here. Batteries not included. Kids, don't eat nails. {pause} Is that it? Am I done? Can I go? Anybod—Anybody want to get something to eat?

[edit] personal favorites

  • At the end, pressing the Q key will make Strong Bad's email intro tune play again.

[edit] mile

  • Press O on the keyboard at the end to see a silhouette of Strong Bad doing cartwheels over a bunch of hills with a song playing in the background, which is a takeoff of Old Intro 2.

[edit] Where My Hat Is At?

  • Throughout the toon, pressing spacebar will show the corresponding page from the original book.

[edit] Keypress Easter Eggs in Games

[edit] TROGDOR!

  • On the hints screen (found by clicking and holding the "G" on the TROGDOR title screen), entering the Konami Code on the keyboard (up up down down left right left right B A, and then clicking the word "START") will start the player off with 30 lives.
  • During the game, pressing the K key will kick the game. This doesn't seem to give the player any advantage, but it does cause the machine to repeat the word "TROGDOR!" (a reference to Arcade Game).

[edit] 50K Racewalker

  • There is a "big head mode", similar to that found in many video games, especially first-person shooters and sports games. To toggle between "big head" and normal press the h key on the "Choose it out" screen.
  • There is a "fat walker" mode. To toggle between a fat walker and a normal one press the f key on the "Choose it out" screen.
    • These tricks are case-sensitive and must be typed in lowercase.
  • The arms on the walker can be moved up and down by pressing the arrow keys on the "Choose it out" screen.

[edit] HomestarRunner.com: PAY PLUS!

  • During the trial game, pressing the 7 key allows the flashing "TRIAL VERSION" screen to go away so the game can be played for 20 seconds uninterrupted.

[edit] Kid Speedy

  • At the title screen, pressing s, k, or h 10 times allows the player to play as Strong Sad, the King of Town, and Homestar Runner, respectively.

[edit] Decompiled Flash Easter Eggs

People are poking around, they decompile our Flash files and look at stuff. So we've started adding a few things here and there for the nerds that do that stuff. There's one where these two Homestars appear — like, it appears that there's two Homestars, you can barely see the edge of his feet on that side of the frame, that's in the actual cartoon. But then, to make it consistent in the universe, one of them has a mustache. But you only see it if you decompile the Flash thing and be like, "Oh, that's Homestar with a mustache."
Matt Chapman, Georgia Tech - 26 Apr 2007

[edit] Appearances

Who actually made all those fence drawings...

[edit] Easter Egg Pages

"Easter Egg Toon" redirects here. For a list of Easter toons featuring decorated eggs, see Easter.

[edit] See Also

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