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"There's a heart-shaped hole in my tiny dog bed."

Strong Bad continues to mock fan costumes for 2022.

Cast (in order of appearance): Stinkoman, Strong Bad, Manolios Ugly One, The Ugly One, Blue Laser Commander, Sharpdene, The King of Town, Homestar Runner, Limozeen, Rather Dashing, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, Rheumatoid T'daveral, Pom Pom (Easter egg)

Costumes (in order of appearance): Z Sabre, Manolios Ugly One, The Ugly One, Sir Hotbod Handsomeface, Strong Bad as Dr. Crygor, Blue Laser Commander, Sci-Fi Greg, Open Source Greg, D n' D Greg, Japanese Culture Greg, Homsar, Troghammer, Strong Bad, The Knight, Homestar Runner, Larry Palaroncini, Rather Dashing, Two Cars, Tennessee, Downtown Pantsburg, Dolph Hauldhagen, Champeen, Porridge Maiden, Statue of Liberty's deadbeat cousin, Scotty Titi, Ted Averill, Vampire's Castle Gallery, Strong Sad, The Cheat's Strong Sad costume, Coach Z, The Deathly Pallor, mecha-Strong Sad, Grape Nuts Robot, Humidibot, The Cheatbot, Casio Head Strong Bad, The Cheat, Trogdor, Bear Holding a Shark, Strong Mad, Old Man Rootbeer, Mr. Poofers, Crack Stuntman, Bad Graphics Ghost, The Paper

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong, The Field

Date: Saturday, November 19, 2022

Running Time: 8:41

Page Title: Peach Fuzz is Quite a Problem!


[edit] Transcript

{Open on the wall of the basement of the Brothers Strong. A projector screen comes down and the lights dim. The first slide shows a fan dressed as Z Sabre brandishing a prop sword and standing in front of a space-themed background.}

STINKOMAN: Are you asking to be included in this year's Halloween Costume Commentary even though you're clearly at a COMIC BOOK CONVENTIIIOOON?!

{The next slide shows a man dressed as Manolios Ugly One, holding a microphone coming out from a stereo speaker.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, this Manolios Ugly One {a thumbnail of Manolios Ugly One from the Teen Girl Squad comic appears for comparison} costume is perfect! Right down to the stains! {A red outline appears around the first stain} There's curry for breakfast, {a red outline appears around the second stain} stewed tomatoes for lunch, {a red outline appears around the third stain} and this one's just a festering wound!

{As the "festering wound" on the man's costume starts dripping, a talk balloon appears on the slide.}

MANOLIOS UGLY ONE: Ok, everyone. Give it up for my little girl and her new boyfriend, Sir HotbodHandsomeface. {a second talk balloon appears} {quickly} I gut you like sheep.

{The next slide shows a girl dressed as the Hotgly One, holding a Strong Bad plush doll with a hard hat on its head. Party music plays.}

STRONG BAD: The Ugly One!

{A thumbnail of The Hotgly One and Sir Hotbod Handsomeface slides in from the left for comparison.}

THE UGLY ONE: Now let's get it on like Diddy Kong!

{The Hotgly One in the thumbnail begins dancing.}

{The next slide shows a Strong Bad plush doll wearing a crochet version of his Dr. Crygor costume from 2022 Costume Pack Now Available.}

STRONG BAD: You already crocheted my costume from this year's Halloween cartoon? That's awesome! {whispering} Psst: See me after the commentary so I can commission one o' them toilet paper cozies, y'know what I'm talkin' about? Maybe shaped like Marshie, {A crochet Marshie appears} or one of {A crochet version of one of Strong Sad's feet appears} Strong Sad's soolnds?

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as the Blue Laser Commander, holding a Strong Bad plush doll and posing in front of a Strong Badia flag.}

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: We'll blow up my Halloween by being unrecognizable to almost everyone!

{The next slide is a blue slide reading "And now..."}

STRONG BAD: And now... four seconds for four Gregs.

{The next slide is a montage of four fan costume images. The Four Gregs music plays. Top left shows Sci-Fi Greg giving a Vulcan salute. Top right shows an Open Source Greg sitting in a chair typing on a laptop. Bottom left shows three Gregs standing outdoors, with Open Source Greg represented by a T-Shirt on a parapet with a picture of him on a laptop. Bottom right is another Open Source Greg holding a laptop.}

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as Homsar, with his hands covered with extra-long white sleeves. The room behind him is very messy.}

STRONG BAD: This is a blatant case of Homsar-baiting, in which the costume-ee stands in a super messy room, trying to get me to make a non-sequitur out of all the crap in the background. But I'm not falling for it. Or this is just a super-accurate Omsol costume. You guys remember Omsol?

{An orange board book appears, featuring Omsol, a purple fellow with grey sleeves, white shorts, socks, an orange boater hat, and a blue shirt reading "omsol". He is standing in front of a bed with a heart-shaped hole in the headboard and a small dog on the pillow.}

STRONG BAD: The charming Dutch cartoon character from the seventies?

{The board book slides to the right, side-by-side with the fan costume image, as the music from little questions plays.}

STRONG BAD: {Dutch voice} Omsol! You must clean up your room! {different Dutch voice} Ahhhh, there's a heart-shaped hole in my tiny dog bed.

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as the Troghammer, holding a large hammer.}

STRONG BAD: That's a pretty good Troghammer. Except he's more like a Trog... {A Trogdor!! The Board Game card appears, modifying text and shifting the illustration on the card as Strong Bad speaks} giant toothpick stuck in a giant piece of raspberry

{The next slide shows a man in a Strong Bad mask and boxing gloves at a party.}

STRONG BAD: I've seen some varied and questionable approaches to my mouth this year. Like, this one's going {the mouth on the image animates} Ooh, I'm the only one who dressed up at this party I thought it was a costume party I guess it's not!

{The next slide shows a costume of Strong Bad with the mouth part of the mask not covered, brandishing his boxing gloves.}

STRONG BAD: And this one's getting into {the mouth animates with a sing-song voice} tertiary {normal voice} territory.

{The next slide shows a Strong Bad with the white part of his mask pointing upwards and slitted pupils in the green eyes. The man's mouth is visible above the mouth on the mask.}

STRONG BAD: And old Beetle-bug Strong Bad here's got two mouths for some reason? {the mouth on the mask moves} One for regular talking, {The upper mouth moves, as Strong Bad talks like Sharpdene} and one for Sharpdene talking! That's right! {the mask mouth moves again; normal voice} That—that's enough out of you.

{The next slide shows a person dressed as Strong Bad standing next to a child dressed in a leopard suit in front of a porch with fake spider webs.}

STRONG BAD: And this one dressed up as me doing Upper-Lip-Man for The Cheat! The Cheat loves Upper-Lip-Man!

{Close-up on the Strong Bad mask, which has holes above the mouth for the face. Music plays as the mouth-holes animate.}

STRONG BAD: {singing; in a nasally voice} I'm a little guy that lives above your lips
Who's it gonna be? It's Upper-Lip-Man!
Watch out for that Kool-Aid! {A pitcher of purple Kool-Aid with Marshie's face on it appears, followed by a circle-slash sign on it}
Oh, and Chapstick, too! {A black roll of chapstick reading "Chaps!" appears, followed by a circle-slash sign on top of it. A peach with a line of black stubble appears, followed by a circle-slash sign on it} Peach fuzz is quite a problem
Oh, Upper-Lip-Man, he loves you.

{Zoom back out to the full image. A handful of confetti comes out from the leopard girl's hand as The Cheat cheers.}

{The next slide shows a person dressed as The Knight standing in front of an orange Halloween background.}

KING OF TOWN: Finally, some love for the KoT-verse! You know, that knight has a name. It's Sir Toptingler. Which is why we just call him "The Knight". Anyways, there's some new canon for you weirdos that care about this kind of crap.

{The next slide shows a fan in a mascot-sized Homestar Runner costume standing inside a kitchen.}

STRONG BAD: Ah, I love a good full-size walkaround Homestar Runner costume swallowing some poor kid whole. But the presence of those flop feet, {a "Flop Feet" caption appears with lines indicating the feet} the slop hat, {a similar "Slop Hat" caption, with an accompanying line, appears}, and that hot glue gun, {the caption "Hot Glue Gun", with a line indicating a hot glue gun sitting on a plate on the counter, appears} lead me to believe this costume did not make it through Halloween night. Or out of that kitchen.

{Another image of the same costume from a different angle appears.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing out of tune as the costume mouth animates} Everybody! La-dee-dah-dee— {the head falls off and lands on the floor} —ugh!

{The next slide shows a fan wearing a face mask, blonde wig, Limozeen shirt, spiked bracelet, lace glove, and sweatpants doing an evil fingers gesture.}

STRONG BAD: {singing to the tune of "Because it's Midnite"} I've got the heart of some sweatpants, and the wings of {sings in a rapid monotone} a really pretty impressive {zoom in on the shirt} apparently hand-painted bootleg Limozeen T-Shirt, {full image, Strong Bad sings normally} because it's Halloween night! Oh, lemme fix that mask for you, too.

{Close-up on the mask. Lines resembling Larry Palaroncini's mouth with his tongue hanging out appear with a splat sound. The mouth is then colored in.}

LARRY PALARONCINI: {with lots of reverb} Trick or treeeeeeaaaat!

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as Rather Dashing standing on the grass in front of the window of an office building. A text parser types text in as Strong Bad speaks.}

STRONG BAD: Look office park.

{A text window appears.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} The office park is depressing and has no sidewalks or crosswalks nearby,—

{An animated image of Rather Dashing walking across a highway to an inn labeled "Trogdornigans" appears with a new text box.}

STRONG BAD: {reading} —so you have to cut through the bushes and cross a 5 lane divided highway {next box} to get to the Trogdornigan's across the street for your third lunch break with Nathan and the guys.

{The next slide shows a man wearing the postcard for Two Cars, Tennessee on his backside, standing in a room full of movie posters and a shelf of VHS tapes.}

STRONG BAD: You dressed up as the postcards for Two Cars, Tennessee and {next image shows his front side wearing the postcard for Downtown Pantsburg} fabulous Downtown Pantsburg?

{Close up on the hand-painted postcard.}

STRONG BAD: Maybe I can finally steal that bike!

{A silhouetted Strong Bad, animated in the textured paint style, pants as he runs from behind one house and leaps onto the bike. His feet do not reach the pedals.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, man! Still won't budge! I wish Strong Mad were here.

{The square silhouette suddenly gains a Strong Mad face.}


STRONG BAD: {in fright} Wah!

{The next slide shows a fan in a Homestar Runner costume, with an extra image emphasizing his shoes, with blue platform soles.}

STRONG BAD: Folks have really upped their "Homestar's shoes" game. There's this one.

{The next slide shows a young girl in a Homestar costume, with an extra image emphasizing her booties.}

STRONG BAD: And these.

{The next slide shows a small boy in front of a Diaper Sunrise taped to a window door. He appears to have blue plastic under his socks.}

STRONG BAD: Not so much this one.

{The next slide is just the white boots, with the blue soles drawn in blue marker.}

STRONG BAD: And this one.

{The next slide shows a woman dressed as Homestar Runner with tall, cross-lace boots standing in The Field. The I Killed Pom Pom sting plays.}

STRONG BAD: And THIS ONE! We're gonna just skip past {image shakes, musical sting} THIS ONE! We're never gonna think about {image shakes, musical sting} THIS ONE! Ever again!

{The next slide shows a man in a horned helmet holding a battle axe, standing next to a sign advertising battle axe lessons in a classroom. A flyer for Battle-Axe lessons slides in from the bottom left.}

STRONG BAD: And now, we come to {A wooden sign in the corner reads "Way Too Obscure Corner"} "Way Too Obscure Corner".

{The next slide shows a girl dressed as Champeen standing on the stairs.}

STRONG BAD: Man, another Champeen costume. With like a, custom-printed dress! {An image of the Dancin' Bubs game slides in from the left} That is some disproportionate love for a character that showed up one time in the background of a crappy Flash game.

{The next slide shows two fans in a paper frame held by two others, reenacting a page from The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden. The man is wearing paper to look like the Statue of Liberty.}

STRONG BAD: And then we have this... live nativity train wreck, {the relevant page fades in over the image} of a page from "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden". {the image disappears} Whuah. Ob-scuaa!

{The next slide shows a fan wrapped in paper to look like a lump, with a large hat on. "Scotty Titi" is written on the front.}

STRONG BAD: And here's a kid in a top hat with a piece of paper taped to their eyeballs. A.K.A., {Scotty Titi appears with a splat} A Scotty Titi costume.

STRONG SAD: Haha! You're right, Scotty. He has gone soft. It's like he's afraid to make fun of people on the Internet!

STRONG BAD: Shut up! Don't talk to it!

{The next slide shows a man in a white office shirt with a cigarette in his mouth. He is wearing an ID badge identifying him as Flight Engineer Ted Averill.}

STRONG BAD: An impressive Flight Engineer Ted Averill {accompanying thumbnail appears} from SBASAF.

T'DAVERAL: Oh, twicely dang. {Zoom in on the ID card} They got my name wrong again. {The name is modified to read "T'DAVERAL"} T'daveral. Rhymes with Canaveral. {the signature is erased} My first name is... {hesitates as a name is typed above the ID name} Rheumatoid.

{A new signature reading "Rheumatoid T'daveral" is written in place of the old one. The "Way Too Obscure Corner" sign disappears as the next slide appears, of a person wearing a papier-mâché Strong Bad head.}

STRONG BAD: Now that is a husky head! You're at least trying to match my bodily proportions!

{The next slide shows a person dressed as Strong Bad with a much bigger mask, wearing a Strong Bad T-shirt and posing with boxing gloves.}

STRONG BAD: And this one's even closer! Look at all that husk! Huskin' it out on the left and the right. Huskin' it in a little on the twicetime. But technically, my head-to-rest-of-body-size ratio is {an image of Strong Bad appears showing his head-to-body ratio. The head is labeled "One Husk", and the body "Also One Husk"} one to one. So in order to achieve a hundred percent accuracy,

{The slide of Beetle-Bug Strong Bad reappears, with lots of white space above it.}

STRONG BAD: This fella, would have to look-a a like this-a.

{The head swells to the same length as the body with a splat. Sharpdene's mouth speaks.}

STRONG BAD: {as Sharpdene} I'm coming back, as bug, as Beetle-Bug Strong Bad. I finally {laughs a bit} get my due. 'Cause my, my name Sharpdene.

{The next slide is a recreation of The Cheat's rendition of the gallery from Disk 4 of 12 - Vampire's Castle. The music plays.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, you dressed up your basement wall as the gallery {a thumbnail appears in the corner} from Vampire's Castle. And you got the sledgehammer and the flask and the... WAIT A MINUTE! Are those eye holes?

{Zoom in on two holes cut out from the overhang.}

STRONG BAD: Like, this is an actual costume? Could you like, {back to full size} walk around like that? Trick or treating? Or did you just, go to a party and stand up against a wall?

STRONG SAD: What else do you do at parties?

STRONG BAD: Shut up.

{The next slide is a fan wearing a paper plate to look like Strong Sad, making a two-fingered gesture into a smartphone, wearing a "Discrete Reflector Strong Sad!" shirt.}

STRONG BAD: This year I'd like to pay a little tribute to the unsung hero of Homestar Runner themed Halloween costumes, the paper plate.

{The next slide shows a fan dressed as Strong Bad in a grey Crazy Go Nuts University hoodie with a paper plate mask with Strong Sad's face drawn on it, holding a Kick The Cheat doll in a paper bag decorated as Strong Sad's left leg, both from impression.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Wha-oh paper plate!

{Next slide shows a young boy in a Coach Z costume with a paper plate medallion.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} You're way more useful as a piece of a costume than you are as a plate!

{Next slide is a paper plate Strong Sad costume with a grey hoodie.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} The potato salad always gets on my lap, and the beans, they drip right throouuuugh!

{Next slide is of a costume of Strong Sad as The Deathly Pallor with a paper plate mask, holding a container of onion powder while playing Trogdor!! The Board Game.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} But when I need a piece of a {rapidly} hastily assembled Homestar Runner themed Halloween costume,

{Next slide is an overhead view of another fan dressed as Strong Bad's Strong Sad impression, standing in a field with a paper plate mask and white beret in front of an easel with a graph on it. He has a chainsaw and a plastic claw in place of hands.}

STRONG BAD: {drum flourish, singing} I knew it was YOU!! {stops singing} Wait a minute, is this one an attempt at last year's tweet-'em-ups challenge?

{A thumbnail of the relevant Tweet appears, detailing the challenge.}

STRONG BAD: That is definitely a {close-up on the graph} cost-benefit analysis of the import/export of potash. {close-up on the claw hand} And that's a pretty good Mecha Strong Sad, {close-up on the chainsaw hand} got a little chainsaw hand, and a {close-up on the mask, which has a machine implanted in one of the eyes} laser eyeball. {Back to full image} Drone footage? I dunno. {the Tweet moves off to the left} Without seeing it in motion, this could technically be like, six-foot stepladder footage, or, standing-on-a-shed footage, or, looking down from the deck footage. We'll say this one gets a {a gold seal with Strong Bad's glove giving a thumbs-up and the words "Provsisional Accept-o" appears with a splat} Provisional Accept-o.

{The next image shows a metallic Strong Sad standing on a deck in front of a projector screen, with other props in the background representing other robots.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, is this another attempt? I don't see any sign of drone footage. But boy did they make up for it with all this awesome robotic representation! {close-up on the Grape Nuts Robot} We got the Grape Nuts Robot, {close-up on Humidibot} Humidibot, {close-up to a wicker bench with a The Cheatbot and a Casio-head Strong Bad plush doll sitting on it} The Cheatbot, and for no reason, the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes version of me!

{Cut to Mecha Strong Sad.}

STRONG BAD: And just look at that Mecha Strong Sad! He's got {zoom in on the head} evil glowing red eyes, {zoom in on the feet} armored aluminum carbonate soolnds, {close-up on the arms} and the finest in dryer duct appendages! {full image} Just look at him analyzing the crap out of that cost-benefit analysis Power Point! This one gets a {a gold seal with Strong Bad's glove giving a thumbs-up and the words "Roboto Accept-o" appears with a splat} Roboto Accept-o.

{The next image is a collage of several fans in their costumes: A woman dressed as Homestar with a child The Cheat; a boy holding a paper Trogdor and a plush Strong Bad doll next to a man dressed as a burninated peasant; a man dressed as Homestar wearing a white wig and holding a Homestar puppet; Homestar Runner standing next to a Bear Holding a Shark; a person wearing a Homestar Runner shirt and a paper Crack Stuntman mask; a long-bearded Old Man Rootbeer next to a papier-mâché Mr. Poofers; a boy dressed as Strong Mad with a cardboard box on his head next to a couch with orange cloth and Swiss Cake rolls on it; Strong Bad sprawled face-down on a tape-patched couch with a Kick the Cheat doll; a fan wearing a Homestar shirt, black boxing gloves, and Strong Bad face paint; a fan wearing a Homestar running shirt, a robe, and an indeterminate piece of headwear and holding a mug; and a fan standing behind a piece of paper over a TV monitor with the Bad Graphics Ghost on it. The text above the collage reads "The rest of the best or the best of the rest or the fest of the messed..."}

STRONG BAD: Thanks for dressing up this year, everybody. May you one day have two or three people recognize your costumes.

{A rustling sound occurs.}

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on the image of the person wearing a Santa hat with a Homestar puppet to play a scene with Homestar and Pom Pom.
{Pom Pom and Homestar, are walking through The Field at night. Pom Pom has Ye Flask painted on his front, and Homestar is dressed as the gallery from Vampire's Castle.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: With this costume, I bet I'll get a million libs of candy this year. A million libs! {Homestar walks into a telephone pole covered in staples} Oof!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

[edit] Trivia

Toons Menu bonus image
Index page bonus image
  • The menu preview features a shot not seen in the video of a fan in a Coach Z costume.
  • The picture on the index page messages features a shot not seen in the video of the cutout Trogdor and peasant costume from the ending screen.
  • The Omsol book is orange, the national color of the Netherlands, and reads:
en de rommelige kamer

door lem sportverslaggever
  • The title Omsol en de Rommelige Kamer is Dutch for "Omsol and the Messy Room", while "door lem sportverslaggever" roughly means "by Lem Sportsinterviews", though "verslaggever" more closely translates to "reporter".
  • After three consecutive years of costume recreations of Twitter posts, Strong Bad does not give a new "tweet 'em up challenge" in this costume commentary.
  • Manolios Ugly One, The Hotgly One, and Sir Hotbod Handsomeface are all from Teen Girl Squad Issue 10.
  • Homestar Runner walkabouts were featured in the Fan Costumes toons of 2003, 2006, 2008, 2017, and especially that of 2019.
  • "Battle axe lessons" is from other days.
  • Strong Bad used a paper plate to make a Strong Sad costume in impression. Several of the Strong Sad costumes featured are based on the ones featured therein.
  • The Strong Sad impression during the lyrics mentioning potato salad and beans is by wiki user Jeffjman, who previously appeared as Teeg Dougland in Fan 'Stumes 2020.
  • This is the first Fan Costumes to feature a working Easter egg. Fan Costumes '08 was intended to feature an Easter egg; however, the link at the end was broken and did nothing.

[edit] Goofs

  • "Provisional" is misspelled "Provsisional".

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