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The Decemberween Tree. Is it real?

The Decemberween Tree was a Christmas tree that appeared in Decemberween Short Shorts, decorated with ornament versions of a few of the main characters. Since there were no actual characters present during the Decemberween Tree segment in Decemberween Short Shorts, the tree may not actually exist in the Homestar Runner universe.

[edit] The Ornaments

Image Character Variation
Homestar Runner Gingerbread cookie
Strong Bad Sequin head-shaped tree ornament
Strong Sad Glass tree ornament. Claims to be the "most expensive" ornament on the tree.
The King of Town Decemberween stocking
Coach Z Spherical "1974" Commemorative Coach Z Ornament
Image:Bcsornament.PNG Bubs Painted glass tree ornament
Pom Pom Spherical tree ornament
Strong Mad Wrapped present

[edit] Appearances

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