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Beginning in 2007, the Brothers Chaps have had a tendency to put small pop-up advertisements on the Main Pages. These are made visible by clicking on one of the Main Page messages.


[edit] takin' a baby break

DON'T throw baby!

Date: Monday, July 2, 2007

The real baby lady
had a real baby so
updates may be scarce
for a few weeks.

{sprite of the Baby Lady rocking her baby}

>DON'T throw baby!

[edit] wiiware game coming 8/11, wii/pc game out today!

In all three of the glorious Ds!
Strong Bad's
Cool Game For Attractive People
{3D image of Strong Bad}
A 5 episode point-
adventure game
for WiiWare and PC!

Find out more at!

[edit] dangeresque 3 wiiware game!

Episode 4 OUT NOW!

Date: Monday, November 17, 2008

Strong Bad's
Cool Game For Attractive People
{3D image of Dangeresque falling through the sky}
For WiiWare and PC!
Episode 4 OUT NOW!
Dangeresque 3:
The Criminal

Find out more at!

[edit] SBCG4AP season finale!

Coming 12/15!

Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strong Bad's
Cool Game For Attractive People
{3D image of Trogdor}
For WiiWare and
PC! Episode 5: 8-Bit is Enough
Coming 12/15!

Get the whole season

[edit] best of sbemails dvd!

Pine fresh scent!
{image of SBEmails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD}
Get all the best Strong Bad Emails on
one easy to buy DVD! Gets rid of all
those unwanted sbemails and leaves
a pine-fresh scent!
buy it!
includes all these:

some kinda robot
i love you
trevor the vampire
band names
superhero name
action figure

japanese cartoon
monster truck
personal favorites
crazy cartoon
stunt double
kids' book
video games
different town

theme park
dangeresque 3
for kids
best thing
bottom 10
geddup noise
space program

death metal
myths & legends
alternate universe
theme song
4 branches
the movies
your funeral
pizza joint
slumber party
fan club
email thunder

[edit] earthday totebag!

Um, plants?
{image of a The Greencheat tote bag}
Tote your organic groceries
or maybe some books about
organic groceries in this
canvas tote bag emblazoned
with the Greencheat logo from
the 'environment' sbemail

buy it!

[edit] strong bad game on dvd!

8.6 stars, guys!
{image of the SBCG4AP DVD with the caption "*shipping in June"}
Strong Bad's Cool Game
for Attractive People!
All FIVE episodes of the hit point-
and-click-em-up adventure game
on one DVD! Packed with extras
and bonus video stuff. For PC only
(DVD-ROM drive required)
pre-order NOW!
"You're not likely to encounter another game
with this much imagination packed into it
anytime soon." - 8.6 stars
{images from Homestar Ruiner, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, 8-Bit Is Enough, and Strong Badia the Free}

[edit] Homestar Stripe T-Shirt Promo (Main Page Message Unknown)

"Doesn't it make you want to go rollerskating?"
{image of the Homestar Stripe shirt} Homestar Stripe
The same design from the
recent Homestar zip-hoodie.
Doesn't it make you want to
go rollerskating?
buy it!

[edit] kick the cheat contest!

Back from the dead!

Date: Monday, June 15, 2009

{image of a Kick The Cheat} Kick The Cheat
We thought they were extinct,
but recently a single Kick the
Cheat was found in the wild.
To win this rare specimen, simply buy any item from
the Homestar Store. Every order placed in the month
of June will be entered into a random drawing. Enter
as many times as you like!

[edit] support the wiki

Support Your Local Wiki!

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2009

Support Your Local Wiki! is a fan-run wiki that is wonderfully terrifying in its exhaustiveness. It's not officially affiliated with us and no one gets any money from it, but they do have to pay for their own server. Check it out and help keep the HRWiki awesome!

"Without the Wiki, we wouldn't be able to remember which cartoon The Cheat was holding a spoon in!"
— The Bros. Chaps

See also: Fansite Acknowledgment page

[edit] halloween contests!

Halloween Contests!

Date: Monday, October 12, 2009


Every year we get lotsa cool
costume and pumpkin photos
from you folks so this year
we thought we'd give a li'l
something back. Homestar will
select the best pumpkin and
Strong Bad will pick the *AHEM* best costume. The
winners will get a $20 gift code for the Homestar store.
Winners'll be announced a week or so after Halloween.

[edit] new 2010 calendar!

Perfect stocking stuffer

Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2010 Calendar!

A 12 month wall calendar
featuring all your favorites!
Trogdor! Limozeen! Teen
Girl Squad! Videlectrix! And
7 more! Perfect stocking
stuffer for very large

[edit] trogday!

Excess majesty may cause itching, burning, or sloughing off of the skin

Date: Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Trogday!

This Trogday, the Burninator
wants to give YOU a present!
Check back right here on
Trogday, January 13th and
let him shed a little excess
majesty onto you.*

*excess majesty may cause itching,
burning, or sloughing off of the skin
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