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This article is about the list of all Strong Bad Email intros. For other uses, see Email Intros (disambiguation).
"And I'll never forget the way it was, grrrl!"

It has become a tradition for Strong Bad to make some kind of statement or sing a crazy song, usually about checking an email, before he reads one. This page lists all of them.

[edit] The Intros

Number Email Intro
1 some kinda robot Oh, who is the guy that checks all his emails? That's me, Strong Bad.
2 homsar I'm gonna check my email all of the time, doo doo doo...
3 butt IQ Checkin' my email, checkin' my email, checkin'-checkin'-checkin'-checkin' my email.
4 homestar hair I check the email once, I check the email twice, doo doo doo, doo doo doo...
5 making out Checkin' emails is like the best thing I do.
6 depressio I check, you check, we all check for e... mail check... an email...
7 halloweener I am going to check my email.
8 brianrietta I remember the time when I checked my email.
9 i love you I've carefully set aside this time for checking my email.
10 trevor the vampire I'm totally checking my email. Total, man.
11 i rule Email, grumble grumble, email, grumble...
12 credit card Initiate email check in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
13 i she be Email, dud-duh-doo-duh-dud-duh, dud-duh-doo-duh-dud-duh...
14 duck pond Must... check... email...
15 the basics Everybody... check your email...
16 band names Who's that giving Strong Bad a hand? Email... Email...
17 studying Ohh! Electronic mail!
18 stand-up Something has compelled me to check my email.
19 tape-leg Ow-mnow, mnow, mnow... Ow-mnow, mnow, mnow...
20 spring cleaning Hello, everybody! This week it's time for some spring cleaning. Ready? Go!
21 cartoon This episode, Strong Bad checks his email.
22 sb_email 22 {singing the background music of the first level of Donkey Kong} Do, du, dadada do, du, dadada do...
23 little animal Oh! What's this? An email? For me?!
24 the bird Checkin' my email... Here at The Stick... That's pretty cool...
25 super powers Strong Bad Email is filmed before a live studio audience.
26 CGNU Check that email, check it down, check that email, smack it around.
27 3 wishes I got an email. I got an awesome email.
28 1 step ahead This one had better be good, man. I got a lot of money riding on this one.
29 superhero name All these... emails... I don't understand.
30 12:00 I'll take Strong Bad Emails for a thousand, please.
31 sugarbob Umm... I don't know... I'm gonna check my email.
32 flag day Riballa diballa check email.
33 gimmicks Super great, super great... Check your email! Diggity...
34 weird dream Time to check the email... Time to check the email... TIME...TO...CHECK...THE...EMAIL! Er, The Cheat, I'm having some problems... [The Cheat: {The Cheat noises}] Your computer has too much computer in it and not enough typewriter... {The Cheat clicks the SB Email icon} Okay, here we go.
35 sisters Ah, the old girl's working again. What do you got for me?
36 guitar Oh, tap your toes and check your email, oh a-tap your toes tonight...
37 dullard Mmmmm... fresh emails...
38 helium Emaillll eeeemailll eeemmailll...
39 property of ones Gimme some of this and gimme some of thiiiiis... Gimme some of this.
40 vacation Oooh, duh doo doo doo, my email left me, duh doo doo...
41 invisibility I'm hooome! Okay, let's see here. Don't need this anymore. {removes DORKS! sticky note} And don't need this anymore. {knocks away Tandy} For behold... the 386. A spectacle of graphics and sound! {Compy starts up} Okay, let's get to checking!
42 action figure Doo doo do doo, doo duh doo doo!
43 little questions All the ladies want to know, who's checkin' that email? Was it Strong Bad?
44 lures & jigs I check email from the front to the back, I said check email from the front to the back I said check...
45 techno It's the email, the email, what what, the email.
46 your friends {clears throat} {in a clear voice} Emaaaaaaaaaaaailllllllll.
47 new hands Doo doo doo doo doo... Email! doo doo doo doo doo...
48 ghosts Boy, is it ever Monday.
49 theme party Oh! Man! Email! Ugh!
50 50 emails Oh, girl... I want to email you so nice.
51 website Oh-you-thought-there-was-no-more-emails-but-guess-what-there's-an-EMAIL!
52 island Strong Bad Emails are a part of this balanced breakfast.
53 comic In the United States alone, someone checks their email every three seconds. This is one of them.
54 morning routine Augh. My mouth tastes like... emails.
55 cheat talk Duh duh dududududududududuh duhduhduhduhduhduh email.
56 current status Oh! The email!
57 japanese cartoon So cool an email. I thought you would enjoy it.
58 dragon Here I go once again with the email! Every week I hope that it's from a female! {brings up email} Oh man! Not from a female.
59 marzipan There once was a man named email, and he did his best for a while.
60 huttah! Chee-wit, chee-wit, chee-wi-chee-wi-email.
61 monster truck Toons! Games! I'm gonna check my eeeemail....
62 interview many emails, so little good emails.
63 fingers Welcome to the Strong Bad Email dat-daddle-dun! Everybody get down!
64 english paper Come on guys! Get your heads in the game.
65 unused emails Oooh! Check it out! Another one of those... sbemails!
66 the show Email, women, email, girls! Email, women, email, girls!
67 autobiography This email is brought to you by a grant from The Cheat and the support of Viewers Like You.
68 caper strongbad, underscore, email, dot e-x-e. Enter.
69 personal favorites OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EMAIL!!! {Rock guitar solo starts up and then ends after a few seconds} Whoa--that ruled. What function key do I gotta press to get that to happen again?
70 big white face Hoo! Cha! Cheritiza! Hooritajuzu-duh-email!
71 2 emails What do you get when you email Strong Bad? You get a world of hurt.
72 crazy cartoon I'm intrigued by these... how you say... emails.
73 mascot Ooh! A little email never hurt nobody. 'Cept for maybe the Cheat.
74 privileges Ohh-ho-oh ohh EEEEEMAIL ME GIRL! Unh! Once times! Twice times!
75 funny Watch me do a little bit o' email, and I'll watch you do a little bit o' [Compy 386: File Not Found.] uh—that's never happened before. Watch me do a little bit o' e mail, and I'll watch you do a little bit o' {email loads} uh—that's never happened befo—oh wait, it's an email. That has happened before. And quite a few times if I remember correctly.
76 sibbie Email! Email! Email! Email!
77 suntan I met her in the summertime. Her name was... {operatic voice} email.
78 anything HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hello, class. Strong Bad could not be here today, so I will be filling in. My name is {slowly, as he writes it with chalk on the monitor} Homestar Runner. {erases it} Everyone please take out paper and a number 2 pencil, and we'll begin.
79 the process My name is not Email Sam. Ooh ahh. So please don't call me Email Sam. Ooh ahh.
80 stunt double Oh, I took the email to the market, and I bought it some kind of fish sauce.
81 date Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tep. Tick.
82 impression Email: It's like the sugar on the candy for my stuff.
83 labor day Which email is your favorite? Mine is "the basics".
84 kids' book Ladies and gentlemen. I give you... a-da sbemail.
85 2 years Haselos, theselos, haselos, theselos!
86 no loafing Driving down the strip in my cool cool car, checkin' all the emails out!
87 mile POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: Eeeeeeeeeemail. Ooh, ah, email, ooh, ah—
88 couch patch I'm goin' to try something a little different: print out million dollar bill.exe. [Compy 386: Bad command or file name] What? Oh. no for real, print me out a million dollar bill, man.exe. [Compy 386: Syntax error.] um, this time really print me out a million dollars bill.nofoolin'. [Compy 386: Cut it out, you.] What the—! Don't give me none of that crosstalk! Oh well, it was worth a shot. Now on to... {sighs} on to the email.
89 local news It's email time again! Doot doodle-ooh-doo, Doot doodle-ooh-doo, Doot doodle-ooh-doo.
90 colonization Email me don't email me, email me don't email me.
91 caffeine And coming in at number 91, it's: E-Maaaaaaaaaaail!
92 kind of cool Thanks for choosing Strong Bad Email. Would you like to try a combo meal?
93 army Whoa. Guess it's been a while. Sorry about that, Compy. Need to get some... Endust.
94 video games Email is like a prison. A prison with no walls... and no toilet.
95 the bet Come on, big money! Big money! And... email!
96 lackey So innocent and email free... That's you 'n me.
97 monument Oh traipsing along, traipsing traipsing along, and a email got stuck in my eye.
98 stupid stuff Do do do do, email me some words, doo-doo, some different words.
99 different town Check your email and check your email. {looped} Check your email and check your email.
101 car The views expressed in the following email show do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anybody cool. Oh, except me. {lowers voice} I'm cool.
102 lunch special Oh email, I'm gonna let you down easy... when I break up with you.
103 haircut Man, if I had a nickel for every email I get, I would throw them at people in the food court. From that railing, like up above.
104 theme park Everybody loves this, everybody needs this, it's time for funny stuff.
105 replacement Our next show is a family show. It... is... the email.
106 dangeresque 3 Oh, here comes little email, with a gun in his hand...
107 cheatday Let's check a Strong Bad Email, you and me. Together. Like we used to. Like a family.
108 pom pom Oh, I'm an email gambler... that means I play cards with emails. Full house.
109 crying {rapping} I'm not gonna sing an email song this week e—{realizes mistake, talking} Oh. Never mind.
110 for kids {playing Peasant's Quest} Let's see. Make friends with Kerrek. [Peasant's Quest: The Kerrek says he has enough friends already. And he doesn't like your short, short pants. ] What the-! Um... Buy Kerrek a cold one. [Peasant's Quest: The Kerrek is a teetotaller and is offended by your offer. He pounds your head into the ground. You dead.] What?! Oh man... Stupid game! {quits} I guess I should do the thing that I do.
111 other days I got an email in my pocket, and I think it's starting to melt.
112 old comics Let's get it over with! With the email style, get it over with!
113 pizzaz Here comes The Strong Baaaaad... Oh, here comes The Strong Baaaaad!
114 the facts I'm checkin' email, I'm checkin' email. Hey, hey, I'm checkin' email, I'm checkin' email.
115 time capsule Checkin' emails with a VISCOSITY since 2001, it's a Strong Bad Email.
116 extra plug Ow ow ow... ow ow oww... ow ow owww... email...
117 montage Tonight on Strong Bad Email: Comedian Coach Z, actress Marzipan, and some guy from a zoo.
118 virus I got the email, you got the email, I got the email, you got the email.
119 animal All right! Let's see if this bad boy can check some emails.
120 radio I got miles and miles of the email style. Miles and miles of the email style.
121 part-time job A lot of ladies and a lot of girls... some healthy ladies and some healthy girls!
122a dreamail Oh oh, email's in the backyard, makin' some stew...
122b dreamail OK, orchestra, hit it! Email me tonight!
123 origins This email is leaving the station. Please move to the center of the email, and away from the doors.
124 secret recipes Email, na na, na na, na na, nanaNA...
125 rock opera Checkin' email, now take it to the flip side! {repeats the previous sentence backwards}
126 best thing You got to email, just to stay alive!
127 long pants And if I email you! Girl, woman! {holds up pieces of paper that say "Girl." and "Woman." as he says those words} Oh, would you email me? Girl, woman! {holds up the papers again}
128 rampage
(site version)
Email checker, come on and come on, y'all. The email checker, come on and come on, y'all!
128 rampage
The email checker, come on and come on, y'all. The email checker, come on and come on, y'all!
129 garage sale Here comes another email that I'll answer for you! Here comes another email that I'll answer for you!
130 do over Strong Bad Email! Makes money! Strong Bad Email! Gets paid!
131 boring (really) {rapping} Email theme song! 1-2-3! A da-da-checka email wit' me, SB, y'all!
132 modeling Can you handle my style? No, you can't handle my styyyyyle. Email!
133a bottom 10 This email is making fun of you.
133b bottom 10 Back out of my way, so I can check some email.
134 record book Drape it over your aaaaaaarms, step out in styyyyyle, Strong Bad Emaaaaaaail...
135 {singing in falsetto} Why do I check emails the way I do? I don't know.
136 geddup noise A little bit of email. Some you-and-me mail.
137 bedtime story I'm still here, after all these years, checkin' my email. {in falsetto} Checkin' my email!
138 space program Email is the sound that we make when a young girl cries...
139 portrait Hey everybody, it's a musical Strong Bad Email this week!
140 high school It's the email, baby, lunch juice!
141 death metal
(site version)
Email, ah ooh, ooh, ooh ah ooh, email.
141 death metal
Email, ah ooh, ooh, ooh ah ooh, email, ah ooh, email, ah ooh, ooh.
142 secret identity Initiate sbemail-refresh daemon.
143 technology Don't you wanna email, don't you need a email, don't you turn your life around!
144 narrator I met this email on a north-bound train. We had some dinner then we danced in the rain.
145 myths & legends I'm livin' the Strong Bad life, I take an email for my wife. I take an email for my wife.
146 pop-up I was born to check emails and eat lots of cake!
147 lady fan How many emails can you check? Five, twelve, seven, shut up.
148 disconnected This week, I'm feeling my style! I've got confidence in my email!
149 candy product {blows on microphone and taps it} Check one, check two. Sibilance. Sibilance. SBEmail.
150 alternate universe I've been walkin' on clouds and flippin' off rainbows, on the wings of an email.
151 senior prom Can you see that I've got email styles, c'mon c'mon, can you see that I've got email styles?
152 isp A badaly-doo, it's time for email, bra-doop-da-dabadoo.
153 redesign Email is nice, habalubabulabada! Email is twice, habilastilbilasaw!
154 keep cool I'll take you back to a time when email was king!
155 theme song When email comes to town, you know, you know, it's like a rainstorm... in your browser.
156 road trip Good morning, Mr. Email, there's a call for you on line 2.
157 trading cards A-when you dribble down the court with an email, you leave your dreams at the top of the keeey.
158 cliffhangers Oooh, it's a e-email, money, money, money. Oooh-ooh. Shut up.
159a retirement Green lines, green, green lines. It's a Strong Bad Email again.
159b retirement There's a big ol' hole inside my email, makin' it hard to cheeeeck...
160 coloring Sippin' on a bottle of email, cold, having a picnic lunch with some co-workers.
161 4 branches Start your day, the sbemail way! And never get out of bed!
162a the chair A-just scrape some email off the top, and I'll help you out toniiiight!
162b the chair Hey, hey, hey. It's email.
163 what i want Ding-ding-dong, ding-ding-dong, ding-ding-dear Strong Bad.
164 looking old {slowly} Boom, tick. Tick-a-tick-a-tick, email. Boom, tick. Tick-a-tick-a-tick, What? Dijjery—
165 strong badathlon I'm doin' a party, I'm makin' it happen, on Strong Bad Email.
166 unnatural I am Strong Bad, and I am not making an "I approve this email" joke.
167 the movies Coach Z is not that cool; here comes an email.
168 your funeral Strong Bad, how you gonna check that email with my boxing gloves, with my boxing gloves?
169 from work Oh, tiptoe your fingers 'cross the keyboard for the quietest email you can check.
170 rough copy Sweetheart, get dressed and brush your teeth, it's time for email.
171 underlings My email song! Where would I be without my email song?
172 more armies Bring to me a suitable email, that I may check it down.
173 the paper Check the deck, y'all! Press eject, y'all! Well, it's another email and I'm about to reject y'all!
174 mini-golf Email, I'm so in love with you it's kinda inappropriate!
175 concert I'm running through a field of emails! Paranoia! Paranoia!
176 hygiene Step 1! You check an email down, Step 2! You tell some kid he's a dork!
177 original Gropin' around in the dark, tryin' ta find an email! Da-da-da-blue-got-a-now!
178 bike thief Letters. And words. Emails get absurd, I just gotta jump back!
179 pizza joint Let a lil' email into your heart, and it'll clog your arteries!
180 slumber party Gary. I hope this email's from Gary.
181 web comics Strong Bad Email goes down smooth and clean, like gasoline.
182 business trip When I was sixteen, I sold all my emails and hit the road.
183 yes, wrestling Emailin' from the left to the right, emailin' on a Tuuueeesday night.
184 diorama I baked you this special email! It has... raisins.
185 nightlife Another week, another email scandal! Strong Bad gonna fly off the handle!
186 environment I'm chicky-checkin' emails in 2008! Stricky-stricky-Strong Bad fit to regulate!
187 winter pool Ooh, emails make me tremble, so I'll keep my body nimble.
188 fan club Green green grass... A pleasant ghost... Strong Bad Email, make us some toast!
189 pet show Continue to roast your Strong Bad Email until it reaches an internal temperature of 189.
190 licensed Save the gross stuff up at the back of your throat, and hock it at an unsuspecting email.
191 buried Oh, who's checkin' emails with his pants? Who's checkin' emails with his pants?
192 shapeshifter Back again. Checking email from my friends. I mean, the stupid people that write me.
193 rated My email is a cell phone. No it's not! My email is a CAR phone! That's right.
193½ SBCG4AP Advertisement Checkin' emails for money... is not funny.
194 specially marked If everybody in the world checked their email, the Internet would probably break.
195 love poems Girl, where's my money that you owe me from all those emails that you wrote me?
196 hiding Junk it, and check it, send me an email and I'll wreck it!
197 your edge Another freakin' email, another freakin' email song.
198 magic trick I'm gonna check my {grunt}, and then I'll check my {grunt} and then we'll turn it out.
199 being mean I had to pay the doctor just to have this email removed. A-so smooth.
200 email thunder THE POOPSMITH: {singing} Two hundred sbemails, exhausting just to think about.
How can we face two hundred sbemails?
The thought of all those sbemails makes me weak!
200½ April Fool 09 Having it out with an email, in the middle of the street in front of some tourists, please don't call the cops.
201 hremail 3184 Oh, man, I haven't checked my email in so long, I bet there's gonna be a half-zillion messages waiting for me!
202 imaginary Checking emails at home from your work computer, it's kinda like playing first person shooters with your girlfriend. It kinda ruins them booooth.
203 independent To check my email, all gotta do is click. All that old typin' made my boxing gloves sick.
204 dictionary Oh, people can you feel me? To email me? Also, please don't try to really feel me.
205 videography Checkin' emails with boxing gloves: the sweet computer science.
206 sbemail 206 Emails are like Hot Pockets; they're full of garbage and cheese!
207 too cool Let's not make a big deal out of this! It's just a little Strong Bad Email! Ring!
208 the next april fools thing If I can't check my email, then how I'm supposed to live my life?
209 parenting And I can check my wha? And you can check your wha. If I can check my wha, then you can {rhythmic mumbles}

[edit] Introductions for DVD Emails

Number Email Intro
1 Greeting Cards Gather 'round, everybody! It's email time!
2 E-mail Birds Okay, let's see if we can kill a few email birds here with one big email bird-killing stone.
3 Videro Games There comes a time, when we read a certain email.
4 Family Resemblence Checkin' emails for a livin', a livin'. I'm checkin' emails for life.
5 Accent Robot jokes, robot jokes, there are no robot jokes in this email.
6 Comic Book Movie We love emails and girls love us! Now let me check my email 'cause it's gatherin' dust!

[edit] Introductions for SBCG4AP

See also SBCG4AP Intros

With the exception of the first introduction, these introductions are not associated with checking a specific mail; rather, one of them plays at random each time Strong Bad sits down in front of the Lappy.

[edit] Homestar Ruiner

  • I'm gonna check my email, my email, my email. I'm gonna check my what? {only when checking the first email}
  • I'll kick you in the head, with my email boot.
  • I'm checking emails from Awesome to Zawesome!
  • I'm just over here checkin' my email and your breath smells real bad.
  • Don't brag and boast, just put a little email all on your toast.
  • Gimme the emails Lappy—shamalama dingalama domolama damow.
  • When Strong Bad checks his email, a cute fish dies.

[edit] Strong Badia the Free

  • I don't know what I've been told, email's best when it don't scroll. {only when checking the first email}

[edit] Baddest of the Bands

  • In a world of stupid e-mails... one man stands ready with his delete key...
  • When I say "e" you say "mail"! "E"! "Mail"! "E"! "Mail!"
  • E-mail. Ch-ch-choo-wih-choo-wih e-mail.
  • {Starting soft, getting louder} E-mails, e-mails, e-mails, E-MAILS!
  • 3... 2... 1... ignition. Gentlemen, we have e-mails.

[edit] Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

  • I guess I have a minute to spare and check one of these so-called... e-mails. Chi-ka wha!
  • Lemme just check the Dangeresque Database to see if any new important missions have come in.
  • I know I'm right in the middle of cracking a hard-boiled case, but I think I have time for an e-mail or two.
  • I guess if I'm ever gonna learn to use this thing, I better start checking my e-mail.
  • Even though I fight the law, but I also fight the crime, I still can't fight the urge to check a few e-mails.

[edit] 8-Bit is Enough

  • Stage One complete. Stage Two: e-mails.
  • A lone space marine against an unstoppable army of zombie elves on the beaches of Normandy. His only weapon: e-mail.
  • Strong Bad was a single guy who'd given up on love. But then he met... e-mails.

[edit] Exclusive to Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack

  • What do you get when you email Strong Bad? You get a life of pain. (2 emails outtake)
  • What do you get when you email Strong Bad? You get a kick in the butt. (2 emails outtake)
  • This is my new dance. Dedledeh, this is my new dance. Dedledeh, it's the email dance.
  • {with instrumental backing} Checkin' emails in 2008! Strong Bad's 'bout to fit to regulate! (environment outtake)
  • Ooh, it's been so long since I sang an email music... thing...
  • Nothin' like na-na-na's to get you through an email song. (possible secret recipes outtake)

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