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In the spring of 2003, Justin Luczejko of Wonka Vision Magazine interviewed the Brothers Chaps and the characters of Homestar Runner for the magazine's 21st issue.

The magazine's full feature included an article based on a phone interview with Mike and Matt Chapman; character interviews; a list of the Brothers Chaps' five favorite records; reviews of the games TROGDOR!, Awexome Cross '98, and Duck Pond Simulator 3.0; a description of the levels of Homestar fandom; brief descriptions of main and minor characters; and a list of various facts about homestarrunner.com.


[edit] Transcript

Offensive content Warning: Language that may be considered offensive by some readers follows.
To view a censored version of this page, see Wonkavision Magazine Interview (censored).

[edit] Feature Article

Like the Nintendo Entertainment System Without the Thumb-Blisters

Homestar Runner on the issue's cover

I am not a fan of websites. In fact, there are a few select times in my day where I will "surf" the web and it is only because I am forced to. Nine times out of ten I'm looking for information, whether it be a record label address or press photos. Rarely do I bookmark a website for entertainment purposes; you would be hard-pressed to find any site interesting enough to make me come back and visit it everyday of the workweek. My sentiments have changed.

Enter HomestarRunner.com: a captivating and inventive web cartoon that drives home its inventive hysterics with sarcasm and intelligence. The creators of this site understand the premise of dick and fart jokes without resorting to the sophomoric missteps of making them. It's raw humor...like a reflex. Homestar Runner is the digital successor of television shows such as "The Simpsons" and "Southpark". This website is the pseudo-adult equivalent of a Saturday morning He-man cartoon or Dungeons and Dragons black magic card deck. The anticipation of reading the weekly e-mail answered by the Homestar character Strong Bad (a witty little man who wears a wrestling mask and has boxing gloves for hands) is reminiscent of that tingling sensation we Reagan babies felt in response to viewing a sneak-peek of the newest super Mario Brothers 3 game, six months before it came out. In the current haze of AOL pop-ups and junk mail, Strong Bad's highly humorous retorts are weekly refreshments in digital form.

Homestar Runner's home in Free Country USA is bright and colorful with pop-culture and video game references everywhere you look. Even though the humor is aimed at people who can appreciate those references, the conflicts and villains are so benign that even little kids can enjoy it. In the vein of movies such as "Monsters Inc." and "Shrek", Homestar Runner offers humor that can attract people on many different levels. At the center of Homestar Runner's appeal is its massive cast of characters ranging from the dim-witted but well-meaning Homestar himself to his adversaries The Brothers Strong and The Cheat. Plus, there are loads of side- characters like the incomprehensible hip-hopper, Coach Z, and Homestar's neglected activist girlfriend, Marzipan.

One could draw a very clear connection between the D.I.Y. ethics of punk rock and the operations of the Homestar Runner website. The two brothers who run it, Mike and Matt Chapman, have built and run the site free of banner ads or paid sponsorships. They retain an independent attitude towards production, reinstating all that was once cool and retro to its former fame, and they do so in the most un-obvious of ways. Homestar Runner started out in book form; The Homestar Runner Enters The Strongest Man in the World Contest had only ten or so copies printed, and these few editions were given to the Chapmans' friends. While it was a meager beginning at the time, the current legion of die-hard Homestar fans would surely open their wallets wide if the book were to see production again. Success through independent production and word-of-mouth: isn't that what D.I.Y is all about? Homestar made it happen.

Every Monday, the Homestar Runner site is updated. Strong Bad sits down in front of his COMPY 386 and answers one e-mail out of the many that have been sent to him by his adoring fans. It's no big secret that Strong Bad has stolen most of the limelight; he averages approximately 2,000 e-mails a day with around 30,000 unopened letters. So to all you kids asking, "How can you type with boxing gloves on your hands?" then wondering, "Will he write me back?" the chances are highly unlikely.

In our conversation, Mike Chapman mused: "It's like, do you ask why Linus from Charlie Brown looks like a balding man? I don't understand why they need to know some of this stuff. But just the same I don't want people to stop sending e-mails either." Half afraid of the answer I'd get, I followed-up Mike's retort when I asked my own personal query: "So what is the story behind the Cheat's gold tooth?" I braced myself for retaliation, but Matt simply replied, "The Cheat's golden tooth is a nod to this lunch lady at our elementary school that had a huge gold tooth and when you'd get in the lunch line she'd go, "How doon?" and then "SHING" she'd smile and flash that gold tooth at ya'. We called her How Doon." Simple enough.

Every time I watch the Strong Bad E-mail segment on the site, I wonder how the skits are created. Do the brothers bounce ideas off of one another over a bowl of Lucky Charms in the morning? "Yeah, sometimes it's like that", said Matt. "But, we usually eat Smart Start," added Mike. "It's usually us pacing around then going into the park across the street and throwing the football around. Just to get out of the apartment if we are having writers block." That's pretty much how I pictured it: the two brothers put the football down, shouting, "That's it! I've got it," then go running back in the house, past their smiling parents like little children. To know that my vision was close to par is a beautiful thing.

The Chapman brothers' D.I.Y. creative freedom is essential to the overall spontaneity and fun encompassed in Homestar Runner, they can work how they want and when they want. However, this lack of restriction can compound into procrastination, and the Chaps occasionally require swift motivation from outsider sources to get them going and completing an e-mail during some weeks. They proudly admitted that their highest motivation comes the night before a new Strong Bad E-mail is due. Those ever-present, exasperated e-mails from their devoted and sometimes impatient fans are "a great kick in the ass some nights" according to Matt. Truly, the most demanding boss to report to (and the more respected of them all) is a fan. Multiply that boss by several thousand, and it's easy to see how the Chapman brothers find the motivation to complete their e-mails on time, every time.

Even though I'm preaching the D.I.Y. to the high heavens, it is for good reason: the brothers really do keep it as personal and genuine as possible. On the subject of outsider help, I asked the boys how they felt about hiring people to do the voices for characters. They didn't seem to fancy the idea too much. Mike teased his brother: "Matt, you already do twenty voices as it is, I'm sure you can do 40!" They concluded that it is during the voice acting that the cartoon's informal storyboards come to life, thus it is imperative that the brothers keep the voices, story lines, and character development to themselves. After all, they are the creators; they are the ones who know the cartoons the best. Call it method acting or what have you, but the Brothers' Chap coined their own new term for this process: "improv flash."

Keeping it all in the family does have its downsides though. "Matt will have to watch himself if he goes to a smoky bar on a Friday night because of his Sunday night Strong Bad E-mail. Occasionally his voice will be a bit scratchy and he'll be listening to himself over and over again saying, 'This doesn't sound like Bubs! Does this sound like Bubs?' and I'm like, 'Hell yes! It sounds like Bubs!'" exclaimed Mike. The brothers don't compromise story line for all-inclusive ego-writing either. Although there is "no cutting room floor" in digital cartooning, there are many ideas that are discussed but never used. "Usually we'll end up using an idea that we didn't use for something else in a future thing because it's just litte ideas and little jokes that you can plug in anywhere. They just may not be appropriate for the thing we are currently working on," said Matt.

In my hasty 'need to KNOW some extra Homestar secrets' I attempted on many occasions throughout my chat with the Chaps to subtly provoke alternate endings to this e-mail or that cartoon. The brothers caught onto my insider trading tactics and slyly rebuked me. "We can't tell you that. We might need to use it next year," Mike joked.

The clever brothers with their clever characters in such a clever cartoon have spawned a whole mob of Homestar Runner devotees, but the support doesn't just stem from the Chaps overbearing yet lovable fan base. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman both actually came out of retirement to help manage the site's merchandise sales. "I wouldn't technically call it coming out of retirement since they aren't getting paid: it's more a form of slavery," joked Matt. The brothers' Mom and Pop keep track of the inventory, shipping orders and income. (It helps that during his working years, Poppa Chaps was an accountant.) The Chaps parents are the type of warm, caring parents who, while during the boys' college years, would drive hours to go see them play in bands at shitty run down, smoke-filled bars at 1 A.M. when they could have been sleeping. From sports to cartoons, the brothers' parents have always been there. and even offer suggestions for Homestar story lines. "My dad and I drove past a Starbucks today and he told me that we should do some type of parody on them. Not like everyone didn't do that five years ago," Matt joked.

The support and work put into the site is evident upon the first look, but it is the inescapable lure of Homestar Runner that makes it uniquely enticing. As I go through my week, sometimes monotonously, performing my daily routines, there are little surprises. These seemingly random little blips of joy are found around every corner, always poised to jump out and amaze me. These secret games and hidden clues are the Easter Eggs of life. Part of the phantasmal mythical addiction that brings me, as a viewer, back to Homestar Runner everyday is the Easter Egg Hunting that goes along with the viewing of a cartoon. It's that jolt of excitement reserved when I scroll over someting and the arrow or cursor turns into a hand. Whether it is clicking on a pumpkin that unlocks a secret character or clicking on a phrase that sends me into Strong Bad's demo tape featuring his song "Skinny Blonde Girls", there is a surprise waiting...anywhere. What's even more pressing is that the Easter Egg Hunts have become a separate entity, independent, yet included, in the Homestar Runner world. These "privileges" are discovered by the aware and adventurous, and sometimes by the hapless and clumsy, but regardless, they make the site operate on many levels. One of the Chaps many inspirations comes from "The Minus World" in Super Mario Brothers 1 for NES. This is the part where the player jumps through a wall from a specific squatting position, which enables him to move into a fantasy world hidden in the game. Homestar Runner elicits the same sort of fantasy-like adventure as the viewer probes deeper and further into the site. It is this sensation of discovery that keeps any viewer, including myself, always coming back for more.

While the viewers are the obvious benefactors from such a terrific game/cartoon, the creators themselves have just as much fun constructing the site as their audience does exploring it. Just for their own kicks, the Brothers Chap used Dingbats to form a nonsensical sentence just to see if anyone was fanatical enough to decode it. Seeing as it was done in flash and one cannot copy and paste, each individual letter needed to be deciphered on its own. Sure enough, the very next day someone wrote the brothers telling them they deciphered the phrase which said, "if you are reading this, that is sad." This is the type of unabashed madness that drives the Chaps to cultivate and propel more brainy and compelling ideas to the small screen. They have even tossed around the idea of making Easter Eggs that they don't tell anyone about: riddles that might just lead to an entire new Homestar site. A completely separate site containing different characters and different cartoons. A fantasy world within a fantasy world. The Chapman brothers are running on the tails on our own hero, Willy Wonka: they've created a candy factory where everything is edible, including the wallpaper. It is this ingenuity that keeps the site a constant source for innovative hilarity, devoid of pretentiousness or agenda.

The brothers are conscious to pay homage to the origins while evolving the cartoon as a whole. Always right at that imaginary line where specific characters (Homestar, Trogdor) or quotes ("Hey Stinkoman!") become dulling memories, the Chaps have an uncanny knack at instilling new life into the humor that seems to stick in the mind like a catchy pop song. They know exactly what lines and what characters to bring back at the height of their popularity. Whether it is a cameo. appearance by the Goblin, or Trogdor stomping peasants in his video game, the site builds and builds upon itself, it is a natural, self-referential system.

"There are so many untapped characters. I feel like Bubs and Coach Z could really come into their own one day", said Matt. There is a delicate balance to strike between full character development and over-worked repetition. Whereas some of the characters haven't reached their fullest potential, there is also the notion that the word overkill might come into play. "The only time we ever really think about it is maybe with Strong Bad, but it's not like we couldn't keep coming up with stuff. We just don't want it to get old," said Mike. "To an extent people might know how Strong Bad will respond. We try and keep people from doing that. It's like Homer Simpson. When Homer is in a situation you pretty much know what's going to happen," added Matt. Perhaps prediction of the characters' actions is inevitable, but as with Homer, the end results, whether they are expected or not, are still hilarious.

As I felt we were nearing the end of our two-hour conversation, I couldn't hold back my fan boy enthusiasm any longer. I just sort of blurted it out: "Ya gotta do some voices for me!" Immediately after making this statement my toes curled up and I bit my lip. I felt like such a dork. Relief only came as Matt said, "Sure, who do you want to hear?" I felt the need to redeem myself with an original request. Earlier I had admitted to the brothers that my father was the DJ at my grade school dances, as well as the fact that only a few short years ago, I grew a coveted Rat Tail!!! The redemption factor was way high, so I passed on talking to the oh-so-obvious Strong Bad and opted for good old Homestar instead. The voice of Homestar began telling me how he had a dentist appointment earlier that day and that he wasn't really sure if he had teeth. It was unreal: I was talking to one of my favorite cartoon characters. I could hear Mike giggling into the phone while Matt, I mean Homestar, spoke of his day's adventure.

"Why don't you ever curse?" I asked him, Homestar sounded annoyed: "Well...my Mom's right upstairs and...uh...I gotta go." The giggling could still be heard in the background, and this reassurance was enough to make me smile. A cartoon character had just dissed me, but when that cartoon character is as cool as Homestar...how could I be offended?

[edit] Character Interviews

[edit] Marzipan

WONKAVISION: How long have you been going out with Homestar?

MARZIPAN: Since I decided we were going out.

WONKAVISION: I noticed you have old video tapes of yourself painting, was this a lucrative career for you and do you still make them?

MARZIPAN: Charging money for art is like throttling baby seals.

WONKAVISION: It's rumored that you're the King of Town's daughter. If so, does that cause any conflict with your politics?

MARZIPAN: Those allegations are completely false. The King was trying to make himself look better by association. That poor man. That poor fat, filthy man.

WONKAVISION: There's been some tension between you and Homestar lately. What's your status with him now?

MARZIPAN: It's exactly what I want it to be. Thank you.

WONKAVISION: What made you go vegan?

MARZIPAN: People go to the bathroom. You don't go vegan.

WONKAVISION: It seems that more than a few people around town fancy you, how do you deal with all the attention?

MARZIPAN: I try to focus it inward, so as to strive toward self-enlightenment. That, and a lotta kicks to the crotch.

WONKAVISION: What do you when you're not gardening or protesting?

MARZIPAN: Working on my iambic pentameter.

WONKAVISION: Are you straight-edge?

MARZIPAN: No, I tried that. There aren't enough decorations.

WONKAVISION: What kind of music are you into, exactly?

MARZIPAN: I'm a big fan of my own bittersweet brand of folk rock. I gave my latest record four and a half kitties. Not real ones though. Construction paper ones.

[edit] Bubs

WONKAVISION: How lucrative is your concession stand?

BUBS: I do alright for myself. Tell you what though, Hard Times lives right next door.

WONKAVISION: What's the best selling item at the stand?

BUBS: My Sno-Cones. There's a little bit of Bubs in every one. For real.

WONKAVISION: If I'm not mistaken you're kind of a gear-head, what kind of car do you drive?

BUBS: It's been a while. Ask the repo man.

WONKAVISION: I heard a rumor that you have the hots for Marzipan, is this true?

BUBS: I've had my fill of the ladies. Bizness is my mistress.

[edit] Coach Z

WONKAVISION: You were a top rapper in your home country, where was that and who were your major influences?

COACH Z: I gotta give a shout to Grand Master Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, DMC. All those who laid the groundwork for MCs like me. I tip my Listerine to Jam Master J. We lost a legend there.

WONKAVISION: The world is dying to know — when do we hear Coach Z on the mic?

COACH Z: I'm not sure the world is ready for my flavor. Maybe when peoples quit tryin' to fade me.

WONKAVISION: Why exactly do you sleep in the locker room?

COACH Z: So far, nobody's asked me to leave.

WONKAVISION: Um... there's no easy way to say this, but have you considered speech therapy classes?

COACH Z: Norp. Don't needs em.

[edit] King of Town

WONKAVISION: What's your favorite food?

KING OF TOWN: Is cholesterol a food?

WONKAVISION: What do you do with all those sheep?

KING OF TOWN: I eat them and I cherish them.

WONKAVISION: How much do charge The Cheat to live in your grill?

KING OF TOWN: Charge the who to live in my what?

[edit] Strong Sad

WONKAVISION: Why do you take so much abuse?

STRONG SAD: Oh, I don't take so much. It's more like it's forced on me with a flaming hot poker.

WONKAVISION: What's the worst thing Strong Bad has ever done to you?

STRONG SAD: Stabbed me with a flaming hot poker.

WONKAVISION: Why do you wish you were blind?

STRONG SAD: The world doesn't hurt so much when you can't see it. Kinda like a flu shot.

[edit] Strong Bad

WONKAVISION: What is your favorite wrestling move?

STRONG BAD: Any move that uses a foreign object. Y'know, something you can hide easily in your tights. Usually wrapped in masking tape.

WONKAVISION: When will we get to meet your girlfriend from that other country?

STRONG BAD Oh, um. Probably never. She's real busy winning international Total Hotness contests and stuff. In space.

WONKAVISION: Where does one get a The Cheat? Did you find him?

STRONG BAD: It's weird, man. It's like for a long time there, there was no The Cheat. Then all of the sudden, there was The Cheat. But it was like he'd been there all along, you know?

WONKAVISION: Did you and Pom Pom have some sort of reconciliation? You're hanging out a lot more these days.

STRONG BAD: Pom Pom's pretty cool. You can't fade that guy. And I've tried, too. Now, Coach Z on the other hand...

WONKAVISION: You're such a multi-talented musician. Have you considered taking your act to the people?

STRONG BAD: Definitely. If, by "taking it to the people", you mean going around in a big robot and robbing people while The Cheat runs behind me with a boombox. Then, yes.

[edit] Homestar Runner

WONKAVISION: Helicopter beanies are hard to come by, where did you get yours?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I dunno. Born with it.

WONKAVISION: How much do you like Marzipan?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Less than or equal to as much as she likes me.

WONKAVISION: Where do you see your relationship with her 5 years down the road?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: By that smoothie place I guess. I think that's about 5 years down the road.

WONKAVISION: Now that Marshie is in the picture, what, if any are the future plans with Fluffy Puff?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think I'm on their board of directors now or something.

WONKAVISION: What's it like having so many fans?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You mean real fans or pretend fans?

WONKAVISION: What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say "Marzipan?"


WONKAVISION: If one were to assume that having more than two arms would increase an individual's productivity and ability to multitask could one then draw the assumption that said individual could reach some type of genius status in life?


WONKAVISION: Are you bitter that Strong Bad has stolen your thunder and is a much more popular guy then you are?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's funny. You're funny.

[edit] The Brothers Chaps Top 5 Favorite Records of All Time...

(in no particular order)

[edit] Mike's

[edit] Matt's

[edit] Homestar Runner VIDEO GAME Reviews

If the cartoons and E-mails weren't enough let us not forget to mention the video games synonymous with Homestarrunner.com. At this point we have counted 18 games in all. Trogdor, the ones on the game screen, the 3 in the message board, AweXome Cross 98, Duck Pond, Kingio, StrongBad slashing trick or treaters, StrongBad throwing eggs. Here are the premier games on Homestar Runner that we think deserve your attention.

[edit] TROGDOR

You - Trodgor!!!!
Object - Stomp on peasants, achieve burnination and burn their cottages.
Where at - "Da Basement"

Where do I even begin? Strong Bad e-mails are always a lot of fun, and even though I don't have a real job having a new Strong Bad e-mail every Monday is best way to avoid a case of the "Mondays" in my opinion. Today is Monday, March 17th and today, Strong Bad happened to be in "da basement" and he wasn't doing his taxes either. Today was the unveiling of the mightiest game come across my computer screen since DOOM and Sim-City. TROGDOR THE GAME IS INCREDIBLE. I GET TO STOMP PEASANTS! & BURNINATE VILLAGES! Hilarious! I made it to level 10 in my second try. Needless to say ill be spending many hours to conquer it. With Trogdor the game, they definitely took the site to another level. Keep up the good work.

[edit] AWEXOME CROSS 98'

You - The Cheat, (dressed like Super Dave)
Object - Roll around in a tire collecting wads of cash while avoiding chinese food, boxes, cinder blocks, chicken and syrup.
Where at - "Monster Truck" Email

Simply put. This game is HARD!!!!! Out of all of the games on Homestar Runner AweXome Cross 98 definitely requires the most precision and timing. The best part about it is the cheat rolling around in a tire. That alone keeps you coming back for more. Unlimited continues is a plus but I have to say this game raises my blood pressure and at times makes me want to jump on my monitor. I know I beat this when it first came out but I just can't seem to get past the first box of Chinese food box. My advice, don't attempt to play (or review the game) at three o'clock in the morning.


You - A guy standing on a dock.
Object - Feed the ducks.
Where at - "Duck Pond" E-mail

Although the "point" of this game isn't exactly the most exciting and entertaining, Duck Pond makes for a very relaxing evening in. Preferably with a "Cuh-hold One" in hand. The premise is to feed the ducks. You can only feed them with two pieces of green pixelated dots at a time so it tends to drag on but if you stick with it and keep your eye on the prize, it's worth it in the end. Just keep playing. You'll see what we're talking about.

[edit] Levels Of Homestar Fandom

There are many different levels of watching a Homestarrunner Cartoon. From the sites novice fans to the more experienced, savvy followers, one undergoes an initiation ceremony before being fully thrust into Free Country USA. Which as we know is "everybodys!" home town. (Except for Coach Z who is from the school locker room.)

[edit] For'ner

A Homestarrunner.com for'ner is one who can watch a cartoon or a few Strong Bad E-mail's once a month, have a good laugh, maybe tell a friend about the site. Consider yourself baptized.

[edit] Tourist

The tourist Homestar Runner fan tends to be a bit opinionated on which E-mail's and cartoons he/she likes and will partake in the viewing of. They are obtusely aware of the Easter Eggs but will only look for them when a friend suggests it. The tourist might also own a few Homestar coasters given to him or her from a local fan who bought up each of the newest HS T-shirts for summer.

[edit] Local

The local Homestar Runner fan begins each day with a Strong Bad E-mail quickly before or after brushing their teeth. The local must watch every cartoon no less than two times in a sitting. One time to ensure full laughter is felt and a second with their itchy finger on the mouse frantically awaiting the scroll-over arrow to turn into a hand. Otherwise known as Easter Egg hunting. It's been said before that the local Homestar fan is a bit infatuated or crazed, true, but what labor of love didn't share a fine border with obsession? The local also has a predisposition to quote Homestar characters throughout his/her day at random, in any situation. (i.e.. After a business meeting you pull your boss aside and whisper to him, "Everybody says you're the guy, but I want to be the guy too.") While it's not a requirement, the local can often be seen sporting Homestar merch with some of the more fanatical types eagerly awaiting the next T-shirt, hoodie, or what-have-you. The local might also call his girlfriend "sugarbob". His girlfriend might also leave him as a result.

[edit] Homestar Runner Character Comprehensive

  • Homestar Runner - Armless and possibly brainless, Homestar is just about everyone's friend, regardless. It's probably due to his propeller hat and wicked cool speech impediment.
  • Strong Bad - An angry little egotist with a Mexican wrestling mask and boxing gloves. His hobbies include video games, 80's metal, and harming his friends.
  • Strong Mad - Strong Bad's brother. He's the biggest, meanest, and scariest of the brothers Strong, but underneath the brutish exterior, he's a big softy.
  • The Cheat - House pet of the brothers Strong, and the third part of Strong Bad and Strong Mad's social crew and protection racket. First one to make a Pikachu joke dies.
  • Strong Sad - The outcast of the brothers Strong, and really of all of Free Country USA. When he's not being tormented by his brothers, you can find him listening to the Promise Ring (when he's not listening to the Cure) in his room... alone... in the dark.
  • Marzipan - Homestar's girlfriend. He's pretty much on point in calling her "annoying and overbearing and kind of a big hippy," but everybody seems to have a crush on her anyway. It's the consequences of being the only girl.
  • Pom Pom - Pom Pom is a Pom, meaning he comes from the isle of Pom. He's Homestar's best friend, and more or less a big day-glo balloon who sounds like bubbles when he talks.
  • Coach Z - The lanky green mentor-figure of indeterminately foreign origin speaks in bizarre metaphor and mangles his pronunciations. He also holds it down for the old-school hip-hop. Word.
  • Bubs - His concession stand is the entire economy of Free Country USA and he's got a reputation for being a killer on the dance floor. Check his pop and lock routine.
  • King of Town - The real question is this: is the king lonely and neglected because he's a glutton? Or did he turn to gluttony out of loneliness and neglect?
  • The Poopsmith - A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a god-awful stench. The poopsmith shovels crap for a living (though what he does with it is a mystery) and has taken a vow of silence.
  • Homsar - Created by a typo, and his existence mimics that. Homsar is a lot like Homestar, but shorter, and harder to understand. He has his name written on his shirt.
  • Trogdor - A great big one-armed dragon, famous for rampaging about and wiping out peasants and thatch-roof cottages.
  • Lem Sportsinterviews - A bit player mentioned at in little secrets here and there - he's a writer, actor, and shameless self-promoter.
  • Announcer - A British fellow who does the commentary and introductions for the inordinate number of contests Free Country USA has.
  • Limozeen - One of StrongBad's favorite hair-metal bands. There's a guy in there named Mary.
  • Bad Graphics Ghost - The green pixelated ghost of StrongBad's old Tandy computer. He harbors a grudge, as ghosts seem prone to doing.
  • King's Personal Guard - Another armless fellow, though any relation to Homestar, Marzipan or the King of Town himself is unknown. Neat little flag on his armor, though.
  • The Goblin - A regular on Halloween, with a souped-up Gremlin. I mean, he's got some freakin' muscle, man.
  • Marshie - The vaguely creepy pitchman for FluffyPuff Marshmallows, a flying marshmallow with a big ol' chunk out bitten from his head.

[edit] Homestarrunner.com Factoids & Tidbits

  • Missy Palmer, the voice of Marzipan, is also Mike Chapmans girlfriend.
  • Yes, the sneak will one day return.
  • The Brothers Chaps designed an animated flash valentines day e-card for AFI, it featured two (gothic?) punk, Tim Burton looking kids drinking a milkshake. The girl, in response to him asking if she will be his valentine, takes her straw, sucks out the guys blood and his heart comes out through the straw with a "POP" sound. All done in true heartbroken AFI-style. You can check out the e-card at: www2.dreamworksrecords.com/afi/ecard/valentinesday
  • The band 'the Skate Party' did the Cheat theme song.
  • Another band, The Reunion Show named one of their songs "On a scale from one to awesome, you're pretty great" and linked to Homestar on their website.
  • CoachZ is named for millionaire gadabout Craig Zobel.
  • There really was this kid called 'Bubs' that worked at the concession stand when the Chaps were little. He had a gravelly voice.
  • Matt and his girlfriend Jackie's cat Mabel is the fat cat in the Strong Bad E-mail called 'website.' Mabel weighs more than most toddlers.
  • Mike actually provides the voice of The Cheat voicing other characters on the Powered by The Cheat homepage.
  • In addition to AFI, the Brothers Chaps also recently done flash work for The Folk Implosion's new record.
  • Mike once had a couch that was, like, a double-decker couch.
  • Mike took the photographs on the front and back of Thursday's album 'Full Collapse.'
  • Matt briefly appears in friend David Green's new movie 'All the Real Girls' and is listed in the credits as 'Strong Bad'

[edit] External Links

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