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This article is about the character. For the game, see Thy Dungeonman.

Collagen Salvemonger III (more commonly known as Thy Dungeonman) is the protagonist of the Thy Dungeonman game series, as well as the namesake of the series.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Origins

According to the 400-page instruction manual, Collagen Salvemonger III was the son of a son of a salvemonger. He lived under the impression that his mother was a bookstacker, "plain and dimpled, with a sallow face and a disposition like an unremarkable tree". That is, until he was awoken "around two full ticks past night's middle" by his uncle Prevacid, who informed him that a dungeon had been murdered, and that his mother was a dungeonwoman. She kept her past secretive to discourage Collagen from pursuing the dungeon life, and decided that he should only be told the truth if a dungeon is murdered. Prevacid offered Collagen a choice in the form of two pouchels: he could flee and start a new life as a travelling goat-pretender, or he could take up the mantle of thy dungeonman and find out who murdered the dungeon.

[edit] Thy Dungeonman

Thy Dungeonman in the original Thy Dungeonman

Arguably, Thy Dungeonman first appeared during the Strong Bad Email video games, though his title is never mentioned until the box art is shown at the end of the email. The official game, which is linked to in the email, also mentions that the player is indeed Thy Dungeonman. The first Thy Dungeonman game was short and simple compared to its sequels, and did not expand much on Thy Dungeonman's character, personality, or general surroundings, although there it could be grasped that Thy Dungeonman lives in a medieval or quasi-medieval world where dungeons, flasks, scrolls, daggers, trinkets, enchanted rope, and even Wumpuses occupy the land. Later Thy Dungeonman becomes an acquaintance of Dennis, and even gives him a trinket, though Thy Dungeonman finds Dennis boring. Thy Dungeonman did not know what parapets were until Dennis told him. This knowledge (somehow) allowed Thy Dungeonman to escape thy dungeon.

[edit] Thy Dungeonman II

Thy Dungeonman in Thy Dungeonman II

Thy Dungeonman II revealed much more about Thy Dungeonman than its predecessor. In Thy Dungeonman II it is mentioned that Thy Dungeonman, at some time, worked as a custodial knight in the service of Custodial Magistrate Ripberger. Thy Dungeonman wears an "apparently very roomy" loin-cheese cloth, where he stores most of the items he collects. This game also features Thy Dungeonman's first quote, "Gumble-duh. Dumble?", to Magistrate Ripberger.

He becomes infected with the bubonic plague by a rat named Percy. However, it can be cured by a Saw Doctor. He uses a mop as a weapon against Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels. He uses very corny one-liners while defending himself from the three types of monsters, such as: "A little dead never hurt anybody!", "It's just a little crush!", and "Mop 'til ye drop!". He admits he is still working on his one-liners, wishes he hadn't bellowed most of them as loudly as he did, and thinks that they don't ring(eth) as triumphantly quite the way he expected. One of the most odd things mentioned about Thy Dungeonman is that the innards of his nose smell like mutton. The narrator claims Thy Dungeonman was born with a sixth finger shaped like a key, but that it was amputated (though this is probably a sarcastic comment directed at Thy Dungeonman when he tries to open a locked drawer).

[edit] Thy Dungeonman 3

Thy Dungeonman in Thy Dungeonman 3

Thy Dungeonman 3 is the third edition of Thy Dungeonman. Even more is learned about Thy Dungeonman in this game.

Thy Dungeonman has been searching for Ye Flask for his "whole dungeonlife", through years of searching and hundreds of dungeons that he has "vanquished". He hates Roman Columns and claims to be an "Ionic Dungeonman, through and threau". He finds the annoying whiner bird's morbling and ganching (especially the ganching) to be annoying. He journeys to a village called Westerburg, and he has once been to a place called Wensleydire, where he believes he has seen a paticular Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe before. Thy Dungeonman also once attended "Middle Dungeonschool", where he always wanted to dread his hair. In Thy Dungeonman's world one of the seven days of the week may be called "Today". He stores corn in his ear (most likely a reference to an "ear" of corn). Why he does so, we will never know; however, it does help him befriend the "whiner bird". At the end of the game, Thy Dungeonman gets "thy dungeonhouse", which he lives in to a "ripe old age". Ye Flask becomes his favorite drinking vessel, choosing it over several maidens. He believes that "tis hardly a choice at all".

[edit] Appearance

Thy Dungeonman is a Viking/Barbarian-style warrior who is mostly seen either partially or completely shirtless and wearing a horned helmet, though he does not wear this helmet in the box art for Thy Dungeonman II. He is consistently portrayed with long hair and a beard, except for a highly inaccurate Saturday morning cartoon, which removes his beard. Thy Dungeonman graces the cover of each volume of the Thy Dungeonman games, and is also shown through ASCII art in the first two games.

In his appearance on the title screen of Thy Dungeonman 3, he is portrayed by Mike Chapman, as suggested by that screen's internal name of "mike", and confirmed in the DVD commentary for web comics.

[edit] Filmography

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