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This article is about pants in general. For the running gag about whether Homestar Runner wears pants, see Homestar Runner's Pants.
Fabulous Downtown Pantsburg

Very few of Free Country, USA's residents actually wear pants, as shown in senior prom: When Strong Bad's plan to poof away everybody's pants backfires, he realizes that he's "the only one that wears any pants". Most notably, it is an ongoing mystery as to whether or not Homestar Runner wears them. Given the relaxed nature of Free Country's social expectations concerning pants, it is surprising that Homestar and his friends discuss them with great frequency — the subject of pants is an unending source of humor for them.

[edit] Coach Z's References to Pants

Pants-related jokes are especially popular with Coach Z:

  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 1.0 — Coach Z suggests that Marzipan put something in Homestar's pants to cheer him up.
  • Email super powers — Coach Z and Homestar attempt to discuss tight pants.
  • Email lunch special — Coach Z orders a basket of double hot wings "pants down".
  • Email secret recipes — After discovering he'd just eaten a bunch of The Cheat fur, Coach Z says he's about to "puke [his] pants". Strong Bad flees before he demonstrates the process.
  • Email rock opera — Coach Z provides the word "pants" (the word chosen to represent "super powers") as part of the line "Double pants" in the rock opera.
  • A Folky Tale — Coach Z tells Strong Sad to "cram a little oom-pah down [his] pants" in an effort to get him to climb a rope.
  • Email alternate universe (Easter egg) — Coach Z, while holding a pear covered in googly eyes and with coffee continually streaming down his mouthless face, tells Homestar he is "not at liberty to discuss what [he] just did in [his] pants."
  • Email shapeshifter — Coach Z refers to his pants as "sweaty-sweat-sweats".
  • Email being mean — Coach Z calls Strong Mad a "Pants Pull-Upper".
  • Fish Eye Lens — Coach Z raps that a fisheye lens could even make a pair of tan pants look cool.

[edit] Other Pants

Other characters also enjoy a pants-related joke from time to time:

  • Fortune Cookies — One of the fortunes reads "Clumsiness will bring about a change of pants."
  • That a GhostOld-Timey Strong Bad claims he will be "marching around in gold pants in no time!" Later, as a skeleton, he complains that he will "never find gold pants that fit this tiny waist!"
  • Hallrunner — One of the objects you encounter is a rabid dog that "bites the butt off your pants. Like in cartoons."
  • Peasant's Quest — The narrator of the Peasant's Quest Preview and movie trailer, as well as other characters, make frequent references to Rather Dashing's short pants.
    • Another reference to these short pants appears at the beginning of the email for kids.
  • Email vacation — One of the places Strong Bad visits is "Fabulous Downtown Pantsburg". Also, in Strong Bad's imaginary email that he recites, Monkey D asks how Homestar can pick things up if he's not wearing "Marzi-pants" (a play on the infamous "How do you type with boxing gloves on?," Homestar's lack of visible arms, and his relationship with Marzipan).
  • Because, It's MidniteLimozeen sings about wearing "[their] tightest pants".
  • Email funny — In an effort to be funny, Strong Bad says he has "squeaky pants".
  • Email haircut — Strong Bad calls one of his designs for Strong Mad's eyebrows "Hammer Pants".
  • Email local news — Summarizing the weather report, Strong Bad advises that you "bundle up, but keep your swimsuit on outside your pants."
  • Commandos in the ClassroomBlue Laser Minions tell Fightgar to stuff wine coolers down his pants, but quickly change the request from pants to headband upon realizing he doesn't wear them.
  • Email long pants — The whole email is about Homestar's "pants. Or lack thereof".
  • Email bottom 10 — Homestar sings "Buttdance again! Like the rhythm's down your pants now!", causing Strong Bad to vomit on his keyboard.
  • Email portrait — A portion of a newspaper article near one of Strong Bad's portraits reads, "Wipe hands on pants, yo".
  • Email candy product — Strong Bad's SBLOUNSKCHED! bar resembles his own pants with a bite taken out of them.
  • Email high school — According to Strong Bad's "doodle memory", one of the things he and Strong Mad did in high school was try to liberate or emancipate Homestar from his ridiculous stripèd pants.
  • Email alternate universe — As Strong Bad is warped around the multiverse by Homestar, he meets his high school counterpart who says, "stripèd pants".
  • Email senior prom — Strong Bad crashes the prom and threatens to "poof away" everyone's pants in a massive pantsing, but then realizes he is the only one there who is wearing pants. His pants poof away, leaving him standing in in his boxer shorts. (Homestar, who claims to wear long pants, is not affected, but later claims to Pom Pom that he was.)
  • Lappynapped! — The King of Town, under the guise of "Furious Fingers", states that he can provide his own leather pants.
  • Email strong badathlon — After being disqualified from the Remote Put, Strong Bad says to check the East German's pants.
  • Email unnatural — Homestar, convinced Bubs has turned all the other citizens of Free Country, USA into ants, suggests the group go jump in somebody's pants.
  • An Important Rap SongGunhaver tells Blue Laser Commander to put his pants back on, to which the Commander replies, "How could you possibly refer to these as PANTS?!"
  • Email rough copy — Strong Bad threatens to literally sue the pants off Malinko for drawing comics about himself and The Cheat.
  • DNA EvidenceHomsar says, "AaAaAaAaA! These Easter pants are getting way too tight!"
  • Ever and More — Bubs mentions that he's always grouchy because he hasn't been able to wear his lucky pants for almost 10 years.
  • Email the chairLe Restige has a sweatpants button.
  • Email hygiene — Part two of Embarrassing Educational Films covers "Pants Problems".
  • Marshie vs. Little Girl — Puppet Marshie says "Boogidy-boogidy! I'll scare your pants!"
  • Toikey TVMarzipan makes a dish called Faux-ducken, which is baked inside a pair of hemp toddler pants.
  • Email nightlife — Strong Bad orders a "pink elephant pants".
  • Trogday 08 — Strong Bad's song for the The S is for Sucks dragon includes the line "Pants will keep on Peein'".
  • Email buried — Strong Bad repeats, "Who's checkin' email with his pants?" twice before reading his email.
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog — In the entry "Concept Art is a SCAM!" Strong Bad expresses boredom towards the fact that Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People will feature regular pants instead of robot pants.
  • Email your edge — Strong Bad explains that he prefers saying "in my pants" over "in my pockets".
  • Homestar Ruiner — One of the side effects of Total Load steroids is "mysterious pants issues".
  • Email magic trick — The magician in the book shoves a squirrel into the front of his pants, apologizing to his mother as he does so.
  • Costume Commercial — One of the products advertised is a pair of sweat pants.
  • Loading Screens — One of Strong Bad's lines is "a pant load".
  • Aquabats Concert - 18 Jan 2011 — Strong Bad and The Aquabats sing about "Pink Pants!"
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 — Strong Sad tries to re-invent himself by wearing Jodhpurs, a type of pants made for horse riding. This somehow gets him arrested.
  • Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold — Homestar, while attempting to read Homestar Runner and The Brothers Strong, mentions underwater pants.
  • Day 15 of the Decemberweenvent Calendar — Strong Bad is unable to check the day's song as he's freaking out over a football somehow wearing his pants while Strong Bad himself is still wearing them.

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