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"YEEOW! Hot bees!"
I also really like fake fire of any kind.
Mike Chapman, HOW Magazine Interview
Things in the Homestar Runner universe have a tendency to catch or be set on fire, usually thanks to Strong Bad and The Cheat. Trogdor also enjoys burninating the countryside, the peasants, and the thatched-roof cottages.


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[edit] Strong Bad Emails

  • Email guitar — Strong Bad uses his BMW Lighter after scatting through a series of solos, charring The Paper.
  • Email website — One of the animated icons on Strong Bad's Website cycles between the word "fire!" and a picture of a flame.
  • Email dragon — Strong Bad draws Trogdor breathing fire, and later burns Strong Sad's dragon drawing.
  • Email caper — Strong Bad recalls setting fire to Strong Sad's underwears.
  • Email the process — The Cheat sets Bubs's foot on fire.
  • Email kids' book — Strong Bad defaces the final page of a picture book so that all the kids in the picture are on fire.
  • Email caffeine — Strong Bad's original science project was on the effects of gasoline on fire.
  • Email theme parkThe King of Town catches fire somehow while riding the Bowels of Trogdor ride.
  • Email pom pom — Strong Bad attempts to set Pom Pom on fire and poke him with a pin. He then believes that Pom Pom exploded in a big fiery ball that was visible from space.
  • Email other days — Strong Bad burns a collection letter from Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Email bottom 10 — During the Fluffy Puff Nibbler Commercial, the marshmallows in the cup of hot chocolate catch fire.
  • Email technology — During Strong Bad's suggestions for coming up with an email address, one of the "hobbies" that appears is "fire".
  • Email retirement — The Cheat's "Flea Prison Riot" includes a fire in the prison.
  • Email 4 branches — Homestar starts a campfire in his Jolly Dumple costume.
  • Email the chair — An old home movie shows Lil' Strong Bad throwing a flaming newspaper onto somebody's doorstep.
  • Email pizza joint — Homestar's and the King of Town's avatars start burning after Strong Bad starts a "flame war" on
  • Email yes, wrestling — At the end of the email, Strong Sad's watering can inexplicably spurts fire.
  • Email imaginaryFrishy Freshy Dragonman burninates Scotty Titi. Strong Bad says he's not suggesting the email sender breathe fire on his brother's friend.
  • Email videography — One of Strong Bad's professions is a "fireman". Strong Bad holds a chainsaw on fire.

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