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"Grab a box of sixty-four, with a sharpener built right in!"

The 1989 Limozeen "Ladies, We're Staying in Room 302 at the Ramada" Tour coloring book is a coloring book released by Limozeen to promote the eponymous tour. The book also came with the cassette single for "Colorin' (Outside the Lines)".

In the Strong Bad Email coloring, Strong Bad revisits the copy from his youth and examines the unique color names of the crayons it came with.

An Easter egg in coloring features a printable version of the coloring book. This version features three extra pages and two crayons that are not shown in the email.


[edit] Crayon Colors

Color Name L.U.R.N. Equivalent Hexadecimal
  Leather Black Blue #000000
  Ripped Denim Blue #3266FF
  Groupie Lipstick Red Crimson Suggestion #FF0000
  Skin Flesh Dermal Discoveries #FAB4CE
  Hairspray Blond Vague Pigmentation #FFFF66
  Tight Shiny Purple #9832CC
  Roadie Puke Green (Easter egg) #00FF00
  Sweet Boots Brown (Easter egg) #754E00
Goldfish Orange (Not usable; used by Strong Bad to color flames and a basketball, and mentioned in Limozeen's live show) #FF6600
Dear Awesome (Not usable; appears in separate Easter egg) #D0C895
Some Crayon (Not usable; appears in separate Easter egg) #818181

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[edit] Trivia

  • The colors of each crayon are slightly transparent, having an opacity of about 96.65%. It takes four passes to bring them to their full value.
  • Hairspray Blond is identical to Crayola's official digital swatch of Laser Lemon, one of the crayons commented on in the original email.
  • Red-Iculous, which appears as a joke in the original email, is identical to Groupie Lipstick Red.

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