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"I think I'm gonna puke my pants!"

Using ingredients both edible and inedible, characters in the Homestar Runner universe create culinary concoctions— mixtures of foods not usually found together. Results range from the delightful to the disgusting. Completed concoctions are then usually consumed by said characters. Often, the concoctions use foods that are running gags in themselves, such as chocolate. Some also include inedible items, such as light bulbs or lumps of coal.

[edit] Appearances

  • Bronco Trolleys — The title snack is made from a Triscuit, peanut butter, and an orange slice with the peel intact.
  • Homestar Quiz — "The Poopsmiths Super Deluxe You-Know-What Cookies" contain "You-know-what", along with common cookie ingredients; the recipe is given as a reward for a perfect score on the quiz.
  • Meet Marshie — The commercial shows four different marshmallow concoctions:
    • Breakfast — a plate of marshmallows covered with maple syrup and butter
    • Lunch — a plate of marshmallows covered with slices of tomatoes. Beside it are salt and pepper respectively branded "7" and "3".
    • Munch — a plate of Fluffy Puffs with nails through them. There are three D batteries around it.
    • Pinner — a plate where the marshmallows are wearing a hat and eyepatch, smoking a cigar.
  • Email big white face — Strong Bad's second cake for The Poopsmith contains beans, and Easter eggs include fortune cookies, Chinese food, grapes, Golden Grahams cereal, ice cubes, lemon slices, and a Swiss Cake Roll with "5" and "0" candles.
  • Email privilegesThe Cheat orders a large thin-crust pizza with mushrooms and Pop-Tarts.
  • Email other daysPiemonade, also known as p-nade, is composed of a slice of pie stuck in a glass of lemonade with lots of ice cubes in it and a lemon wedge on the side.
  • Email secret recipesStrong Bad tricks Coach Z and Homestar Runner into eating a bowl of sour cream and The Cheat hair.
  • Email bottom 10 — There are three chocolate desserts listed as examples of unnecessarily dangerous names, all of which contain successively more outrageous chocolate items:
    • "Chocolardiac Arrest" — a slice of chocolate cake covered with chocolate pudding and topped with a chocolate whipped cream.
    • "This Brownie Might Kill You" — "Chocolardiac Arrest" topped with more chocolate, including ice cream with a cherry on top, wafers, sauce and a nut bar.
    • "Chocozuma's Revenge" — "This Brownie Might Kill You" topped with many other forms of chocolate, including a still-wrapped brownie and a Jell-O pudding cup. Part of the dessert also reaches outside the plate.
  • Email bedtime storySuudsu is made from skim milk and gummy bears.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Homestar Runner combines several unlikely ingredients to make Marzipan's Halloween potion.
  • Email candy product — The SBLOUNSKCHED! Bar contains a gaseous cloud of marshmallow vapor, globules of semi-solid licorice colloid, a channel of liquid nougat, a crispity cookety log, rich and creamy pepperoni, tiny bowls of crispy puffed rice cereal, and Boring Brown Chocolate.
  • Email alternate universe — Homestar Runner attempts to make a real fruit smoothie out of avocado and "total load" brand protein shake mix, using a blender that already had a Game Boy in it.
  • Email senior prom — Coach Z spikes a bowl of punch with Listerine, which he alleges is to look out for "all yer hygienes".
  • Weclome BackBubs sells a "Gumball Surprise" baloney sandwich from his Baloney Sammich Truck.
  • Email theme song — Homestar Runner eats a lightbulb sandwich.
  • Decemberween Short Shorts — The King of Town tells about his "Last Three Items in the Pantry Special!", which consists of onion salt, hot sauce, and lumps of coal.
  • Rap Song — Coach Z pays The Cheat for his animation with a slice of chin strap pizza, consisting simply of a chin strap on a slice of pizza.
  • Toikey TV — Marzipan lists the ingredients for "Marzipan's Famous Thanksgiving Faux-ducken" — millet, bulgur, meatless veggie nuggets, tempeh, bean curd, fakin bacon, and a pair of hemp toddler pants — on her Thanksgiving TV program.
  • Homestar RuinerBubs gives out coupons for free Chocolate Covered Organic Packing Peanuts.
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal ProjectiveRenaldo brings an olive and baloney cake to his retirement party and says mother bakes him one for his birthday each year.
  • Fan Costumes 2015 — an advertisement appears for Blubb-O's "Thick or Treat Burger". It appears to consist of a Thick-N-Nasty with Halloween candy in it.
  • @StrongBadActual Tweet (25 Mar 2020) — In response to a Tweet regarding a Homsar milkshake, Strong Bad describes the "Homshake", which uses freezer burnt ice cream, bulk candies with wrappers, liquid smoke with cap still on, "milk prolly", and a garnish of hot dogtopus.
  • Decemberweenvent Calendar (Day 14) — Strong Mad makes Strong Bad a "Chocolate Glowy Box" which is a wad of melted chocolate with powered (and overcharged) holiday tree lights in it.

[edit] A concoction of concoctions

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