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"Man, is there anything potatoes can't do?"

Potatoes and potato derivatives often make appearances throughout Free Country, USA. The style of potatoes seen can depend on the characters present. For example, the King of Town is seen with mashed and Awwww Gratin potatoes, while Strong Bad appears more commonly with potato chips. Lesser characters, such as Sickly Sam or The Ugly One, are more frequently seen around the burlap sack that typically contains potatoes, rather than the potatoes themselves. All characters also appear to enjoy french fries.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email caperThe Brothers Chaps mention potatoes and potato chips in the DVD commentary.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 4 — The Ugly One is crushed by a sack of "YOU'RE NOT" potatoes.
  • Email the bet — The King of Town has a 200-lb bag of Awwww Gratin potatoes in his pantry.
  • Halloween Fairstival — The King of Town stands alongside a giant tub of mashed potates.
  • Sketchbook 2004 — Mashed Potato Jones, one of the "characters" from Halloween Fairstival, was drawn for the sketchbook on November 8, 2004.
  • Email animal — The email is sent by someone called "Spud Jr". The Brothers Chaps explain in the DVD commentary that "spud" is another word for "potato".
  • Thy Dungeonman 3 — The Fat, Fat Friar uses his teeth to slice potatoes (and carrots) into his stew.
  • Weekly Fanstuff 2006 — A fan sent in a model of Pom Pom made out of potatoes, called "new potato pom", which was shown in the Weekly Fanstuff of August 11, 2006.
  • Why Come Only One Girl? — While discussing a new female character and the scenario of her wearing a burlap sack, the Narrator wonders what would be shown on its front. Possible choices included the word "potato", "potate", or simply a picture of a potato.
  • Email retirement — Strong Bad eats Chippies! and flavored triangles, which he claims are his prescription antidepressants.
  • Email pet show — Strong Bad and The Cheat jump into a large pile of potatoes to gloss over the fact that they lost the competition.
  • Action Cool News-oween ReportThe animatronic Rocoulm threatens to creep outside The Cheat's window and slowly peel a single potato.

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