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This article is about the list of all games. For the games menu itself, see Scrolling Shooter Games Menu.
A sample of Videlectrix games

Games are an integral part of the Homestar Runner site. The Brothers Chaps are confirmed Nintendo supporters and have an affinity for Atari 2600 games. Along with Jonathan Howe, they have a fictional games company called Videlectrix. The games they release are influenced by all of the less-than-spectacular (though highly addictive) arcade and computer games of the '80s.

The current games menu is the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu. Older games are accessed via the Handheld Games Menu.


[edit] New Games

[edit] Old Games

[edit] Toon Games

Some games are accessed in Easter eggs at the end of toons.

[edit] Message Bored Games

[edit] SBCG4AP Games

[edit] DVD Games

[edit] Games

[edit] Misc. Games

[edit] Non-Playable Games

[edit] Videlectrix Game Catalog

[edit] Games from slumber party

[edit] Canceled Games

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