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This article is about the Pseudocharacter. For the Strong Bad Email, see geddup noise.
In action.

The Geddup Noise was the sound Strong Bad made when he got up from his computer, supposedly by the stool scraping against the carpet. It has also happened when he sat down to use his computer.

The Geddup Noise is very popular, and even inspired two cheap knockoffs: The King of Town's "The Standing Up Noise!!" and Strong Bad's "The Git Outcha Seat Sound", which was accompanied by Strong Mad as The Teach. It was originally called "the get up noise" by Strong Bad in the bet.

The Geddup Noise has made a guest appearance on Homestar Runner's The Show, but did not get the correct answer of "WAY-O, WAY-O" in a game. As a result, it won a year's supply of The Show's home edition game, which is made by Boardelectrix. It also inspired DJ Teh Cheat to create a Geddup Noise indietronic remix, which Pom Pom, Coach Z, Bubs, and Strong Mad (again as The Teach) were seen dancing to at Club Technochocolate. Later on, Pom Pom uses this song as a ring tone for his cell phone in technology.

According to Strong Bad, the Geddup Noise eventually bought a house in the Coches Mountains and now just snowboards all day, still ocassionally popping up in very odd celebrity endorsements for products such as Hamburger Shampoo, which is "Geddup Noise Approved!". Strong Sad did not approve of this selling out, and had previously remarked that "The Geddup Noise used to be cool" while listening to it on The AM Morning "CRUDE" Crew.

Prior to its debut in studying, Strong Bad didn't make a noise when he got up from his chair. An exception was in depressio, where Strong Bad made some sort of noise when he got up, but it wasn't the Geddup Noise. In flag day and sibbie, well after the noise's debut, Strong Bad rose from his stool without making the noise.

In the DVD commentary for army, The Brothers Chaps acknowledge that some people have noticed that the then-untitled Geddup Noise sounds like a stool scraping across wood (this is how the sound was recorded) even though the computer room's floor is carpeted. Also stated in the commentary was that the sound of the original geddup noise was that of an actual stool being slid across hardwood flooring in their old apartment.


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In the email geddup noise, it is said that Chairscoot has replaced the Geddup Noise. After the Geddup Noise made it big overseas, it was replaced by the current sound, its cousin Chairscoot, somewhere around email #84 (kids' book). The two sounds are indistinguishable. Strong Sad later acknowledges Chairscoot by name in fan club.

Being identified as the Geddup Noise's cousin, Homestar has referred to Chairscoot as "my generation's Geddup Noise".

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