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"That increases difficulty, and makes for exciting play!"
This article is about the character. For the song, see The Troghammer.

The Troghammer is a Peasantry knight debuting in Trogdor!! The Board Game. His goal is to vanquish Trogdor and repair any thatched-roof cottages he burninates. He behaves similarly to the other two knights mechanically, but he also has the ability to move during both phases of a turn. He is absent at the beginning of the game, placed on the Trog-Meter to be used later. At the start of the game, the player sets the seven (or four, recommended for beginners) Troghammer cards aside, then shuffles them into the Action Deck when Trogdor first takes damage. Matt Chapman describes him as "the board game equivalent of the Mario music getting faster in the last ninety seconds".

The first time a Troghammer card is drawn, he is placed on the board. Each subsequent time, he must be moved according to the directions on the Movement card drawn. Like the other knights, he repairs any cottages he touches. If he lands or spawns on a tile with a Knight or Archer, he is to be moved again. After drawing a Troghammer card and moving him, another Action card is drawn. He also moves along with the rest of the enemies during Phase Two of a turn. He can potentially move multiple times in one turn. Despite these differences, he is still considered a Knight, and anything that applies to Knights (such as Keeper, Item, or Action cards) also applies to the Troghammer (unless it specifically differentiates). His meeple is also included in the Stack 'Em to the Heavens minigame.

He looks similar to the other two knights, but with a gray and red color scheme instead of a blue one (although he was originally painted blue, and the red parts were black). He has large red horns on his can-shaped helmet, and a visor to see through. He wields a large red square hammer, hence the name. He also lacks a sword and shield. Besides their shared goals and gameplay mechanics, any further relation to the other two knights is unknown.

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