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Costumes that the characters wore in Pumpkin Carve-nival, Halloween 2002.

Image Character Costume Explanation External Links
Strong Bad As Homestar As Angus Young Strong Bad Homestar As Angus Young See Homestar's costume for information on Angus Young; Strong Bad wore this costume as part of an elaborate prank on the others.
The Cheat As Russell The Cheat Russell Russell Cosby is a character from the 1970s cartoon series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. His older brother Bill is a member of Fat Albert's junkyard gang and Russell was known for always trying to tag along with the rest of the gang regardless of their feelings towards him. His catchphrase was "no class", which was often used to insult gang member Rudy. The characters of the Cosby brothers were modeled after series creator Bill Cosby and his younger brother Russell. Wikipedia Article for Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
Strong Sad As Vyvyan Strong Sad Vyvyan Vyvyan was one of the four main characters in The Young Ones, a British alternative comedy series that ran from 1982 until 1984 on BBC Two. Played by Adrian Edmondson, Vyvyan was a medical student that was also a very violent punk rocker. He had several metal star-shaped studs embedded into his forehead, regularly assaulted his roommates, and did many strange things such as eat a television set and reattach his own severed head. Wikipedia Article for The Young Ones
The King of Town As Mario The King of Town Mario Mario is a video game character who is considered to be the face of Nintendo and the most recognizable video game character in history. Named after Mario Segale, the owner of the building Nintendo of America was originally located in, he is the most famous creation of Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and has appeared in a wide variety of video games, most notably the Super Mario series. The Mario franchise has also crossed over into other media, including several cartoon series and two feature films based on the character. Wikipedia Article
Strong Mad As A Ghost Strong Mad A Ghost Although not as widely used as it once was, the ghost costume is considered to be one of the all-time classics and was so widely known that it even made its way into a Charlie Brown Halloween special. It is a simple costume to assemble, consisting of a white sheet with two holes cut in the top to make the eyes and ensure that the person wearing it can see. Of course, Strong Mad being Strong Mad, the holes are over his mouth instead of his eyes.
Coach Z As Kid Coach Z Kid Christopher "Kid" Reid was a member of the late '80s hiphop duo Kid 'n Play, who were one of the first rap groups to become kid-friendly. They had a Saturday morning cartoon show and starred in the House Party series of movies. Wikipedia Article for Kid 'n Play
The Poopsmith As A Sleestak The Poopsmith A Sleestak The Sleestaks were a group of villainous lizard-like humanoids who lived in the society that the Marshall family stumbled into on the 1974 Sid and Marty Krofft series Land of the Lost. The Poopsmith can also be seen wearing this costume during Trogdor Con '97. Wikipedia Article
Homsar As Ghost Dog Homsar Ghost Dog Ghost Dog is the title character of the 1999 film Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. Played by actor Forest Whitaker, he is an African-American hitman who models himself after the ideal Japanese samurai. Wikipedia Article
Pom Pom As The Kool-Aid Man Pom Pom The Kool-Aid Man The Kool-Aid Man, as his name implies, is the mascot for the Kool-Aid line of drinks produced by Kraft Foods. Originally developed as "Pitcher Man" in 1954, he is a giant anthropomorphic glass drink pitcher with red Kool-Aid inside. His trademark entrance is to answer calls from thirsty children by break through walls to cheer "Oh yeah!" and offer Kool-Aid. He has a name given, Frankie. Wikipedia Article
Marzipan As Left Eye Lopes Marzipan Left Eye Lopes Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was a member of the Atlanta-based R&B trio TLC, where she sang and played keyboard. The black stripe under Marzipan's eye was one of Lopes' trademark looks. She died in a car crash in Honduras in April 2002, six months prior the release of Pumpkin Carve-nival. Wikipedia Article
The Goblin As Strong Bad As The Bee The Goblin Strong Bad As The Bee "Strong Bad" was found to actually be the Goblin in a Strong Bad costume.
DO THE MARIO! Bubs Captain Lou Albano Captain Lou Albano was a professional wrestler and later a manager of various wrestlers and tag teams. One of his trademarks was having rubber bands hanging from piercings in his face, as Bubs tries to emulate. After retiring from wrestling, Albano went into acting, with his most widely known role being Mario in the 1989 syndicated television series The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Wikipedia Article
Homestar As Angus Young Homestar Runner Angus Young Angus Young is the lead guitarist for the Australian heavy metal band AC/DC. His trademarks are playing in a schoolboy uniform and his antics on stage, which include rolling around on the floor. Wikipedia Article
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