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"Now spell 'Douuuuuuuuble Deuce.'"

The Grape-Nuts Robot is a Strong Bad robot that Bubs built out of a Grape-Nuts cereal box, a Slinky, some LEDs, and parts of a Speak & Spell. It was introduced as part of a flashback to an email not on the site. Apparently, it is made by the company Food (the real-life cereal is made by Post) and is "NOT NEW!". It speaks in a robotic monotone and doesn't seem to work very well. Despite this, Strong Bad loves it, because he thinks it "sounds just like [him]". He tries to make it prank call Marzipan, but it fails to do so.

[edit] Known Words

  • "Now spell: 'Come back, Ali. Come back, Ali's sister.'"
  • "Now spell: 'Carp for brains'."
  • "Things were just about to start getting crazy-go-nuts."
  • "Now spell: 'Douuuuuuuuble Deuce.'"
  • "Hello, Marz-pan."
  • "Kiss the butt."
  • "Kiss a butt."
  • "You're adopted."

[edit] Nutritional Information

This is a very healthy
choice for your breakfast
needs. Try it once or
more, for best results.

Ingredients: cereal, milk,
cold cereal, 2% milk,
more ceral, more milk,
grape nuts, nuggets,
nuggets, nuggets,
assorted premium

iron 0g
calcium 0g
iron 0g
calcium 0g
fiber 0g
oats 0g
wheats 0g
Vit. C 0g
zinc 0g

[edit] Appearances

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