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Soolnds is Strong Sad's preferred term for his peculiar feet. He named them this in his blog entry of August 12th, 2004, as well as in the email retirement. The Brothers Chaps mentioned this name again in the DVD commentary for replacement. However, most of the time, others refer to them as being "kind of like elephant feet". An overheard phone conversation with Strong Bad in 50 emails has him plotting the sale of these feet for $50, and some poachers have offered several thousand dollars for them.

Originally, the soles of Strong Sad's soolnds had no visible features, as seen in a A Decemberween Pageant. However, in later toons, more detail has been shown:

The imaginary El Pardack sports a soolnd arm, and The Cheat can impersonate Strong Sad's left soolnd so well he has won the Strong Sad Lookalike Contest every year between 2000 and 2003.

[edit] Specific Appearances

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