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Soolnds is Strong Sad's preferred term for his peculiar feet. He first named them this on his blog; however, most of the time, others refer to them as, or compare them to, "elephant feet". They are apparently in high demand, as Strong Bad can be overheard selling them in 50 emails for fifty bucks, and some poachers have offered Strong Sad several thousand dollars for them.

Originally, the soles of Strong Sad's soolnds had no visible features, as seen in a A Decemberween Pageant. However, in later toons, more detail has been shown. In caffeine and the chair, Strong Sad's soles are briefly seen to have spirals. Saddy Dumpington has this quality as well, as shown in A Folky Tale. However, in Experimental Film, Strong Sad's soles have concentric circles reminiscent of a tree's growth rings.

[edit] Specific Appearances

[edit] The term "soolnds"

[edit] Other notable references

  • Yearbook Character Page — The book refers to Strong Sad as an "elephant-footed depressing lump".
  • Email 50 emails — An overheard phone conversation with Strong Bad has him plotting the sale of elephant feet.
  • Email impression — Homestar Runner wears hippo slippers as part of his Strong Sad costume, which he refers to as elephants. The Cheat impersonates Strong Sad's left soolnd so well that he won the Strong Sad Lookalike Contest four years in a row.
  • Email replacement — Strong Sad says that if he saw "Strong Sad" on the couch watching TV, he would give him a foot massage. Strong Bad interjects that Strong Sad's soolnds "are not feet".
  • Email animal — The imaginary El Pardack sports a soolnd arm.
  • Email modeling — Strong Sad claims that poachers have offered several thousand for his feet.
  • Trogdor Con '97 — Strong Sad's toenails are painted black as part of his costume.
  • Email myths & legends — Strong Bad calls Strong Sad an "elephant-footed ghost man".
  • Hremail 2000 (Easter egg) — Strong Sad's feet are used as foot pelts by Strong Bad.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Tricks — In a hypothetical example of "surgeries gone wrong", two soolnds (among other limbs) are sewn onto Marzipan.
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