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"I found that SHMUPs taste best."

Strong Bad once again mocks the costumes sent to him by the fans, this time with some unexpected characters.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Coach Z, D n' D Greg, What's Her Face, Old-Timey Strong Bad, Bubs (all voice only)

Costumes depicted (in order of first appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Senor Cardgage, D n' D Greg, What's Her Face, The Paper, Strong Sad, Marzipan, Matt Chapman as Motion Capture Strong Bad, Large Bean, Homsar, Old-Timey Strong Bad, Il Cartographer, Gardenboy, Mr. Cheatayama

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Running Time: 5:30 (TV Time Toons Menu), 5:34 (Actual)

Page Title: Dress em' up Dan!


[edit] Transcript

{As usual, the toon starts in the basement of the Brothers Strong; the light dims and the projector screen comes down. The first image displayed is a bald man wearing make up to resemble Strong Bad's mask. Two keyboards can be seen behind him.}

STRONG BAD: {singing in the tune of The System is Down. Every time he says "bald", the image bops along to the music and is mirrored.} The system is bald! The system is bald! The system is bald! Bald, bald, bald, bald! {The image is covered with some rave effects and the image randomly reversed or flipped upside down.} DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE!

{The next image shows a guy in a The Cheat hoodie kneeling down. A glow stick appears and spins in front of him.}

STRONG BAD: {resumes singing and mimics a techno beat mimics.} Doom doom doom doom. The system is bald! {The picture of the guy in the Strong Bad makeup appears again. The image then spins around.} Dah dah doh-la dah dah!

{The next image shows up with the same man as before, holding a glass next to a man dressed as Ned Flanders. A little piano ditty plays.}

STRONG BAD: {singing to a different tune.} Now go have a Cold One with Ned Flanders!

{The next frame shows a giant Homestar costume.}

STRONG BAD: Impressive Homestar costume! I see you made him with his rectangle mouth, which I like to call 'Cartridge Mouth Homestar'! I'm always just tempted to shove a VHS tape {as Strong Bad lists the examples, the item gets inserted and pressed down into Homestar's mouth} or a dusty old musty Game Pak right in there!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I found that SHMUPs taste best! You know, like Xeliogravius... IV? {the box for Videlectrix game Xeliogravius IV drops down, showing a spaceship fighting a green alien inside a large mouth. On it is a caption that says "Not a total rip-off!"} That's a good game.

{The next slide shows a man dressed up as Coach Z.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, there's actually some pretty good {the next slide shows another person dressed as the aforementioned character} looking Coach Z costumes this year! You guys have really— {the next slide appears, featuring a Coach Z costume with a skin-tight suit} Oh, the pain! {the next slide appears, with another Coach Z costume, this time a full-body suit} Oh, the mercy! All right, you guys! I'm calling it! I don't want to see anybody wearing these skin tight green jobs next year!

COACH Z: Okay, you asked for it! {Coach Z hums to himself as some rustling and squishing noises are heard.}

STRONG BAD: Ah! I was talking about the fans! And what did I tell you about humming those saucy "getting undressed" songs?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: INA-PRO-PRO! {The "INA-PRO-PRO" stamp is slammed onto the screen, accompanied with a buzzer noise.}

{The next image shows a man dressed up as Senor Cardgage holding a bag. The "INA-PRO-PRO" stamp is slammed onto the image again.}

STRONG BAD: Oh my dear yes! {The "INA-PRO-PRO" stamp fades away.} Gonna have to get analogous on this one.

{An analysis sheet is pulled up. The top is written "ANALOGY WORKSHEET - Unit 1 - Cardgage" with the bottom written "this guy: cardgage:: cardgage: strong bad". A sketch of the person wearing the costume appears.}

STRONG BAD: This guy's costume is to {a sketch of Senor Cardgage appears} Cardgage, as Cardgage {the aforementioned sketch appears, but mirrored} is to {a sketch of Strong Bad appears} Strong Bad. {The sheet moves out of view.} He's like a Cardgage among Cardgages. He's like Cardgage squared! Aww, and look! {zooms in on the bag of a take out bag of Chick-fil-A lying on the ground. Strong Bad then imitates Cardgage.} Somebody finally took him to Chick-fil-A.

{The next image shows a guy dressed as D n'D Greg and a woman dressed as What's Her Face.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, that's a dead-on D n'D Greg and What's Her Face, and your wall even dressed up as D n'D Greg's front hallway!

{Speech bubbles for D n'D Greg and What's Her Face appear}

D N'D GREG: The KROKUS banner on my front porch drew her near... and this Slayer poster in my hallway won her heart.

WHAT'S HER FACE: Uhh... I like pavement.

{The next image shows another giant Homestar costume standing in front of a closed door.}

STRONG BAD: B-WHOA-HO-HO! If I came out the bathroom and saw that thing standing in the hallway, I'd call in the SWAT flamethrower strike team. {Mimics a caller} Uh, yes, officer, there's a seven-foot-tall Homestar Runner with saggy ankles standing in my s-st-stounch! {laughs over his next few lines} That's what we call the area between the bathroom and the laundry room. The stounch. Come and get him. In my stounch.

{The next slide scrolls down with "Pree-ow" playing. A guy has The Paper taped on his face and is standing behind a computer monitor with a Tandy 400 background reading "a> Pretend this computer is 30 years old."}

{The next slide shows a guy dressed as David Byrne and a woman dressed as The Log Lady. They are sitting on a table with candles and a picture of a plant on it, while the guy holds his hands up with his eyes closed.}

STRONG BAD: So wait, you didn't actually dress up as Strong Sad or Marzipan, you dressed up as the {a still showing Strong Sad and Marzipan appear on the bottom right} people they dressed up as one time, and then painstakingly {the images move up to the slide, scales to match the propositions and becomes translucent} recreated the scene in which they appeared. Well, that sounds exactly like the kinda nerdy thing those two losers would be into anyways. {The comparison fades away.} So good job.

{The next slide shows a person dressed up as motion-capture Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Nothing like dressing up as an obscure Internet cartoon's even more obscure DVD bonus feature. {An image of motion-capture Strong Bad appears on the left side.} Mo-Cap Strong Bad, more like "Mowed-Down Strong Bad"! {Bubs's baloney truck runs into the picture of Mo-Cap Strong Bad and knocks it out of view.} 'Cause it's a very— there's a lot of black in the costume. Might be hard to see.

{The next slide shows a guy wearing a giant light brown pillow over his head, making it resemble a bean. He's sitting on a chair with a travel case next to him.}

STRONG BAD: Finally, Large Bean's getting the respect he deserves!

{The next frame shows the same character with a cardboard bean on the person's face. The background is dark and blurred.}

STRONG BAD: Hey! No fair blurring out the rest of your living room! How am I supposed to make fun of your family's terrible taste in decor?

{The next frame shows a boy in a Homsar costume.}

STRONG BAD: AaAaAaAaA! I'm a tall kitty in a pumpkin bag! {zooms in the kitty dressed decor in the background.} Or, {zooms back out} don't froth up, {zooms in on the unplugged appliance in the background} I unplugged the papasan! Man! Middle America's houses {zooms back out} are rife with Homsar quotes!

{The next frame shows a guy dressed as Old-Timey Strong Bad sitting on the steps next to a sign. The image is in a sepia tone.}

OLD-TIMEY STRONG BAD: Yes, feast your depression-era eyes on Strong Bad's Flavor Taste {zooms in on the sign} Tricks and Treats! {A logo of a spoon holding a white powder slide in from the top right} A spoonful of bakinged soda one could mistake for sugar and some molasses {a bottle of molasses slides in the bottom left with a dead goat on it. On it has the words "premulum" on it} bequeathed to me by a goat, upon its untimely demise! {zooms back out} Strong Bad is your number one candym'n!

{The next frame shows someone wearing a Coach Z costume.}

STRONG BAD: You guys.

{The next frame shows someone wearing a Senor Cardgage costume with some animals strapped on his knees, with a similar background and image quality.}

STRONG BAD: You guys!

{The next frame shows both images, with Senor Cardgage on the left and Coach Z on the right.}

STRONG BAD: You guys!! These are good costumes. These are great costumes! But why, in the year of our King of Town 2017, when everyone has a 12-jillion gregapixel camera in their pocket, {close-up of the Senor Cardgage costume's mask} do you send me pictures that look like they were taken on your... {a pink flip-phone with "Sweet Digits" written on it slides to the center of the screen} grandma's candy flip-phone that you don't have the heart to tell her {the phone opens, revealing a cartoony winking face on the screen, and a hole filled with colored balls below the buttons, with some spilling out of the phone.} it's not a real phone?! {grandma voice} But I had such good conversations with Little Protelzo! {normal voice} That's her— that's her grandson. Little Protelzo.

{The next frame shows one person dressed as il Cartographer, with a flag and map to the restroom, and a person dressed as Gardenboy beside him, with a rake and watering can, and a Kick The Cheat toy designed to look like Mr. Cheatayama, all against a wall with some sheets taped to it.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, this costume thing is not a contest. But you guys... win the costume contest! {an instrumental version of the il Cartographer theme plays as an image of il Cartographer, Gardenboy, and Mr. Cheatayama in the wrestling ring appears in the corner, with the character in the same positions as the costumes. As Strong Bad points out various things, it cuts close to them.} It's all here! Il Cartographer's floppy hat! And flag! And maps to the restroom! The insidious Mr. Cheatayama with his trademark whisk! {Cut to the entire picture; the image in the corner disappears} And you even took the picture in front of a depressing basement wall with some sheets taped to it! That was an actual venue we used to wrestle in! {the music stops} That's where il Cartographer finally won... {A wrestling belt, with a gold waffle design in the middle, zooms in from the center of the screen. There is a carton, melting butter, and a muffin on the waffle design, with the words "Continental Breakfast Champion" written at the top and bottom. The AWMPSCE logo is on both of the sides. The music continues.} the Continental Breakfast title belt!

BACKING SINGERS: il Cartographer!

LEAD SINGER: He won the title match!

BACKING SINGERS: il Cartographer!

LEAD SINGER: He took-a no crap!

BACKING SINGERS: il Cartographer!

LEAD SINGER: He's gonna draw another map!

{A brown map flies in from the left side of the screen to the middle. There is a compass pointing north in the bottom-left corner. There is a road that goes past Carrot and Kazoo Hill (labeled "CK Hill") and The Stick (unlabeled) to an X near Bubs' Concession Stand, with an arrow pointing to it, with red text reading "here be savings". There is a Yello Dello (labeled "yello-dello") just past the stand. In the bottom right-corner, there is a Bubs head wearing a hat.}

BACKING SINGERS: He's the il Cartographer!

STRONG BAD: I claim-a this belt in the name of Bubsmfort Inn & Suites! Home of the free continental breakfast! {quickly, quietly} Located just past Carrot-Kazoo Hill, one mile south of the Yello Dello.

BUBS: {a speech bubble appears from the Bubs head on the map, as Bubs reads it:} Make yourself Bubsmfortable!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • "SHMUP" is an abbreviation of "shoot 'em up", a subgenre of video games that involves controlling a ship to dodge obstacles and blast away enemies with projectile weapons.
  • A papasan is a bowl-shaped chair, originally from the Philippines, that features a removable round futon cushion on a sturdy lightweight frame.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Remarks

  • In the 'Cartridge Mouth Homestar' photo, another person wearing a costume is partially visible on the left-hand side. Decompiling the Flash file reveals that the person is dressed up as Sans, a character from the RPG video game Undertale by Toby Fox. While some other photos in this toon are cropped when compared to their decompiled versions, this photo has been trimmed the most, and is the only one in which another person is cropped out. Strong Bad previously referenced Homestuck, which contains some of Toby Fox's music, at W00tstock 5.0.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • The "Continental Breakfast" Belt is a play on the Intercontinental Championship, a title in both WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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