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Tweets for 2023


This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from October 2023.


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[edit] October

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And now, here is an internet hyperlink to the 20th Halloween Cartoon (if you count that game thing from a couple years ago):
This Tweet links to The Show: Ween Edition on YouTube.
29 Oct 2023

This โ€œin the style of Limozeenโ€ cover of the Great Pumpkin theme by @trott sounds more like the bg music for the Halloween level of an 8-bit Linus platformer. Yโ€™know and youโ€™d have to whip floatin Lucy Witch Masks with yer blanket nโ€™ stuff? Somebody chip tune this thing asap!
This Tweet quotes @trott, who made a version of the Graveyard theme from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown said to be in the style of Limozeen.
27 Oct 2023

This either makes you the best or worst stepkid ever depending on various supernatural factors. (I like how you made him kinda pouty)
This Tweet quotes @fishfrenzy09, who painted the Jibblies Painting.
23 Oct 2023

Tweet image for 24 Oct 2023
Speaking of costumes, new from @Fangamer, it's Dangeresque's Cool, Cool Glasses for your Strong Bad talking plush! Also fits on your other fave plushes and/or medium-sized gourds maybe! https://fangamer.com/collections/ne...
24 Oct 2023

Tweet image for 23 Oct 2023
Silhouettes! Of some costumes! And if YOU dress up as one of US this year, post it in this thread and mebbe Iโ€™ll give you the business later on!
23 Oct 2023

Video thumbnail for 16 Oct 2023
The promo stuff for this ep was some of the best! I mean lookit these guys! Itโ€™s like Greggy Metal Parking Lot oโ€™er here!
This Tweet is a reply to @dennis_lenart, who posted a promo poster for Baddest of the Bands.

Video Transcript

See Baddest of the Bands Promo
16 Oct 2023

Tweet image for 14 Oct 2023
Everybody loves The Homestretch Jogger. He is a terrific athletic pant.
14 Oct 2023

Listen to this Dinosaur pie! @trott strikes again with this smooth musical trilogy based on the idiotic moon-ramblings of Homestar Runner!
This Tweet quotes @trott who posted a video of footage from Halloween Hide & Seek with Homestar Runner singing "Dinosaur Pie". Accompanying music has been added.
13 Oct 2023

Just cheevo-types
This Tweet is a reply to @particalman1016 who asked if there were any differences between the Steam and Itch versions of the Halloween Hide & Seek game.
05 Oct 2023

Says you!
This Tweet is a reply to @strongbadswife and @CurtisBonds, the latter asking when a new toon would release, and the former saying that there would be one by the end of the month.
05 Oct 2023

What? You dih-inโ€™t know? Halloween Hide nโ€™ Seek snuck onto Steam a couple months ago! Still just a 2 buck!
This Tweet links to Halloween Hide & Seek on Steam
05 Oct 2023
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