The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods Costumes

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Costumes that the characters wore in The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods, Halloween 2019.

Image Character Costume Explanation External Links
Homestar Runner Snufkin Snufkin is one of the primary characters in the Moomins fantasy series. He is a nomadic vagabond who is Moomintroll's best friend, staying in Moominvalley during the spring and summer. In the original Swedish version, he is known as "Snusmumriken", which translates to "old man who talks carelessly". Wikipedia article
Pom Pom Burt the Bashful Burt the Bashful is the first midboss seen in the Super Nintendo platformer Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Originally a regular Burt, he is transformed into a giant by Kamek the Magikoopa to battle Yoshi and steal Baby Mario. Pom Pom demonstrates his death animation when Strong Bad asks him to provide some "Mode 7". Wikipedia article

Mario Wiki article

Strong Bad Bic Boy Bic Boy is the advertising mascot for Société Bic, a French corporation that manufactures pens, razors, and cigarette lighters. His distinguishing feature is a drop of black ink that makes up his head and face, initially based on the metal ball in the tip of the company's pens. Wikipedia article
Strong Mad Pink Floyd The Wall The Wall is a 1979 art-rock concept album by Pink Floyd; in 1982, it was adapted into a musical film by the same name. The album is about the rise and fall of a rock star named Pink, who slowly drives himself away from reality. Strong Mad's costume references a common cover for the film. Wikipedia article on the album

Wikipedia article on the film

Strong Sad The Loughton Candidate The Loughton Candidate is the central character in Matthew Barney's 1994 film Cremaster 4. The Candidate is a tap-dancing satyr who travels to the Isle of Man during a car race that will determine its gender. Wikipedia article
The Poopsmith a Condorman Condorman was a 1981 Disney superhero comedy about a comic book artist named Woodrow Wilkins that builds a functional costume and gadgets based on his own superhero character, Condorman, for the purposes of making the comic book adventures more realistic. Wikipedia article
Coach Z The Fresh Prince's Mom "Parents Just Don't Understand" was the breakthrough single from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's 1988 album He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. Coach Z is dressed as the Fresh Prince's mother from the song's music video, as portrayed by DJ Jazzy Jeff. The same costume/character appears in the opening title sequence for The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Wikipedia article
The King Of Town Charlie Charlie is a character that appears in the first series of the British comedy show The Mighty Boosh. He is a pink blob of used bubble gum that is a character in the books written by Vince Noir. Wikipedia article
Marzipan Maetel Maetel (known as Maeter in the original Japanese version, based on the Latin word for mother) is one of the characters from the anime/manga series Galaxy Express 999. She is the traveling companion of the main character, Tetsuro Hoshino, on the space train which the series is named after. She also received a spinoff series called Maetel Legend, which explains that she is the daughter of a queen named Promethium. Wikipedia article
The Cheat Little Caesar Little Caesars is a pizza restaurant chain, the third-largest in the United States. Its mascot, the eponymous "Little Caesar", is a cartoon Roman man famous for his catchphrase: "Pizza! Pizza!" Wikipedia article
Bubs Commander Borf Commander Borf is the antagonist from the Don Bluth quick-time video game Space Ace. Borf plots to rule the world by turning every person on Earth into infants with his invention, The Infanto Ray. Wikipedia article
Homsar A Bill Bill is a character from the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon "I'm Just a Bill". In the cartoon, Bill (performed by Jack Sheldon) explains the process of how bills become laws. Wikipedia article

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