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That'll teach those kids!

The Egg Throwing Game is accessible by clicking "play a game while u wait?" at the Homestarloween Party loading screen. It is a very simple game: by clicking the egg labeled "throw", Strong Bad throws an egg at passing trick-or-treaters dressed as ghosts. Three appear at a time, running behind the fence at various speeds. If the hit connects, a honking sound effect plays and the player is awarded 50 points (hitting two trick-or-treaters with one egg will award 100 points). Only one egg can be thrown at a time, and clicking "throw" multiple times will restart the path of the egg onscreen. There is no way to win or lose the game and it never ends — eggs are in infinite supply, and it can be exited by clicking "play the toon".

A screenshot of the game with a high score of 203,850 is seen in the Museum Fan Stuff page, sent by fan Chris Kantus. Achieving this score would require hitting 4,077 of the trick-or-treaters, the description jokes that this would've taken "2 whole days".

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