3 Times Halloween Funjob (song)

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The photograph of the deceased was electric, but the two box Oreos were too hectic.

sloshy performs the theme music from 3 Times Halloween Funjob, with vocals.


[edit] Detailed Information

Album: Degradest Hits
Track: 10
Time: 2:00
Artist(s): sloshy
Style: Alternative/indie
Origin: Based on the music from the beginning of 3 Times Halloween Funjob.

[edit] Lyrics

The first job was electric
The second job was too hectic
But the third job was a very fun job

Last Halloween was atrocious
The next Halloween no one knows us
But the third Halloween is a very fun job
(Very very fun job, very very fun)

One time I got mono
Two times I went solo
But the three times I had a very fun
Three times I had a very fun job
(Very very fun job, very very fun)

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