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"We recorded some solid hits!"
This article is about the Puppet Jam. For the Puppet Stuff, see Everybody Knows It.

Everybody Knows It is the seventh and final installment of Puppet Jam with They Might Be Giants.

Cast (in order of appearance): John "flans" Flansburgh on guitar, John "linnell" Linnell on accordion, Marty "marty" Beller on skins, Puppet Homestar "homeslice" Runner on vox

Running Time: 2:38

DVD Exclusive: Everything Else, Volume 1


[edit] Transcript

FLANSBURGH: {talking to Linnell} So, let's do it four times, then go up an chord, then four times and back down. So it goes 'round and round, and then we go back down.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {says at the same time as Flansburgh, after he says "'Round and round"} 'Round and round. {singing} 'Round and round, with love we'll find a way...

LINNELL: Ok, I'll just follow you.

{They Might Be Giants starts to play}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Everybody knows it
Everybody knows it
Everybody knows it's true.
Oh yeah.
And work out twice a day.

{Homestar pauses, and Flansburgh stops to play, while Linnell continues.}

FLANSBURGH: {laughs} I feel like I was offset by, like, one beat.

LINNELL: Yeah, me too.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah. Me too. I was followin' your lead. Yeah. And we were both off together. Yeah.

FLANSBURGH: Here we go, one more time!

LINNELL: This is gonna be the one.

{starts to play}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Everybody knows it
Everybody knows it
Everybody knows it's true.
Oh yeah.
And work out twice a day.
Don't ask me why I said it,
'Cause I already forgot.

{Flansburgh and Linnell speed up gradually}

I can't remember yesterday,
I only remember Steve!
I can't remember Steve now!
{Stops singing, and TMBG stops playing} Now I remember... April! Not a girl, the month! April!
I always talk over the end. Does that ruin them?

LINNELL: No, that was the keeper.

FLANSBURGH: I think our job is done here.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah man, we recorded some solid hits! {"High fives" the Johns, by just moving closer. A high-five sound is heard} Put 'em on wax! Oh! Call the union! Call the Orkin Army.

LINNELL: Textile union, local 802.

FLANSBURGH: All right, so uh...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks guys. Thanks for coming to my studio. {shifts right to see Matt holding the Homestar puppet. Marty Beller gets up and walks over to Homestar}

LINNELL: {laughs}

BELLER: You've got quite a nice hat.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, not anymore, it broke on the plane. {Beller attempts to spin the propeller, but it doesn't.}

LINNELL: Awww...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: ...so this one's made of posterboard. It's supposed to be plastic.

LINNELL: Bummer.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah. It's my buzzer. Usually I ask people to spin my buzzer. {camera starts to shift left, and Flansburgh is seen walking over to Matt and rolling his sleeves up. The camera starts to fade to black.} It's like, it's like telling them to sit on it. {fades out} I'm like, SPIN MY BUZZER! It's how I mouth off.

LINNELL: Does Homestar go in the luggage?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I do. I've been in a duffel bag all morning.

FLANBURGH: That's your signature uh...

{Cut to the end paper.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the only Puppet Stuff video where Matt Chapman is seen.

[edit] Remarks

  • Judging by what Homestar and TMBG say, this is probably the last song of the recording session.

[edit] Real-World References

  • The song Homestar starts singing after Flansburgh says "round and round" is Round And Round by '80s glam-metal band Ratt.
  • "Orkin Army" refers to a slogan of the Orkin pest control company.
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