It's Like It Was Meant to Be (video)

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This article is about the puppet video. For the song, see It's Like It Was Meant to Be.
I'm seriously not kidding.

Music video of Puppet Strong Bad singing It's Like It Was Meant to Be.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet Strong Bad, Puppet The Cheat, Puppet Homestar

Running Time: 1:11

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Four


[edit] Transcript

{Strong Bad is at a grand piano, and is singing}

STRONG BAD: It's like, it was meant to be.
I'm not kidding, it's like it was meant to be.

{The Cheat starts playing a guitar, then plays the drums, destroying them in the process}
{Strong Bad is in his rocker costume, at a pair of amps, and flames are at the bottom of the screen}

I'm not kidding. No, I'm not kidding!
I've never been more serious in my life!

{Strong Bad is back at the piano, and is waving his arms in the air}

My life with you!

{The Cheat is playing the guitar again, and plays the drums again, but doesn't destroy them this time}
{Homestar is at the amps, silently singing the song, Strong Bad promptly chases him away}

Ohhhh, I'm not kidding! I'm seriously not kidding.
I'll never stop joking! Oh, wait, I mean I will stop joking!

{Strong Bad is at the piano again}

Because I'm serious! It's like it was meant to be!

{Strong Bad falls over, and the song ends}

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