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"Oh. A little Santaman. Booo!"
"Ohhh, Santam'n is a blade man!"

Santaman (pronounced Santa-m'n) seems to be the Homestar Runner universe's equivalent of Santa Claus, a legendary figure who is said to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve. The Goblin dresses as a Santaman in 3 Times Halloween Funjob for his Halloween costume, causing everyone to cheer.

In the Decemberween in July toon Homestar and the Nice Present, Puppet Homestar Runner gets a Santaman toy for Decemberween as the titular "nice present". The toy can move back and forth and walk slowly. Homestar doesn't enjoy the present at first, but then he starts talking to it and racing it. When its battery finally runs out, Homestar seems concerned for it. It is unknown who gave him the present.

A different knife wielding Santaman toy appears as Stingy Relenque's hench-robot in Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack. It appears as a regular Santaman at first, then blades come out of its hands and it makes angry eyebrows. It has a built-in music player that plays a song sung by Homestar, "Santam'n Is A Blademan". It was defeated when it fell over from being too top heavy, and the music player malfunctioned. Despite owning the robot, Stingy Relenque thinks it sucks.

Although it is spelled "Santaman" in Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack and in the streaming version of Hooked on Decemberween, Strong Bad spells it as "Santam'n", and says on his Twitter account that Santaman sounds like a "made for TV holiday special".

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