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Action Cool 5
Type Television network
Launched November 17, 2003
Broadcast area Strong Badia
Owned by Strong Bad

Action Cool 5 is a local television station for Strong Badia. It was first created in the email local news when Dan asked Strong Bad if he had a news station, and he threw one together called "Strong Badia Action Cool News 5" in order to impress Dan.

"Action Cool 5", as shown in theme song, also broadcasts other shows besides "Strong Badia Action Cool News 5". The shows broadcasted are Three is 4 Tonite, shown weeknights at 7:30, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, and 11:30, Cheat Commandos, weekdays at "right now" [4:30], and Powered by The Cheat. Strong Badia Action Cool News 5 presumably comes on after Powered by The Cheat.

A puppet stuff news broadcast was shown in Action Cool News-oween Report, where Strong Bad reports that local residents are angry about the animatronic statue of the Jibblies Painting that has been put up in the neighborhood.


[edit] Known Programming

[edit] Action Cool News 5

Each newscaster in "Strong Badia Action Cool News 5" is presented during the opening credits on index cards, each held by The Cheat. The cards read "Strong Bad with Top Stories", "Sportscarster Strong Mad", "Meteorologist TIRE", and "THE FRIGGIN CHEAT", respectively. The Cheat also sings the theme song, which appears when the show opens and ends.

The "Action Cool News" logo includes a muscular arm appearing out of the "S" in "Strong Badia". This refers to Trogdor, who has a "beefy arm" on the back of his S-shaped body. The slogan is "We're Investiga-Awesome".

[edit] Newscasters

[edit] Staff Members

[edit] Main Stories

  • The World In Crisis
  • Obscene Ween?

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