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"Tornado round?"

Some Extras

Cast (in order of appearances): Puppet Homestar, Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, Little Girl, Puppet The Cheat, Missy Palmer, Ryan Sterrit, Jackie Chapman, Limozeen

Running Time: 3:04

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Three (Easter egg)

[edit] Transcript

{Screen says "Some Extras". The scene is from the Easter egg in "3 Times Halloween Funjob", with puppet Homestar dressed as John McEnroe.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {moving violently} Come on! {pause} My hair's coming off.

{Tilt down to see Matt controlling the puppet. Cut to Mike fixing the puppet's hair.}

MATT: {offscreen} Puppet dresser: Mike Chapman.

MIKE: All right. {moves offscreen}

MATT: {offscreen} She good?

MIKE: {offscreen} Yeah.

{Cut to some more adjusting of the puppet. Some indiscernible talking.}

{Next scene: Homestar puppet held against the elbow of a statue of a hockey player, during a snow fall}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh! {pause} Elbowed!

{Next scene: Homestar puppet with Little Girl against green screen. This is from the filming of Homestar vs. Little Girl.}

LITTLE GIRL: Homestar...


LITTLE GIRL: Homestar...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Right here man.

LITTLE GIRL: Homestar...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What! {no response} What is it?

LITTLE GIRL: {giggles} It's funny.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yes, it's always funny. Hahahaha... I agree, that's... pretty funny.

{Cut to a new shot of them. Homestar is now wearing a Santa hat.}

LITTLE GIRL: Homestar...


LITTLE GIRL: Why don't you draw with some crayons?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh yeah? I don't got— I don't got any crayons, kid.


{Offscreen laughter, then a cut.}

LITTLE GIRL: How's an Uncle Matt song go?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't know, what's an Uncle Matt song?


HOMESTAR RUNNER: So, what are you doing tonight?


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hang on one second.

{Puppet goes down. Comes up a second later.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, I'm back.

{Little Girl starts to touch puppet}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Annnd... and we're clear.

LITTLE GIRL: {gesturing} You like your hat?


LITTLE GIRL: Turn it around!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Tornado round?


LITTLE GIRL: {gets closer, more gesturing} Turn it around.

{Homestar puppet turns partially around}

LITTLE GIRL: Turn it this way.

{Homestar turns back the other way}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ahhh ugh... That hurts, when I do that.

{Cut to the sound studio where Sample of Style was filmed. Mike leans against the wall.}

MATT: {offscreen} Just don't ever touch it again.

MIKE: I...

MATT: {offscreen} Just don't...

MIKE: ...didn't touch

MATT: {offscreen} Just don't...

MIKE: You touched it.

MATT: {offscreen} I didn't... you clearly touched it.

{Cut. Now we see Matt.}

MATT: Oh, that's a stupid, stupid question. {goes to briefcase and takes out tube} We'll take a real dough... {laughs} like this Strong Bad. {pauses, then passes tube under his leg}

{Cut. Matt leans against the wall.}

MATT: {offscreen} I don't like you any more.

MIKE: {starts laughing}

MATT: {offscreen} Sorry. Alright, again. Again! {pause} Just, just stay away from it.

MIKE: I didn't... aways to it. {both laugh}


MIKE: Okay, I... didn't do it. I mean, I saw you do it.


MATT: {offscreen} Make sense of that one for me? {both laugh}

{Cut. Mike has phone out}

MIKE: Hey Matt, some trucker wants to know how you make the voices for those terrible old-timey black and white cartoons you always make.

MATT: Great question, Mike!

{He gets out the Strong Bad tube and turns to the camera. Pause.}

MIKE: {off screen} Great answer, Matt. {Matt laughs}

{Cut to shots from the filming of Puppet Time. They are filming the part where The Cheat steals the disk container. The words on the scene say "a hand is in the shot". Repeated attempts are made to make The Cheat puppet steal the container without the hand (or more specifically, the wrist) being seen.}

MISSY: No, it's overshooting.

RYAN: Do it s—real slow.

JACKIE: It's right at the end when you—

RYAN: {overlapping} That's good. We can— We can work with that.

{Cut to Gary from Limozeen posing in front of a green screen with a guitar. Cut to Perry (Limozeen) in front of green screen with bass. He starts posing. Cut to Larry (Limozeen), posing with a microphone in front of the green screen. Cut to Mary (Limozeen) posing in front of the green screen.}


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