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This article is about the DVD karaoke video. For the song, see Secret Song.
"Secret Song, I can't believe it's you..."

Puppet-style Homestar plays Secret Song on the piano.

Characters (in order of appearance): Puppet Homestar

Running Time: 1:41

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Two

[edit] Transcript

{A close-up of a Yamaha piano. The words:

Secret Song
Homestar Runner

appear on screen. We hear footsteps, then Homestar comes into view. He sits down at the piano. A wider shot shows Puppet Homestar with cartoon legs. The words fade. Homestar plays piano music while he sings.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Secret Song
I can't believe it's you,
I never knew it was truuue!
Oh Secret
Secret So-{slightly off-key piano chord} Soooong...

{Homestar plays the piano with the side of his head}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You're the secretest song on the album, Secret Sooong...

{Plays a little piece}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Songs are made of mysteries,
And clouds are made of moonbeams,
Secret Song...

{Plays a little more. A superimposed image of puppet Homestar appears on the piano and continues the song}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {superimposed} {spoken} Secret Song, I love you. All night long. I can't stand to see you go.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {both} Secret Song, I love you so.

{Superimposed Homestar leaves.}

{Homestar plays a wrong chord}


{Homestar plays a different, better chord}


{Turns around (so that you can't see his eyes) and walks away with footsteps. Wide shot of piano.}

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