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"I'm tryingtosellabaloneysammich!"

Driven by Bubs, the Baloney Sammich Truck is to bologna sandwiches as an ice cream truck is to ice cream. In 2006, he drove it to the beach, and despite the fact he sold no sandwiches, he claimed that "it was pretty much [his] best summer ever". The Thnikkaman has been seen driving a suspiciously similar van through the Decemberween night sky. Notably, the Thnikkaman's version just has white paint sloppily covering the usual display with the letters "tH" painted on top of that, though the smiling sandwich is still plainly visible on top.

In the summer of 2008, he seems to have taken up his hobby of driving around the truck again, and caters to the denizens of Free Country, USA.

[edit] Sandwich varieties

  • "Gumball Surprise" — A sandwich with a pink gum ball in the middle.
  • "Open Smiley Face" — A sandwich with only one slice of bread and a smiley painted with mustard on top.
  • "I Heart Baloney" — A sandwich with heart-shaped bread.
  • "Dog Food" — A sandwich with bone-shaped bread.
    • In the initial version of The Baloneyman, a regular sandwich was also called "Dog Food". This was removed in a later revision of the toon.
  • "It's Not a Real Popsicle" — A sandwich with a double-Popsicle shaped bread.
  • "Inside Out" — A sandwich with one slice of bread in the middle of two baloney slices.
  • "Unrecognizable Summer Movie Tie-In" — A sandwich where the bread seems to be in the shape of a fighter jet, with a "2" at the nose.
  • "Taste Tested" — A sandwich shaped like it has a bite taken out of it, although Bubs hints in the short that the bite may be real. A Quote of the Week confirms that Bubs took a bite out of it.

[edit] Appearances

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