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This is the whole cartoon this year.

This Halloween, the gang decides to just hang out in the teaser while their teenage selves from the '70s have a run-in with Large Bean.

Cast (in order of appearance): The Poopsmith, Homsar, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Pom Pom, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Coach Z, Bubs, The King of Town, Strong Mad, The Sad Kids, Night Watchman Coach Z and Bubs, Councilman Zonepermit, Large Bean, Teenage Homestar Runner, Teenage Strong Bad, Teenage Marzipan, Teenage Strong Mad, Stave It Off Guy, Puppet Homestar (YouTube only), Mr. Poofers (Easter egg), Jibblies Painting (Easter egg), Old Man Rootbeer (Easter egg)

See Halloween Hijinks Costumes for more information on what everyone was wearing.

Places: The Field, City Hall

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Running Time: 6:30 (TV Time Toons Menu), 5:00 (Actual), 7:55 (YouTube)

Page Title: Silhoueen Toon


[edit] Transcript

{Scene opens at night, as crickets chirp. All twelve characters are present in silhouette. The text reads, "this is the whole cartoon this year".}

STRONG SAD: So... do you guys think that's true? This is really it?

STRONG BAD: {in an outrageous costume, which moves as he speaks} Yeah, probably. I feel like we've been steadily working towards this over the years.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You mean we're not gonna get into any Halloween hijinks or nothing?

COACH Z: Aaah... I'm getting too old for hijinks. And the last time I attempted even medium jinks, I t'rew out my torn rubdominal scrimmage.

{Pan right. Coach Z is standing on a front porch with some toilet paper on the banister, and an empty roll on the ground. The Sad Kids are holding up a plate of deviled eggs.}

COACH Z: Deviled eggs? Three pieces o' two-ply? Ya call those Halloween jinx? {takes out a whistle} Why, I could whistle so hard right now I—

{Coach Z blows the whistle. A shockwave bursts from his hip, filling the screen with redness and sending him reeling.}

COACH Z: Whooogho!

{A commercial begins. Coach Z fades into an X-ray on a white background.}

COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCER: If you've suffered a torn rubdominal scrimmage, {Coach Z's hip becomes red and inflamed; an arrow points to the injury with the words "Interior Rubdominal Scrimmage"} Halloween jinx don't need to be a thing of the past.

COACH Z: They don't?

{A banner reading "LOWJINXEROL" and an orange blob with a jack-o-lantern face appear.}

COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCER: Lowjinxerol is specially formulated {the orange blob dissipates, covering the injury} to treat creepy middle-aged ailments, {The injury fades away as the blobs cool it down} so you'll stop talking about them in public.

{Cut to Coach Z and Marzipan standing in the field at night. Marzipan approaches.}

MARZIPAN: Hey, Coach Z! How's it going?

COACH Z: Well, this morning in the locker room, my rubdominous swell— oomph!

{Coach Z is cut off by a flurry of orange Lowjinxerol blobs covering his mouth. Marzipan looks smug.}

{Fade to white as the Lowjinxerol banner comes on screen.}

COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCER: Reclaim your Halloween low jinx with {a bottle of pills appears; an orange blob comes out of it} Lowjinxerol, {speaks quietly and quickly, as if reciting a disclaimer. Logos appear as they are mentioned} a division of Fluffy Puff/Foamalate/Hot Pooey/Smarty Juice/Videlectrix Subsidiaries.

{Fade to black.}

{Fade in to an orange Channel 5 Action Card title card reading "We now return HALLOWEEN HIJINKS", featuring a toilet paper roll holding a toilet paper roll and an egg wearing sunglasses holding an egg.}

CHANNEL 5 ANNOUNCER: We now return to Channel 5's Halloween progrumming.

{Fade to black. Fade in to a dark hallway. Two security guards somewhat resembling Coach Z and Bubs are walking and holding flashlights.}

NIGHT WATCHMAN COACH Z: Slow night at City Hall, eh, fellow night watchman?

NIGHT WATCHMAN BUBS: That establishes our location and humdrum routine.

{Cut to a door reading "Councilman Zonepermit". Coach Z and Bubs approach in silhouette, illuminating the door with the the flashlight. Chattering is heard on the other side of the door.}

COUNCILMAN ZONEPERMIT: {in a voice resembling the King of Town's} Oh, please, don't keep walking towards me.

{Cut closer to the door. A shadowy figure is seen backing toward the window.}

COUNCILMAN ZONEPERMIT: I beg of you! {holds up arms} Nooooooo...!

{He continues backing away as a bigger, more imposing shadowy figure overtakes him.}

COUNCILMAN ZONEPERMIT: You're still walking towards me! Nooooo!

{Cut to the security guards, screaming in fright.}


{A title card for The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries is displayed. The musical theme plays.}

{Fade in to Councilman Zonepermit's office. Councilman Zonepermit is crushed beneath his desk, which is upside-down. The night watchmen are there with the four Mystfit-steries.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: Stand down, local law enforcement; group of random teens is here.

NIGHT WATCHMAN COACH Z: Mysfit-steries, thank goodness it's you.

{Cut to the night watchmen.}

NIGHT WATCHMAN COACH Z: I almost didn't recognize you in those absurd zigzaggèd pants.

{Cut to the teens.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: Yeah, I— I know; I'm trying to branch out.

{Cut to the night watchmen.}

NIGHT WATCHMAN BUBS: When we rushed in here, the mysterious silhouette had vanished.

{Cut to teenage Strong Bad and Strong Mad.}

TEENAGE STRONG BAD: Oh, great. Another fanatical mysterious believer.

{Cut to teenage Marzipan. An imposing shadow is slowly looming in the doorway behind her.}

TEENAGE MARZIPAN: Zigglies, why would anyone want to kill Councilman Zonepermit?

{Cut to teenage Strong Mad.}

TEENAGE STRONG MAD: Look out behind you!

{Cut to teenage Homestar.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: Luh-luh-luh...

{Pan to night watchman Coach Z.}


{Pan to night watchman Bubs.}


{Cut to...}

EVERYONE: Large Bean!

{Cut to teenage Strong Bad.}


{Cut to teenage Strong Bad and Strong Mad. Strong Bad turns ice blue and falls to the floor, frozen. Teenage Homestar runs in to examine him.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {placing his head to Strong Bad's} Huh? {raises head} Strong Bad stopped breathing!

{Musical sting.}

{Cut to teenage Homestar, standing up.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: We have to play in a band!

{Cut to a drum being played by teenage Strong Mad. Zoom out to show the Mysfit-steries playing a song under a crescent moon. Teenage Strong Bad is standing frozen at his keyboard. Teenage Marzipan plays a horn.}

{Cut to teenage Strong Bad. As the music plays, the ice color drops away and his regular color returns. He starts pounding on his keyboard.}

{Cut to teenage Homestar's foot, tapping.}

{Teenage Homestar pops up and sings as the others play in the background.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing} And in the moonlight, things get kind of kooky.

{Change to light blue background.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing} Girl, you know they do, and your parents don't—

{Cut to teenage Homestar and Marzipan. Marzipan is playing the tambourine.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: —respect me as a man.

{Teenage Marzipan frowns and walks away.}

{Cut to a field where the four teens are running.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing, voiceover} In the moonlight, {zoom out to reveal the group is being chased by Large Bean} things get kind of crazy.

{Cut to a red machine labeled "ZIG-ZAGGÉD PANTS EXTRICATING MACHINE 2000".}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing, voiceover} They're trying to extricate {zoom out to show the whole machine in the middle of the woods. Teenage Strong Bad flips a switch to turn it on} me out of these—

{Cut to teenage Homestar's pants.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing, voiceover} —absurd, zigzaggèd pants.

{Teenage Homestar runs into the machine through the doorway maked "Enter". Large Bean follows him.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing, voiceover} Moonlight... {The machine begins to shake. Strong Bad turns away and covers his ears} kooky—

{The music stops suddenly as the machine explodes. When the dust settles, Large Bean is tied up in teenage Homestar's pants.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {off-screen} Well, Strong Bad,

{Cut to teenage Homestar and Strong Bad standing over Large Bean. Homestar is now wearing striped short-shorts.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: it looks like your never-ending attempts to unshackle me from my ridiculous-èd pants have finally paid off.

{Teenage Strong Mad approaches in silhouette.}

{Cut to teenage Strong Mad.}

TEENAGE STRONG MAD: Let's find out whose rich uncle he really is.

{He pulls off the mask of Large Bean, and is shocked.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: Suh-suh-suh...

TEENAGE STRONG BAD: Suh-suh-suh...

TEENAGE MARZIPAN: Suh-suh-suh...

{Cut to...}


{Cut to teenage Marzipan.}

TEENAGE MARZIPAN: I thought it was gonna be that creepy night watchman.

{Cut to night watchman Coach Z, who is holding a bloody hammer.}

NIGHT WATCHMAN COACH Z: So did I, {puts hammer away} honestly.

{Cut to night watchman Bubs and the Stave It Off Guy.}

NIGHT WATCHMAN BUBS: Why would you want to kill Councilman Zonepermit?

{The Stave It Off Guy laughs. Cut to him.}

STAVE IT OFF GUY: I don't know. {shrugs} I guess he wouldn't give me no permits.

{Cut to teenage Homestar.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: There's only one place for a criminal like you.

{Musical sting.}

{Cut to teenage Homestar and the Stave It Off Guy.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {taking out a guitar} Playing in our band!

{Cut to teenage Strong Bad.}

TEENAGE STRONG BAD: Are we forgetting he totally just murdered somebody?

{Abrupt cut to the Mysfit-steries playing below a crescent moon once again, now joined by the Stave It Off Guy sitting in a chair and playing guitar with his Large Bean sleeves.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing} Moonlight... kooky...

{Cut to the backup band on a blue background. Teenage Strong Bad is playing keyboards, Marzipan is playing the horn, and Strong Mad is drumming.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing, voiceover} Moonlight...

{Cut to the two night watchmen dancing in front of the full moon. Coach Z is holding a bloody hammer.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: {singing, voiceover} Kooky kooky...

{Cut to the Stave It Off Guy. Numbers come out of talk balloons as he sings.}

STAVE IT OFF GUY: {in harmony background with Homestar} One... two... three...

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: Moonlight, things get kind of kind of kooky, yeah.

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

{Cut to the four Mysfit-steries playing their instruments on a yellow background, rotating in a circle.}

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: Kooky, oh yeah.

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

TEENAGE HOMESTAR: We're saying kooky, oh yea-ha-hah.

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

{Cut to the Stave It Off Guy playing guitar outside. A hideous monster with the head of Large Bean, a green body, and blue legs creeps up behind him.}

STAVE IT OFF GUY: {now the lead} One... two... three...

LARGE BEAN: {in harmony response} Stave it off...

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

LARGE BEAN: Stave it off...

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

LARGE BEAN: Stave it off...

{Cut back to the Mysfit-steries with the night watchmen on a teal background.}

STAVE IT OFF GUY: And now you can count to...

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

{Cut to the moon. The Stave It Off Guy's face appears in it as it slowly rises.}

LARGE BEAN: Stave it off...

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

LARGE BEAN: You've got to stave it off...

STAVE IT OFF GUY: One... two... three...

{Cut to teenage Homestar with striped short-shorts and Large Bean with zig-zagged pants dancing on a yellow background.}

LARGE BEAN: Stave it off...

{Cut to the Stave It Off Guy, outside.}

STAVE IT OFF GUY: Now you can count to—

{Large Bean and teenage Homestar join in.}


{Fade to black.}

{Cut back to the teaser screen. The text now reads "that was the whole cartoon this year".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: So... that whole deal we just watched. Was that, like, the list of side effects for Coach Z's Jinxy-rolls medicine?

STRONG SAD: Uh, what do you mean?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You know, like: {in a prescription drug commercial tone} Side effects may include:

{The teaser text disappears and is replaced with a bulleted list as Homestar speaks.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Zig-zaggèd pants, large bean, clichéd parodies, and playing in a band.

COACH Z: No way. The only side effects of Lowjinxerol are a...

{The text "Happy Halloween!" appears.}


{Strong Bad starts choking. His outrageous costume coughs him out, causing a silhouette of Strong Bad to go flying into the air against the full moon.}

STRONG BAD: Whaaa...! {Strong Bad stops in mid-air in front of the moon} Here I come! {drops straight down} Whooaa...!

{Cut to all the characters wearing their costumes. Strong Bad drops into his usual space wearing his.}

[edit] Easter Eggs

It gets less secret every year.
  • The hidden message "secret reading", identical to the one from the 2018 teaser, can be found in the Flash file. (See also #Inside References)
  • At the end, click on Coach Z:
COACH Z: {punching the air} Finally, someone let me outta my cage!
STRONG BAD: Oh, I can fix that.
{Strong Bad shoots beams from his eyes toward the sky. A cage falls on top of Coach Z, trapping him.}
COACH Z: {dejectedly} I ain't happy...
{The cage disappears.}
  • At the end, click on Homestar:
{The scene cuts to a green space. The King of Town, Bubs, Coach Z, Marzipan and Homestar are all walking towards the screen all dressed as characters from Bod.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {voiceover} Here comes Bod. {Begins to sing the theme tune of Bod as the word BOD appears in red behind them}
  • At the end, click on Strong Bad:
{The scene cuts to a green space. Marzipan dressed as Ursa, Strong Mad dressed as Non and Strong Bad are all walking towards the screen}
STRONG BAD: Here comes Zod. {Begins to sing the theme tune of Bod as the word ZOD appears in red, then he starts singing the Superman theme. Cut to Strong Bad standing next to Homestar}
STRONG BAD: Kneel before Zod!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, no. Kneel before Bod.
STRONG BAD: Nuh-uh! Kneel before Zod!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Kneel before Bod.
STRONG BAD: Kneel before Zod.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Kneel before Bod.
{Strong Bad and Homestar banter until both are crushed by a falling bowl of strawberries and cream.}
  • At the end, click on Bubs:
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing an out-of-tune version of the main theme from The Legend of Zelda} Say, Bubs, I really like your costume. It's '70s Bubs! Giving a piggyback ride! To Totoro! Eating a purple burrito! It's such a great costume, you know (ba-da-dum, da-da-dum, da-da-dum.)
BUBS: {imitating Beedle} Thank you!
  • At the end, click on Strong Mad:
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Mad: I dunno, probably from Labyrinth. Pom Pom: I dunno, probably from Great Muppet Caper. Strong Sad: I dunno, probably from Sesame Street. Poopsmith: I dunno, probably from Pigs in Space.
STRONG SAD: Ooh, the Hensonian method!
  • At the end, click on the King of Town:
STRONG BAD: Hey, King! Why didn't you dress up as King Ding Dong? That's a no-brain-o!
THE KING OF TOWN: Those Devil's food hockey pucks? Never!
STRONG BAD: I'm pretty sure it's all the same ingredients. Just extruded out of a different machine in the Double Dare guy's basement, which is where I assume all snacks come from.
THE KING OF TOWN: Don't get me started on Marc Summers!
  • At the end, click on The Cheat:
STRONG SAD: The Cheat loves Sosuke!
{The Cheat grows a pair of birdlike legs.}
THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}
{He returns to normal.}
  • At the end, click on Marzipan:
HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's a real swell zombie Ziggy Stardust costume, Marzipan. Real swell!
STRONG BAD: How come you got one o' them drive-thru speakers stuck in your chest?
MARZIPAN'S CHEST INSIGNIA: {in a distorted speaker voice} The powder is yours! Sprinkle it on your fries.
  • At the end, click on Homsar:
STRONG BAD: {imitating Homestar} Hey, Homsaw! I weally like youw BB-8 got wun ovew by a sand cwawlew costume!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Eh, I dunno. Personally, I woulda gone with Oscar the Grouch 2000.
STRONG SAD: Henson! Henson!
  • At the end, click on the stars between Bubs and Pom Pom; a silhouette of Mr. Poofers will appear when the cursor is over the correct area.
{The "Halloween Hijinx" title card reappears.}
ANNOUNCER: Up next, it's thrills and chills with Jibblies vs. Poofers.
{The scene shifts to a Mr. Poofers story. Mr. Poofers is jumping down a road.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {voiceover} Mr. Poofers careens through life like a Wichita bandsaw, and that's no lie.
{He walks up to a caricature of the Jibblies Panting.}
JIBBLIES PAINTING: Come! On! Iiiiiiiiiii— {His eyes take on a more cartoony appearance} {singing} —iif you really loved me you would say so!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {voiceover} ...said a delightful oil-on-canvas by acclaimed folk artist Rothschild Rootbeer.
{The camera pans over to show a content-looking Old Man Rootbeer.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {voiceover, as Rootbeer} Sure beats paintin' pimecones!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Remarks

  • Teenage Marzipan can play her horn and hold her tambourine at the same time.
  • The pants-extricating machine has the wrong accent on the "E" of "-èd".
  • Teenage Homestar appears to have knees and leg hair.
  • The Stave It Off Guy can play his guitar without using his hands; his Large Bean sleeves appear to be empty.
  • The number "2000" is referenced twice, perhaps tying into the 20th anniversary of the first Halloween toon, Homestarloween Party.
  • This is the first Halloween toon in which Homsar appears, but does not speak.
  • The King of Town refuses to associate himself with Ding Dongs, while in Jibblies 2, he expressed interest in eating King Dons, the name Ding Dongs are sold under in Canada.

[edit] Goofs

  • Videlectrix is misspelled as "Videlectix" in the end screen of the Lowjinxerol ad.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

[edit] Fast Forward

  • The full version of the "Kooky Moonlight" song was released two weeks after this toon.

[edit] YouTube Version

This one appears to be of the "teenie weanie beanie" variety.
  • The YouTube description for this toon is "The gang assembles on that ol' spooky silhouette hill to debate which level of Halloween hijinks are most appropriate."
  • The ending Easter eggs play in the following order:
    • Coach Z
    • Homestar Runner
    • Strong Bad
    • Bubs
    • Strong Mad
    • The King of Town
    • The Cheat
    • Marzipan
    • Homsar
    • Mr. Poofers
  • The false autoplay image is titled "Some Internet Kid Unboxes Large Bean Plushies".

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