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Homestar as The Jolly Dumple

The Jolly Dumple is the mascot for Crazy Go Nuts University, and can be seen cheering on CGNU's Golf Club Team. He appears in the email mascot, and on a (now discontinued) T-shirt. He could have been named The Jolly Dumpling, but Strong Bad was really hungry and tired at the time he created the mascot and couldn't think straight. He resembles a giant ravioli.

He appears to be a dumpling with two large hands forming "thumbs-up" signs, with a drop of saliva flying out of his mouth, and wearing a tricorn hat. The costume is made of a highly combustible material called polymascotfoamalate.

The costume is regularly worn by Homestar Runner. In Punkin Stencils, Homestar refers to the Jolly Dumple as the "giant square blind colonist costume I dress up in some times for Strong Bad". He also thinks that the mascot's name is "Tongue-o Drippo".

In 4 branches, the Dumple appears in an example of Homestar doing stupid stuff in a college mascot costume, where Homestar makes the costume a tent, and tries to roast a juice box the way one would a marshmallow, making a point that he did not lock himself out of his own house. The Dumple costume was seen getting destroyed in a fiery explosion in 4 branches, but still continued making appearances further on in On Break.

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