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"Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man?" has been brought to you today by the letter G!

Within the Homestar Runner body of work, there are a number of references to the long-running educational children's show Sesame Street.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email lures & jigsThe Fish Show With Strong Bad and Coach Z is a spoof on a skit seen on Sesame Street involving Bert and Ernie called, "Bert and Ernie Go Fishing," in which Ernie gets fish to leap into the boat by calling, "Heeeere fishy fishy fishy!" Bert eventually tries this technique, too, raising his voice louder and louder, until a shark jumps in and says, "You called?"
  • Email for kids — This email, which already contains numerous references to PBS shows and marked the first appearance of Stave it Off Guy, contains two additional references to Sesame Street: first, Homsar's show, Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man?, has a "letter of the day" feature reminiscent of Sesame Street, which themes a number of sketches in each episode to a specific letter; second, that same show has Homsar jumping around the scene's foreground and background, reminiscent of Sesame Street's "Near and Far" segments.
    • Stave It Off Guy — His design bears a striking resemblance to folk singer James Taylor. Taylor has made numerous appearances on Sesame Street, often singing educational songs.
  • Email disconnectedBubs tells Strong Body that, he's "twicely fresh. Twicely fresh," in parody of Sesame Street character Vincent Twice.
  • Jibblies 2 — Homsar dresses up as the The Typewriter from Sesame Street for Halloween.
  • Homestar Ruiner — After the player collects four trophies for in-game achievements, Strong Bad imitates Count von Count by saying, "Four! Four outrageous trophies! Ah ah ah!"
  • Halloween Hijinks — Homestar thinks Strong Sad's costume is "probably from Sesame Street", and Homsar's is "Oscar the Grouch 2000".
  • Dangeresque Roomisode 2 — Dangeresque opens a trash can, yelling "Hands up, Oscar! We know what REALLY happened to Mr. Hooper!" Mr. Hooper was a shopkeeper on Sesame Street who had died in the show after his actor had died.

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