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"Stave it off, one two three and now you can count to three. Stave it off, one two three and now you can count to three. Sta—"

The Stave It Off Guy (or Stave for short) is the folk guitarist who first appeared in for kids, where he sang "Stave It Off: 1 2 3". He later appeared in Crystal Fortress, where he attempted to convince Strong Bad to "come down from [his] crystal fortress", only to have Strong Bad fight back with a heavy metal song about French fries. His appearance seems to be based on folk singer James Taylor as seen on Sesame Street, while his singing voice in Crystal Fortress is done by John Linnell of They Might Be Giants.

According to Strong Bad, he is a "stupid hippie", and "doesn't get French fries".

In the RSS feed for Crystal Fortress, Matt Chapman introduces the name "Stave It Off Guy", or "Stave" for short, and Strong Bad also uses it in Fan Costumes '09.

On Twitter, a video was posted showing the Stave It Off Guy singing the protest song, Justice Combo Meal from Strong Badia the Free.

[edit] Davey

"Mmm. French fries."

The page title for Crystal Fortress is "Davey Gets His Due!". The toon begins with two Powered by The Cheat-style hand puppets eating French fries; one addresses the other as "Davey". Davey announces that he'll sing a song he's written about Strong Bad, and a wig, moustache and guitar appear on him to make him resemble Stave. In the rest of the toon, Stave is seen singing the song in a different voice from Davey's. Strong Bad, in his heavy metal retaliation, says the hand puppets get French fries but Stave doesn't, suggesting that Davey and Stave may be separate characters.

[edit] Appearances

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