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There are a lot of unnamed characters on the site (mostly from crowd scenes or main pages) that are seen once and then never again. Many of the Minor Teen Girl Squad Characters are also unnamed.


[edit] Main Page Characters

Image Description Appearance
This astronaut emerges from a spaceship to set a flag on the moon. Main Page 1
This lederhosen-wearing man is seen climbing up the mountain. He yodels "Ricola!" through an alphorn. He also has no visible arms. Main Page 2
This monkey throws coconuts at stuff, including the sea and Homestar Runner. Main Page 3
This claw bursts through a cloud in Heaven from Hell. Main Page 6
This crow flies down on Homestar's head and nibbles on part of his exposed brain. Main Page 7
This Sauropod wears a flag on its back labeled "BEAT STATE!" Homsar Main Page

[edit] Other Characters

Image Description Appearances
A crowd of Poms appears in Pom Pom, Too. Pom Pom, Too
Three rejected characters are seen in the original sketches for Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold!. Sketchbook (museum)
These people are all seen in the crowd during Marshmallow's Last Stand. Their shadows can also be seen in the crowd in the Strong Bad Email lady...ing. Marshmallow's Last Stand, lady...ing
This alien is seen taking a shower during In Search of the Yello Dello DVD. This is the only appearance of uncensored nudity on the site other than on Decemberween Short Shorts and Fish Eye Lens, both in which Coach Z's butt is shown. In the old version's commentary, Mike Chapman jokingly mentions him to be his favorite character on homestarrunner.com. In Search of the Yello Dello
These ghosts walk around while Strong Bad takes their treats or eggs them. Strong Bad's Treat Snatcha, Egg Throwing Game
Not to be confused with Little Girl.

This little girl appeared in A Folky Tale and was made sad by Saddy Dumpington.

A Folky Tale
"I was a horrible husband and father!"
This perfume cloud appeared in The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show. The Blacksmith poured Përfüme into a pair of bellows and fired this cloud of fragrance at The Poopsmith. Just as the cloud reached The Poopsmith's barrier of stench, the perfume stopped short in midair, expressed remorse about having a terrible life, being a horrible father, and so on. Shortly after, he disintegrated. KOT's VOQPCS!
This person wearing a duck shirt visited Strong Bad's body in one of his imagined scenarios for his funeral. your funeral
When Strong Bad discusses food at slumber parties, the cartoonishly-drawn head of a boy wearing a red whoopee cap appears next to drawings of said food, getting fatter the more food is mentioned. slumber party

"The Rest" are a group of three unnamed Old-Timey characters. They are only seen in the title sequence of Sickly Sam's Big Outing, when an announcer introduces the characters, and never mentioned again. The audience also seems unfamiliar with these characters, as they react in confusion when these characters are shown.

The Rest consists of what appears to be an alien, a robot, and a worm-like creature. The alien resembles a stereotypical grey alien, with a large head, large black eyes, and pale skin. The robot is metallic and mostly square-shaped, with upside down triangle-shaped eyes, a zig-zag mouth, and dark hair. Dotted lines are faintly visible on his body, and he has diagonal lines on his arms, with a shiny ball for what appears to be each elbow (although his arms are not seen any further due to the circle border). The worm creature has a bowler hat and wrinkles, with circles around his closed eyes, one light and one dark. The area around his mouth is darker, resembling lips.

Sickly Sam's Big Outing
A cartoon drawing of a hypothetical licensed unlicensed seller of Strong Bad and The Cheat knock-offs appears in the email licensed. He wears a gray ushanka and appears to be shirtless. He is used as an example to show items being referred to as "numba one bargain". licensed
An unnamed kid appears in the "What's Your Captainface?" Edumacational Film. He is not colored in, and apparently he is not sure who his real father is. His mother sleeps with a picture of Space Captainface under her pillow. Career Day
At the end of The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods, The Homestar Runner's third fear is a half-decomposed raccoon carried around by a family of wet pigeons. Homestar gets over his fear after seeing the pigeons try to hatch Tiny-Handed Strong Bad's ping-pong ball. The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods

[edit] Formerly Unnamed Characters

This segment is for characters who were unnamed in their debut who got named later.

Image Description First Appearance
Nebulon — named in New Boots Main Page 1
Champeen — named in Why Come Only One Girl? Dancin' Bubs
That Little Chef Guy — named in King of Townmail The King of Town DVD
Baron Darin Diamonocle — named in Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective stunt double
1-Up — named in Stinkoman 20X6 japanese cartoon
Rocoulm — named in Jibblies 2 bottom 10
Fort Wayne Locomotive — named in the DVD commentary for Ballad of the Sneak; first named in a toon in Sickly Sam's Big Outing. Ballad of the Sneak
Moby Dick — named in Homestar Ruiner Teen Girl Squad Main Page 3
Stave It Off Guy — named in Fan Costumes '09 for kids
Marzi-Mei — named in Stinkoman 20X6 Level 10 Main Page 17

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