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"I think this might be a... haunted photo booth!"
For the toon, see Haunted Photo Booth.
Not to be confused with Snap Shak.

The Photo Boooth is the namesake vending machine of Haunted Photo Booth and the "crown jewel" of Marzipan's 2017 Halloween party, used to take photos of all twelve main characters. It has an orange curtain and features a haunted mansion backdrop, although different backgrounds are available, such as a wooden background and a live action photo of a forest. Photos are fed through a large slot in the side of the booth in strips of three. Unlike a normal photo booth, it doesn't seem to require payment in order to be operated.

A group shot with The Goblin

The booth was thought to be haunted as a result of The Cheat's gold tooth producing a very ghost-like glare in every photo it appeared in (surprisingly many, as explained by Strong Sad at the end of the toon). Strong Bad in particular was convinced that the booth would give him "demonic barf powers", but was disappointed when the ghost failed to appear in any of his photos— although he succeeded in summoning images of Jaundiced Jerry and Stabby Gabby when he invoked their names.

There are props available, such as Y2K sunglasses, a handlebar mustache, bacon, and spicy nachos. The Photo Boooth was apparently stolen from a wedding by Homestar Runner, at Marzipan's command, although it is implied they were planning to return it.

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