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Creating characters with mismatched eyes appears to be common for The Brothers Chaps. Several characters have always had mismatched eyes, and certain conditions cause other characters' eyes to become mismatched. Due to Puppet Homestar's eyes being made of felt, his eyes become mismatched surprisingly often.

[edit] Characters With Mismatched Eyes

[edit] Other Appearances

Image Description
Email caffeine, Email boring (really), Email secret identity (Easter egg), Dangeresque 3: The Criminal ProjectiveStrong Sad's eyes become mismatched after Strong Bad gives him some caffeine. Strong Sad again appears this way while playing The Monster.
Strong Bad is in Jail CartoonThe Cheat's eyes become mismatched after starting to go crazy in jail. He's also seen like this in the email shapeshifter.
Summer Short Shorts — The Cheat's eyes become mismatched upon stuffing his mouth full of French fries.
Biz Cas Fri 2Puppet Homestar Runner's eyes are on sideways, possibly to appear hung-over.
Puppets & Little Girl Outtakes — One of Puppet Homestar's eyes unintentionally turns sideways.
Alamo Drafthouse public appearance — Mike Chapman puts Puppet Homestar's eyes on sideways.
Jibblies 2Pom Pom's eyes mismatch when he gets the jibblies.
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