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This article is about the characters. For the song, see Keepers of Trogdor.
As shown in the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer

The Keepers of Trogdor have been described as "a mysterious sect of Trog-groupies" and "a cult of hooded creepos" who have devoted their lives to aiding Trogdor in his quest for burnination. They influence his decisions to make sure he survives, and guards his cave from anyone who wants to vanquish him. Their most prominent appearances are in Peasant's Quest and Trogdor!! The Board Game, although they have varying characteristics in both.


[edit] Peasant's Quest

This guy should get a job.

The Keepers of Trogdor first appear as the guardians that live in the Trog-Cave in Peasant's Quest. In this appearance, they are referred to as "the Three Keepers of Trogdor", as only three of them are seen, as opposed to the nine in Trogdor!! The Board Game. It's possible the number has increased in the time between the two appearances. They wear green robes with hoods covering their faces, so their appearance is unknown. They all appear identical, and are more human-looking than their board game versions. They ask Rather Dashing trivia questions about the game, and if they are answered correctly, he receives the Trog-Sword, Trog-Shield, and Trog-Helmet needed to face the dragon. If any of the questions are answered wrong, however, he is turned into a different form and loses the game. Alternatively, the player can placate them with hidden items found by using the Baby in odd ways (a different item for each Keeper, each relating to their respective complaints). They are hungry, thirsty and in back pain, respectively. These Keepers are also seen in the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer, resembling humans with robes and green hands, although their faces are still not seen. Strong Bad claims that three monks guard the secret of his age and bake bread atop the Coches Mountains; these monks use the same graphics as the Keepers, albeit wearing brown robes instead of green.

Keeper Gives item Item used to skip question Turns the player into
The First Keeper of Trogdor Trog-Shield Meatball Sub Ron Cumberdale
The Second Keeper of Trogdor Trog-Helmet Soda A corny folk singer
The Third Keeper of Trogdor Trog-Sword Pills A skeleton

[edit] Trogdor!! The Board Game

Their Trogdor!! The Board Game cards

The Keepers of Trogdor return in Trogdor!! The Board Game as the player characters. It is revealed that there are at least nine keepers: Brovelade, Crangolev, Cranjegg, Galgabudge, Hardybardy, Hegeltha, Stonklar, Worchex, and Yubbitz. There are five others made up by Strong Bad: Lord Pastryhorn of Fangleburg, the Haunchgurgler, Just The Cheat, Staplength von Forkbeard, and Prentilimost. They all have the ability to influence Trogdor's decisions, and they each have individual powers. Their illustrations reveal each one looks different, usually resembling a bird, lizard, troll, or other creature, and some have horns or antlers. They all wear robes and a Trogdor necklace. Their hoods usually cast shadows over their faces, but in most cases, their glowing eyes are still visible.

Keeper Ability Information
Brovelade Peasants can't repair burninated tiles. Brovelade has three eyes and a large hammer slung across his shoulder. He has horizontal marks on the sides of his vaguely bean-shaped face, and a zigzag-like mouth. His hands have two fingers and a thumb. He is the starting toss-monger for the Keepers of Trogdor's official fast-pitch goatball team. This team apparently earned a record of eight fatalities one season.
Crangolev Trogdor gains one more Action point. Crangolev has two snakes poking out of her hood in place of hair, and has a large bumpy chin and claw hands. She is the older sister of Mendelev and Dongolev. Apparently, it is likely that she frequently ends sentences with "yesss?".
Cranjegg Trogdor can move diagonally. Cranjegg looks like a bird with a claw hand. He is a fortieth-generation Keeper of Trogdor. He feels the pressure, and would rather pursue his dream of homebrewing "artisinal Old Man Rub".
Galgabudge Trogdor can burrow under mountains. Galgabudge (also known as Galga) has the appearance of a mole. Galgabudge is apparently some kind of moleperson, and this appearance is not a stolen mascot costume from a local school. Galgabudge's mother, however, denies this.
Hardybardy None. Hardybardy has a more intricate design than most, and is the only one to lack a hood. In its place, he has large, curvy, goat-like horns. He can be seen making fire appear from his fists. He uses cool costumes, pyrotechnics, and a deep voice to make up for his lack of powers. He is available for parties and metal bands.
Hegeltha Trogdor can hide in unburninated forests. Hegeltha resembles a bird with antlers. Four lanterns hang from the antlers, and one is being held, which are rumored to be full of peasant teeth. Hegeltha apparently joined the Keepers of Trogdor just to get out of the house a couple nights a week.
Stonklar Trogdor can wrap around the board. Stonklar (also known as Stonky) looks like a one-eyed troll, with horns poking through holes in his hood. His hands have two fingers and a thumb. On his card illustration, his arm is seen wrapping around the card, similar to his ability. He acts like he can't understand anything other than backwards syntax, such as "The chicken wings to me please pass."
Worchex Knights can't repair cottages. Worchex has an appearance resembling a bug. He has what appears to be small dragon or bat wings on his back, although they're really just a backpack. His arms have visible veins, and his hands have two fingers and a thumb. He has a hatred of knights due to his favorite knight refusing him a high-five at a joust.
Yubbitz Action cards can be traded with other players. Yubbitz resembles a skeleton with pupils, lips, and a pointy head that pokes through the hood. Yubbitz is seen on the illustration holding cards in crossed arms. Yubbitz's favorite drink is powdered milk mixed with lemonade, but not powdered lemonade mixed with milk.

[edit] Keepers of Trogdor invented by Strong Bad

Keeper Ability Information
Lord Pastryhorn of Fangleburg Archer arrows can kill Peasants but are blocked by knights. Lord Pastryhorn of Fangleburg resembles Strong Bad in a Keepers of Trogdor robe with a forked tongue and fangs, holding an arrow. He has two croissant-like horns, referencing 3 wishes.
The Haunchgurgler Trogdor can pound adjacent Knights in any direction into the ground, rendering them immobile. The Haunchgurgler resembles Strong Mad in a Keepers of Trogdor robe with a scar and a bleeding bullet hole on his face, referencing Killingyouguy.
Just The Cheat Players can cheat (whatever this entails is up to the player). This Keeper is just The Cheat, without any alterations whatsoever.
Staplength von Forkbeard Knights can skip the first step of their movement path. Staplength von Forkbeard appears as Pom Pom wearing a Keepers of Trogdor robe, with a black beard that branches into two fork-like shapes. He has an afro with two bird legs sticking out.
Prentilimost Players can choose the top 3 cards in the discard pile when drawing action cards. Prentilimost has the appearance of Senor Cardgage's disembodied head. Tentacles that ooze some sort of fluid sprout from the bottom of his head.

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