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Strong Bad Email #160
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"Grab a box of sixty-four, with a sharpener built right in!"

Strong Bad discusses crayon colors and stumbles upon Marzipan's cult, er, "classroom".

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Limozeen, Teeg Dougland, Marzipan, Strong Mad, Homsar, Homestar Runner, Larry Palaroncini (voiceover)

Places: Computer Room, The Garage, The Classroom

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2006

Running Time: 3:56

Page Title: Lappy 486

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Five


[edit] Transcript

STRONG BAD: {singing} Sippin' on a bottle of email, cold, having a picnic lunch with some co-workers.

{After "Dear awesome", Strong Bad adds, "Oh! Somebody finally got it right!"; at the first ellipsis, he adds, "Oh, you mean like, Red Iculous?" and a red crayon labeled "Red Iculous" appears; and after reading the name "Laser lemon", he repeats surprisedly:}

STRONG BAD: Laser lemon?! {picking up a phone} The Cheat, halt production immediately!

{Cut to the garage, where The Cheat is using a soldering iron and an oscilloscope to build a laser with lemons on it.}

STRONG BAD: {over the PA} Crayola beat us to the punch. Let's shift focus to... "Laser Limes". {The Cheat looks annoyed and a black "cloud" briefly appears over his head} Or maybe just laser beams.

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noise which sounds unmistakably like "Okay."}

{Cut back to the Lappy, where Strong Bad resumes reading the email. He reads "Andover,MN" as "And over, and over, and over, M N."}

STRONG BAD: Ter? What is that, short for Terbert? Or Terlliam? Or Terthew? {clears screen} Welter, the crayons of my youth had pretty awesome names. Especially the ones that came with my Limozeen 1989 "Ladies, We're Staying in Room 302 at the Ramada" Tour coloring book!

{Cut to a view of this coloring book, which has a drawing of two members of Limozeen on the cover. As Strong Bad says each of the following color names, a corresponding crayon appears.}

STRONG BAD: There was Leather Black, Ripped Denim Blue, Groupie Lipstick Red, Skin Flesh {pink}, Hairspray Blond {yellow}, and Tight Shiny Purple. It even came with a cassette tape with a song about how to color!

{A yellow cassette tape labeled "Colorin' (Outside the Lines)" appears. Switch to a view of the first page of the coloring book, which shows Larry and Gary performing. Below this is the text "Gary and Larry rehearse their moves". The page has been colored to look like Larry's guitar has caught fire, and a laser is drawn firing from the guitar with the word "vpoo" over it.}

LARRY: {singing} Grab a box of sixty-four,—

{Changes to the next page, which shows Limozeen with the text "We are in a band called Limozeen!" Perry's skin has been colored green with blue hair, Larry has been colored with a black eye and blood dripping with the words "be tup" colored on his shirt, and Mary has been colored with an extra set of arms coming out of his head doing the evil fingers, the words "2 sets!" are also colored above his head.}

LARRY: {singing} —with a sharpener built right in,—

{Change to next page, which shows Larry with two women. The text says "Larry Strong Bad always serenades the 'of-age' ladies after the show". Larry's face has been colored like Strong Bad's, and his hands have been drawn to look like red boxing gloves. The girls have the Canadian Flag colored onto their shirts.}

LARRY: {singing} Dump 'em all out onto the floor,—

{Change to next page, which shows Mary with a face drawn on his abdomen; the text says, "Drummers almost never wear shirts while playing a big show." The rest of the page remains colorless.}

LARRY: {singing} —and let the party begin!

{Change to next page, which shows Gary leaping into the air while playing the guitar; he has been colored to wear a Los Angeles Lakers uniform, have dark skin, and hold a basketball; a basketball hoop and defending player have also been drawn in. The text reads "Gary's playing some "air" guitar. Get it?"}

LIMOZEEN: Colorin'!

LARRY: Outside the lines!

{The next page shows Perry with Teeg Dougland at the soundboard; the text reads "Producer/ manager/ roadie/ webmaster Teeg Dougland shows Perry how to tweak the reverb." They have both been colored to look like old ladies with wrinkles, grey hair, lipstick and fingernails all colored in.}

LIMOZEEN: Colorin'!

LARRY: Inside your heart!

{The next page shows Larry and Perry, who is wearing a bear mask; the text reads "'That bear mask has GOT to go!!!' shouts Larry." They have been more or less perfectly colored in.}

LIMOZEEN: Colorin'!

LARRY: Those crayons of mine!

{The next page shows Mary and Larry barbecuing; a large, vicious-looking hot dog has been drawn standing behind them; The Cheat has been drawn peeking from around the barbecue. Mary's skin has been colored blue, The text reads, "Back home from the road, Mary and Larry say, 'It's Grilla Time!'"}

LIMOZEEN: Colorin'!

LARRY: Hey, hey, let's go back to the start!

{The last page shows Larry with Gary and Perry performing, but is not colored. The text reads, "Larry is screaming like a demon. And the other two are playing guitars." The music stops.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, looks like I missed one! As much as I respect you guys as artists, it's time to melt your faces off.

{Strong Bad uses the Skin Flesh crayon to draw on Larry's face as the music from the first drawing of Trogdor plays. The crayon breaks.}

STRONG BAD: Aww, crudcrap! My Skin Flesh broke!

{Cut to a view of Strong Bad at his table holding the broken crayon.}

STRONG BAD: Where'm I gonna get another one of these at this hour? Ooh, wait! I bet Marzipan's teaching her kindergarten class down at the Montesodium school! Those kids eat crayons like they were paste!

{Cut to Marzipan in the Classroom; the blackboard reads "SOY IS ALSO MURDER"}

MARZIPAN: {finishing a monologue} that way, you always feel guilty!

{Strong Bad walks in.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, Goody Marzipan. Can I borrow some crayons? I broke my Skin Flesh!

MARZIPAN: {looks aghast, then angry} Shhh! Strong Bad, not in front of the class!

{Cut to a view of the class, which consists of Homsar, Strong Mad and Homestar Runner wearing yellow shirts. Homsar has a stack of blocks on his desk that reads "TURD".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Teach-orr! I have go bafroom!

{Cut back to Marzipan and Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Why can't I say "Skin Flesh" in front of the—uh, children?

MARZIPAN: First of all, we don't call them children. They're "life blossoms"!

STRONG BAD: Life blossoms?! Marzipan, what kind of cult are you running here?

MARZIPAN: Oh, a pretty standard one. {cut to a closeup of Marzipan} Anyway, we don't use the term "Skin Flesh". The color you're looking for is "Dermal Discoveries".

{A pink roll loosely resembling a crayon with the words "Dermal Discoveries" appears. Some notes played on a acoustic guitar are heard. Cut to a view from behind Marzipan, facing Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: What's that scramble?! What about Lipstick Red?

MARZIPAN: No, no, no. Too gender-specific. We use "Crimson Suggestion".

{A red roll with the words "Crimson Suggestion" appears. More acoustic notes play.}

STRONG BAD: Well, how 'bout Hairspray Blond?

MARZIPAN: "Vague Pigmentation"!

{A yellow roll with the words "Vague Pigmentation" appears. Acoustic notes are heard.}

STRONG BAD: Leather Black?

MARZIPAN: We just call that "Blue".

{A black roll with the word "Blue" appears. More acoustic notes are heard. Homestar Runner moves into view.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Teacherman, {cut to face Homestar Runner} are we just gonna talk about crowns all day?

STRONG BAD: Ta'-'bou'-wha'?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Crowns! You know! For coloring! A box of crowns!

MARZIPAN: {laughs}

STRONG BAD: {chuckling} You mean, crayons? Cray-ons?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {looks angry} Oh, I don't need this. I'm going to the liberry! To read me some pie-pie comics!

{Return to view of Marzipan and Strong Bad from the front.}

STRONG BAD: What kind of grades does Homestar get?

MARZIPAN: Oh, roots and grass, mostly.

STRONG BAD: Roots and grass? What're those, like, D's? D minusesses?

MARZIPAN: No, they're F's.

{Cut back to the last page of the coloring book.}

STRONG BAD: All right, boys. Prepare to make some dermal discoveries!

{Strong Bad begins to draw with the Dermal Discoveries "crayon." Nothing happens.}

STRONG BAD: What the— what's wrong with this stupid crown—on?

{Cut to Strong Bad and Marzipan in front of the table.}

MARZIPAN: Oh, didn't I tell you? Our crayons don't actually color so that no one life blossom shines brighter than any other. That way, they're all special!

STRONG BAD: I never had any doubts that all your students were {uses hand quotes} "special", Marzipan.

{Cut to close up on Marzipan}

MARZIPAN: And they're made from 100% pressed bunson, so they double as a healthy snack! Mmm! {eats a "Crimson Suggestion" and leaves.}

{Cut back to Strong Bad in front of the table. A bundle of Marzipan's "crayons" appears in front of Strong Bad.}

LARRY: {singing, his words appear under the bundle of "crayons."} Pressed bunson, you know it's pressed bunson. Preeeeow!

{The Paper comes down as Larry sings the last word.}

STRONG BAD: ...the crap is pressed bunson?

[edit] Easter Eggs

They're life blossoms!
  • Click on "Dear awesome" after Strong Bad mentions "Red Iculous" to see a "Dear Awesome" colored crayon.
  • Likewise, click on "some crayon" and see a "Some Crayon" colored crayon.
  • Click on "L.U.R.N." on Homestar's shirt when he walks up to Marzipan to see the logo for L.U.R.N., or "Life-Blossoms Undergoing Re-programming Naturally."
  • Click on the word Murder on the chalkboard after Strong Bad asks about Homestar's grades to see his report card.
  • At the end, click on the Limozeen Coloring Book to see the whole thing (it comes up in a new window). It has three extra pages and two colors not featured in the email. It can be colored with the included crayons, or printed out.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • The device next to The Cheat is an oscilloscope.
  • "Special" is often used as a euphemism to refer to developmentally challenged people.
  • On the page of the Limozeen coloring book where Larry is crossed out to reveal Strong Bad serenading the "of age" groupies, they are wearing Canadian flag tops. At the time this email was released, Canada's age of consent was 14.

[edit] Trivia

  • The crayons in the Easter egg contain two colors not featured in the email: "Roadie Puke Green" and "Sweet Boots Brown".
  • This is the first time we see Marzipan in Strong Bad's house, as well as the first time we actually hear her laugh.
  • The coloring book Easter egg originally did not have an "Undo" button to go back a step when coloring, so if a mistake was made well into a drawing, it would have to be completely erased. It was added later.
  • In the drawing of the coloring book where Larry is serenading the "of-age" ladies, he is holding a G chord on the guitar.
  • This is the first Email in over a month to include the standard text for The Paper. In cliffhangers and retirement A, it told viewers to watch the next email and in retirement B it was unclickable and admitted to liking hushpuppies. It was not seen at all in Lappynapped!, released in between cliffhangers and retirement.

[edit] Remarks

  • The Lappy's "toe" (which was removed in cliffhangers and was missing in retirement) is back.
  • The cards above the chalkboard read "4, I3, (, I>, 3, I=, 6, #, 1" which are Leetspeak representations of the letters A through I.
  • The Cheat wears welding goggles while using a soldering iron, which arcs with the lemons when he uses it. However, soldering irons do not produce any kind of arcing or bright light when used (properly). They simply create heat.
  • Until his "What the crap?"-like exclamation in Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold, this was the only time The Cheat came close to saying a word in English ("Okay") outside of his Powered by The Cheat cartoons, although some of his The Cheat noises have strongly suggested English phrases in the past.
  • Both Larry and Perry are wearing blue shirts with white stars, in the style of Homestar's shirt.
  • Downloading the Flash file for the Limozeen coloring book Easter egg directly to a computer causes it to ask if the viewer wants to print a page when opening it.
  • Each member of Limozeen seems to change appearance (hairstyle, instrument) in most of the pictures in the coloring book, making it hard to distinguish them from one another.
  • Despite claims to the contrary in the coloring book, Limozeen could not have had a "webmaster" in 1989. The world's first web browser was not released until late 1990.
  • "Crown" and "crayon" are pronounced the same in the accents of many regions in the southeastern United States, including Georgia, where The Brothers Chaps live.
  • Strong Bad drew fire on the first page in orange, but the Limozeen coloring book doesn't come with an orange crayon. He also drew an orange basketball on the page with Gary's air guitar.
  • While Strong Bad's claim that "Those kids eat crayons like they were paste!" is implied as an insult, it is negated with the revelation that Marzipan's crayons are, in fact, edible.
  • The term "Life-Blossom" is hyphenated in the Easter egg that shows the L.U.R.N. acronym, but is not hyphenated on Homestar's report card.

[edit] Goofs

  • When Strong Bad picks up the PA phone, the text insertion character on the Lappy's screen disappears.

[edit] Fixed Goofs

  • When this email was first released, "blossom" was misspelled as "blossum" in the T-shirt and report card Easter eggs, and "animals" was misspelled as "animas". These have since been fixed.
  • The coloring book originally misnamed several of the crayons in comparison to their email counterparts. Groupie Lipstick Red was incorrectly named "Rockin' Red" while Tight Shiny Purple was named "Ballad Purple". This has since been fixed.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • Crayola is a well known company that makes art supplies such as crayons.
    • "Laser Lemon" and "Blizzard Blue" are the names of actual "fluorescent" Crayola colors introduced around 1990.
      • Crayola's official digital swatch of Laser Lemon is identical to the hex code of Hairspray Blond in the coloring book easter egg.
    • "Skin Flesh" is also a possible reference to when Crayola renamed their color "Flesh" to "Peach" in 1962, partially to avoid racial discrimination.
  • The lyrics "Grab a box of sixty-four with a sharpener built right in" from "Colorin' (Outside the Lines)" refers to a standard Crayola 64-crayon box. These boxes usually have a plastic crayon sharpener built into the back.
  • On the air guitar page, Strong Bad has "colored" a basketball jersey similar to that of the Los Angeles Lakers onto Gary.
    • On the same page of the coloring book, the basketball player on the right very much resembles Larry Bird.
  • The band member wearing a bear mask is a reference to musician John Mayer who sometimes dresses in a bear costume in order to meet and talk with fans before concerts without the fans realizing who he is.
  • Gary is playing a Hondo Coyote guitar, while his usual Epiphone Evolution is played by Perry.
  • "Montesodium" is a portmanteau of the words "Montessori" and "Monosodium".
    • Montessori Schools are a very progressive and non-traditional schooling system used in many private schools throughout the world. It focuses on allowing children to learn at their own pace and doing away with perceived forms of competition like grading.
  • The page Strong Bad tries to color says "Larry is screamin' like a demon..."; he is also shown singing with his tongue hanging out. Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS is well-known for his extraordinarily long tongue, and is also known as "The Demon".
  • Homestar leaving to go read "pie pie comics" may mean he wants to read Popeye comics.
  • The coloring book makes mention of staying at the Ramada, a well-known hotel chain.
  • It's Grilla Time is a reference to "It's Miller Time", which is a famous slogan of Miller Brewing Company. It's also why they're holding Cold Ones at the time.
  • The subtitle on the Limozeen book, "Ladies, We're Staying in Room 302 at the Ramada", is written in the font created and used by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
  • "Soy is also murder" is a reference to a variant on the meat is murder movement, in which some believed that plants also had feelings and should not be eaten. Promoters of that movement limited their diet to seeds and and grains.

[edit] Fast Forward

[edit] DVD Version

  • The Limozeen Coloring Book Easter egg has been disabled.
  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, Ryan Sterritt and Larry Palaroncini)

LARRY: What is up, you guys!

MIKE: Oh, no!

LARRY: I'm gonna have to sit way back here 'cause I'm so loud!

MIKE: That's right! We are joined by Larry Palaroncini.

LARRY: That's right!

MIKE: Uh... Larry, tell us about, um, these crayons.

LARRY: Oh, they look nice!

MIKE: {laughing} Yes...

LARRY: Sometimes, you have to use crayons when you're out of lipstick!

{They both laugh}

LARRY: We'll melt crayons down and coat our lips with wax!

MIKE: That sounds painful...

LARRY: It is! Then girls will not kiss you!

MIKE: Hardly seems worth the trouble.

LARRY: It does!

{Pause as Strong Bad clears the screen and types "Welter"}

LARRY: It's gonna be hard to keep this up!

MIKE: {laughing} Yeah. It doesn't even hardly seem like you're part of the group; you're about 15 feet away from us—

LARRY: {laughing} I gotta stay over here!

MIKE: Can you talk in a regular volume, please?

LARRY: What?!

MIKE: Just come up close and talk in a regular volume.

LARRY: I don't think I'll sound like myself!

MIKE: Larry! Inside voice! Inside voice!

LARRY: But I like— everybody, hairspray blond! Hairspray! Hairsp— We get everybody chanting!

MIKE and RYAN: {chanting} Hairspray! Hairspray! Hairspray!

{Larry imitates a bass guitar. Pause as the coloring book opens up and the email's Larry sings, "Grab a box of 64, with a sharpener built right in..."}

LARRY: {singing; rising in pitch} Built right IN!!

MIKE: Ah, you're doing a little backing vocals there.

LARRY: {singing; almost gibberish} Let the party begin!

MIKE: So our—

LARRY: {singing} Colori-i-i-i-in'!

MIKE: Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and wait—

{Larry imitates rock guitars and screams like a demon, as the coloring book continues to the yet-to-be-colored page which has the text, "Larry is screamin' like a demon. And the other two are playing guitars."}

MIKE: {as Strong Bad attempts to color Larry's face with a Skin Flesh crayon} So, are you Palaroncini boys really related, or is it like the Ramones or something?

LARRY: {uncertain} I... I am not sure!

MIKE: {laughing} You all live in the same woman's basement, right?

LARRY: That's true! We think she's our mom!

MIKE: Cool.

LARRY: She's really supportive!

{Pause as Strong Bad walks in on Marzipan's class}

MIKE: Have you ever been to Marzipan's Montesodium school?

LARRY: I'm gonna go ahead and stop!

MIKE: Alright, who's— who's next? Who's gonna replace you?

MATT: What, guys? Oh, I was in the can, on the can!

RYAN: Both?

MIKE: Yeah, both. So, is Marzipan teaching the kids the leetspeak alphabet up there?

MATT: Apparently.

MIKE: How do you think soy is murder?

MATT: Well, you know, the soy bean. Consider the bean.

MIKE: Yeah.

RYAN: That quite was a lot.

MATT: Uh, so... that guy, that screaming guy...

MIKE: Yeah...

MATT: He didn't let us talk much about those pictures, which were taken with some of our buddies from Y-O-U.

MIKE: That's right. We made that Limozeen coloring book for the never-made-Limozeen webpage.

MATT: About two years ago.

MIKE: Yeah, a long time ago. So we had that coloring book. It's fantastic work—

MATT: Loved it!

MIKE: —by Jonathan Howe.

{Pause as Strong Bad tries to correct Homestar's pronunciation of "crayons"}

MATT: So I remember kids calling crayons "crowns". Remember that, guys?

RYAN: Yeah...

MATT: I hated those kids. Arthur gets what he spills.

MIKE: Pasghetti— pasghetti, violet, pellow... I think I may have said "pellow".

MATT: Did you?

RYAN: Blackberries.

MATT: Peppel, what about peppel?

MIKE: Deepest, darkest green and...

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: So that packaging on that thing looks like totally like something from Whole Foods... Like you go to Whole Foods and they're like, y'know, the health and beauty department, that would be just like some sort of smudge stick for your face.

MATT: Chalky, burlap-y, smudge...

MIKE: This is chalky, burlap-y smudge for...

RYAN: Twenty dollars.

{Larry returns, making various noises over the email's Larry's dialog}

MIKE: Leave right now!

LARRY: Okay.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The Ramones were an American rock band regarded as the first punk rock group. The band members adopted stage names with the surname "Ramone", even though none of them were actually related.
  • Arthur Gets What He Spills is a kids' book by Louise Armstrong.
  • "Whole Foods" refers to Whole Foods Market, a supermarket chain known for natural and organic products.
  • The word "peppel" would later be used in 8-Bit is Enough as a mispronunciation of "people", as said by the opening announcer of this game.

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